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Having fun, Cuddle Muffin?” Harry asked, folding his arms over the side of the rubber ring and resting his head on his hands. Harry realised too late that this brought his face dangerously close to Malfoy’s thighs, but he couldn’t go back now.

“Of course, mon petit chou,” Draco replied curtly.

“Going French now, are we?” Harry teased.

“French is the language of love, don’t you know,” Draco said, and Harry’s heart skipped a beat as Lucius’s words from the night before echoed in his head.

“Somehow you make it sound less loving,” Harry grinned. “What does mon petit chou mean, anyway?”

“My little cabbage,” Draco answered with a grin of his own. “I reckon that suits you, actually; you’re pretty small and bitter.”

“I’m neither of those things!” Harry retorted, affronted. “I’m like an inch shorter than you at the most-”

“But you’re still shorter than me, thus you’re small,” Draco interrupted. “And you look pretty peeved about that, which makes you bitter, as well.
—  Twice Yours by leontina

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Why can't you believe they did laundry??? They did literally. Because they were supposed to do it earlier but they did some sweaty activities and got carried away sooooooo there they were, doing laundry at 4 a.m lmao. And tbh I don't think with his sleeping habit, Namjoon could hear anything while sleeping. Either he was real up too late or he found it essential to add that he did hear the washing machine to make it less sketchy. Sorry I'm extra af lol.

lmao plz don’t apologize for being Xtra im pretty sure im more Xtra than you (most of you, actually) are (the X stands for “XD” bai.)

I was watching it just now an did you notice how many times Jimin managed to dodge the “What were you guys doing yesterday” question, though? Until the end he still didn’t answer it and Jungkook had to answer for him. And another thing: if it was true that they stayed up doing laundry for the other members Hoseok would’ve never asked what they were doing because he would’ve seen his clothes cleaned so I’m like ???? Literally, the conversation was:




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I couldn't find anything in your previous posts about this, so I was wondering what your take on horse carriage tourism is. It's becoming a big issue in my city, Charleston, SC, where the local animal society (partnered with HSUS, which makes me initially wary) is trying to shut down carriage companies. Recently a horse went down during a tour and there was a big incident about whether he was hurt, or adhering to the training to not struggle to get up in order to avoid harness entanglement.

That was Big John, right? I’ve seen the video and I know the actual context. He did what he was trained to do and laid still. Draft horses can really hurt themselves or other horses if they struggle, so they’re trained to just wait to be released. Anything involved with HSUS is pretty much going to have twisted messaging, so that’s a good thing to have noted. It was the horse’s first work for the day and he’d gone less than 10 blocks, tripped, couldn’t recover, so he went down and then laid still. He was seen by a vet immediately before being cleared for work again. 

In general well-run carriage horses programs aren’t harmful. They’re generally frequently seen by vets and well fed and are honestly more at risk of harm from the activists who try to screw up the business than they are from the work they’re being asked to do. I’ve seen carriage businesses I didn’t like before - one I remember thinking that all the horses really needed their hooves trimmed - but overall they’re not evil. They use draft horses for the purpose they’ve been bred for (which some people might inherently take issue with) and they’re taken pretty good care of by the businesses I’m familiar with. 

This may sound cheesy, but Tony Stark is actually one of the biggest inspirations in my life. He has this serious heart problem that limits him, and so do I. I was born with Pulmonary Atresia. (the same thing Jimmy Kimmel’s son has) I’m having heart surgery in a couple years and living with this condition can be pretty scary. When I think of all the things that Tony Stark can do, I think that I can do things too. (Yes I know he’s fictional and didn’t actually do those things. It still inspires me tho k let me live) 

He walked miles through a desert with a piece of metal inserted into his sternum after being held captive for 3 months. If he can do that, I can do the mile in less than 15 minutes. 

He fought terrorists and fought alongside the Avengers. If he did that, I can go on that hike with my family.

Sometimes, when I get chest pains and heart palpitations and I get out of breath from going up the stairs or from standing up, I can get angry at the world. Why would I be given this problem? I’ve had it my entire life and sometimes I feel so disadvantaged. I want to scream at the world at the unfairness of it. Why should I have to live with these limits?

Tony Stark doesn’t let it limit him and neither should I. That’s why Tony Stark is my hero. 

@anistar1 SFW, but uses sexual language
~Mod Harumaki

Ryoma Hoshi

-Tennis innuendos 

-Like, ok, he’s pretty smooth about it most of the time

-But sometimes his flirting/foreplay skirts the line between sexy and cringy

-Stuff like “my tennis balls are in your court” is hard to listen to, but it’s still just a little hot because his voice is made of pure sex

-Depending on the situation, he can actually be pretty clever with it

-But other times, it’s the fastest way to kill a mood

Shuichi Saihara

-There’s a small part of him that’s into police officer roleplaying

-The idea of being the bad cop who uses less than legal methods to get information out of a stubborn witness has always interested him in a weird way he tries not to think about

-Equipment like ties, handcuffs, and even “truth serum” is a must for this sort of thing

-Having someone resist every technique, and having to use progressively more forceful methods is a major turn on for him

-He’s never actually experienced it before. He’s too shy to suggest it


Kokichi Ouma

-His wealth of information on everyone he knows can be pretty scary depending on the circumstances

-Being really good at reading people? Ok. Figuring out what people are hiding from him? Sure. Knowing every one of his classmates’ schedules for the next week?  Uh…

-He doesn’t use what he knows that often, but sprinkles personal information into casual conversation

-”Are you going to the study session? Oh, wait! I just remembered you have a doctor’s appointment! Never mind~”

-Whenever questioned, he just laughs it off and claims he has informants from his organization everywhere

-That’s a fun thought


-This poor boy doesn’t even notice when he’s being creepy

-Normally, some of his weirder comments can be excused as robot behavior

-Sometimes though, he gets a little too curious about the wrong things

-Kiibo, Gonta really isn’t the right person to try to ask about intercourse. Neither is Himiko. Or Angie  Just don’t ask at all, please

-Learn how to use the Internet, Kiibo. No one wants to explain fetishes in casual conversation

-Everyone forgives him because he doesn’t know better

-Seriously though, boundaries

-Oh God, he just asked Tenko about vore

Rantarou Amami

-Normally, he’s a pretty chill guy

-Sometimes though, with people he’s close to, he can be a little much

-He’s not afraid to call people out on their bullshit or their bad decisions, but sometimes he gets overprotective of his female and younger male friends

-It’s mostly harmless, but his remarks about nutrition or if they’re getting enough sleep can get kind of annoying

-The only time he ever crosses the line is when tries to get involved with their personal lives

-”I’m just saying. I don’t think that that boy is a very good influence on you”

-Ok, mom

Kaito Momota

-As much as he denies it, there’s no getting around it

-Kaito Momota is able to see the aesthetic appeal in boys who look like girls likes crossdressers

-He would never admit it, God no, but the reason he hangs out with Shuichi is to get his fix of hugging someone attractive when no woman wants to touch him

-This doesn’t apply to sexual situations because he would never have sex with a dude. He just doesn’t want the D

-But on cold and lonely nights when he’s managed to isolate every female who (usually) likes to be around him, his only comfort are his male friends who are trapped by the bro code

-Shuichi is too good for this world

Gonta Gokuhara

-He doesn’t understand the appeal of condoms

-”Gonta saw mating all the time when growing up. Gonta doesn’t understand why anyone would want to use anything more than the body parts”

-Everyone tries to gently explain the concept of contraception while Miu and Ouma try to explain not so gently

-Gonta doesn’t understand why people would have sex if they don’t want children

-He goes a very long time without understanding

-Until he loses his virginity, that is

Korekiyo Shinguuji

-Ok, listen

-Whenever I answer requests with multiple characters, I try to keep it balanced between each character

-Even if I’m having trouble with some characters, I try to give them portions comparable in length and quality to the ones I do for the other characters

-But this…this is a special case

-I can’t make Korekiyo’s section the same as the other characters

-For the answer to the question of the creepiest/most sexual behavior of Korekiyo is simply everything he does 

-Anyone who says otherwise is objectively wrong

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How would Russ, Red, Stretch, and Classic Sans react to his crush just randomly walking up to him, pulling out a ridiculously huge bag of weed and saying "you and me. Let's get destroyed off this shit" and then when they're both high af crush just goes "you're so incredibly perfect and I really love you so much like we should get married and have a nice life and everything and stuff I think about it a lot like spending my life with you"

Okay….my apologies if I let my fantasies run wild….let me indulge in my pure self insert love for Rus. 

Also, like….I’ve never smoke or gotten high (I’m a good noodle) so this might be not accurate. 

*Implied NSFW, but nothing is explicit. I’d say PG-13

Swapfell Papyrus 

Hell to the fucking yes. Rus eagerly smokes the weed with you, but not as much as you so he could watch over you and make sure that you don’t hurt yourself or do anything stupid. You get a little handsy with him, and he hesitantly accepts it, even kissing you, sliding his hands under your shirt, touching you everywhere. Had he been sober, Rus would’ve kept his distance from you since you’re not in the right mind right now, but despite taking less than you, Rus is still pretty high. 

When you confess your feelings for him, he gets a new kind of high, proclaiming that he feels the same way, and the two of you just start laughing. How silly! You like him, he likes you, why did it take so long?! Neither of you should have to wait anymore, you two should get married! And Rus actually marries you, Vegas style. 

The next day, once the both of you sober up, Rus realizes what happened and screams. Fuck he really messed things up didn’t he? He fucking married you and yeah, okay, maybe that thought is kinda nice, but he didn’t want it to be like this! After making breakfast, the two of you sit down and have a long discussion on what to do. You suggest that after the craziness that happened yesterday, it’s better to just put this aside for now and deal with it another day. Rus happily agrees. 

But later, turns into weeks, months, years, and in between that time, you and Rus have grown closer than ever before. Neither of you officially asked each other out, but it’s pretty much agreed that you two are an item now. 

Pretty soon, the both of you forgot all about the accidental marriage until Undyne asked when you two are tying the knot during a dinner party with all your friends. 

“Oh, we’re already married,” Rus shrugs as you giggle by his side. 

The sound of everyone’s glasses dropping was priceless. 

Underfell Sans

Oh my god, he loves you so much, give him some that shit. As soon as the both of you are as high as a cloud, Red gets a little handsy with you and the two of you start making out. Not only are you his crush, but you’re also his FWB so it’s nothing new. 

But then, you confess your feelings for him, and oh god, Red.exe has crashed. He teleports out of there as soon as possible, stumbling into Grillbys since that’s the first place he thought of, and drowns himself in alcohol. It’s not that he’s unhappy, but Red was not expecting at all and he hates surprises. Plus, he’s high as fuck, so he’s not in the right mind. 

Then Red remembers he left you alone in his room….half naked….with your recent confession fresh from your lips. Fuck! He’s such an idiot! He teleports back, but finds you asleep so peacefully on his bed. The skeleton sighs, a tiny smile on the edge of his mouth as he tucks you under the blankets and slides in next to you, kissing you gently on your head. 

“i love you too, sweetheart.” 

Underswap Papyrus 

Are you sure you wanna give him that? Blue is going to be sooooo pissed. But Stretch is never one for healthy choices so together, you two go through the entire bag. As the two of you slump in the cushions of the couch, you relax in his arms and confess your feelings for him. 

“Haha same,” Stretch laughs before he realizes you really said, then jolt up, pushing you into the couch, “Wait you really mean that?! You wanna get married?!” 

Your eyes blown wide, you slowly nod your head, and the skeleton attacks you with a full on makeout session, sliding his heads underneath your clothes, “Let’s get married then!” 

But first, Stretch throws off his hoodie and you toss your pants, to celebrate your engagement. The next morning, the two of you shit faced, he realizes what happens, and you both call off the engagement, mostly because it was too ridiculous, but you two do start dating and a few years later…..the engagement is back on. 

Undertale Sans

Classic isn’t much of a drug person. Sure, he’s experiment several times, especially during the bad runs, but he’s happy right now and feeling like a massive piece of shit the next day doesn’t quite appeal to him, so he declines. He’ll happily watch you get high though, and watch over you so nothing goes wrong. Classic smiles and laughs at your hilarious antics, even recording some of them and use them as blackmail for future purposes. 

But then you wrap yourself around his body, straddling his lap with the dopest grin and his soul skips a beat as you confess your feelings. His face flushes a bright cyan blue and he picks you up and gently sets you back down on the couch. He doesn’t say anything about it the entire night and just takes care of you until you fall asleep.

Sans believes your confession, and he’s ecstatic that you feel the same way, but he rather hear you say it when you’re normal. If you don’t remember that you confessed, he’ll tell you what happened and then ask you out. 

Peaceful Slumber

 “Kamui!” One hand levelled next to his mouth, Takumi scanned the area. Thick trees and green leaves were all he could see. But the figure of the dragon princess was nowhere to be found. A frown tugged the corners of his mouth. Where is she? Again his head whipped left and right. For an astral kingdom, the Hoshidan prince was quite surprised to see just how big and vast the forest was.

 He then stopped once he spotted a familiar figure.

 “There you are!” Breathing a small sigh of relief, Takumi picked up his pace. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Gods, and you actually made me worry so much as to why you didn’t show up for ar…chery…practice…” Words stumbled out as faint mumbles once he got a clear image of her.

 There she was, snoozing peacefully under a shade of one of the trees, giving neither care nor hesitance about the world around her as slumber took hold.

 Takumi swore a laugh almost burst out of a cupped mouth.

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I think the worst thing I've seen was people saying Magnus isn't petty enough to be angry at Alec for torturing him(lmfao..how is it petty for Magnus to be traumatized?). And the people who defend Alec's asking for Magnus' dna and saying he has to follow orders or he'll be punished. Sorry to say, but whatever "punishment" he received would be far less than what downworlders endure. What Magnus endured.

Also, I’m actually pretty certain that while people were irritated by Alec not listening to his gut more or what Magnus!Valentine was saying, even when what he was saying was shit there was no way Valentine would know. What set people off and made them upset is that after what Magnus has been through, he’s now going to be asked for his hair. By his boyfriend. Because the clave is planning on treating downworlders like animals. And there are still Alec stans defending that.

Honestly, all of this.

Here’s the thing. If, in the long run, all of this is what really helps Alec to separate himself from the Clave? Awesome. But in the meantime do not act like Alec should be continually praised for the small ways he’s grown or given patience in regards to the way he fucks up. Right now Alec still views Magnus, whether he realizes it or not, as an exception to the downworlder rule. It’s a category that both Luke and Simon also fall into but from which Meliorn and Raphael, for example, are exempt. 

The fact that now the Clave plans to push the downworlders further and Alec seems to be going along with it- going so far as to go to his boyfriend who was just tortured and nearly executed by the Clave while stuck in the body of a genocidal shadowhunter who wants to exterminate all downworlders- is fucking problematic.

Which. Is fine. Alec can be problematic. He is problematic. He’s still influenced by his upbringing regardless of how much he may respect Luke and love and respect Magnus. He’s learning. 

The problem is that his stans seem unable to realize this. And instead, the moment you dare to care more about Magnus or to point out that what Alec is doing/has done is not okay, they feel the need to write 5000 word essays on the glory that is Alexander Lightwood. 

Fuck that.

I love Alec so much, I do. I love that he’s (hopefully) learning and growing and will be someone who actually understands how wrong the Clave is. But I’m never going to not be critical of him, even in this growth process. 

What happened in 2x12, bad writing or not (it was), is still canon. Yes, I’m sorry he’s going to feel guilty. But to be honest? He should. In killing Jocelyn there was not really anything for him to feel guilty about. None of that was under his control, though I understand he still feels that guilt and acts under the weight of it. But in this? In not doing the absolute most to make sure his boyfriend really wasn’t trapped in Valentine’s body? Sorry, he deserves that guilt. Magnus deserved better. 

I hope he learns from it, I hope he and Magnus become stronger because of it. But in the meantime, I care more about Magnus Bane and the fucking torture and trauma he’s just endured than I do about Alec’s guilt. 

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okay i so called Netflix & spoke to them & they said that yes they have been getting a LOT of calls but they have 0 plans for a season 3 & they feel that the show has run its course

yeah i got that response too one time, then i got another one saying that feedback was important and they were taking it into account, then got another one saying that an special episode for closure sounded like a good idea

the thing is, customer service doesn’t know shit, that’s why everyone gets something different, like, i work as a social media manager and i can tell u i bullshit my way through most messages i have to answer, companies literally always leave u hanging when u ask them for their official statement to anything

the important thing is that what u say get typed down and sent to whoever the fuck is in charge of customer feedback, so what customer service tells you doesn’t matter, what matters is that your call ends in the long list of complain about this thing 

and still, it’s a fucking long shot, if you read between the lines of what cast and creators have said its easy to guess that the decision came out of nowhere and is pretty much set in stone (they all sound so defeated and we know how much they love the show), which leads me believe that it had little to do with fans or viewership (it got cancelled in less than a month! i know people who like the show that havent had time to watch s2 yet bc people have things to do with their lives!)

imo, sense8 is just expensive, even if half the earth watched it, it would still be expensive, and netflix was willing to put up with that before, in 2015, when thy were trying to get a bigger international audience (and sense8 was perfected for that, it was actually way more popular everywhere else but the us), but now they pretty much have monopolized the streaming market so they don’t care anymore, they already have the audience, it’s way simpler and more affordable to just copy network television and produce mainstream garbage that’s cheap and gets a bigger audience

but hell, im going to continue to fight for it bc this show means a lot to me, at least until netflix releases a more serious statement

sorry this got very rambly

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Khr Question: Do you think Tsuna every really (truly and full heartedly) harmonized with his gaurdian? It's just that in Cannon they never really acted how I'd expect someone who've you SOULBONDED with would? Is it just me??

Hmm. By the time of the Future Arc, I like to think he was on the way? One of the things that I did really like about KHR was that there were no immediate “Oh we’re best friends forever and everything is normal” friendships. Tsuna liked most of his Guardians from the beginning (except Mukuro, for obvious reasons) but it took him a while to love them, and I felt that was pretty realistic, especially with all the other things going on. 

By the Arcobaleno Arc, it was getting more and more obvious that they were bonding, but it was a gradual process. If the manga had shown us a year or two into the future, I think it would have been the full soulbond idea, but at that point it was too early. And that was totally okay with me. 

Imo KHR is pretty cool in that it subverts a lot of the standard shounen tropes while still managing to play them more or less straight. It’s Tsuna who’s willing to sacrifice for his friends, but who’s still learning how to say “I can” instead of just giving up, and actually building friendships with the people who’ve become attached to him. There are a lot of the usual ideas, but more than being about flashy battles and “I’m going to die for my friends” it’s Tsuna figuring out how to care and realizing that he can actually do things. More than in most manga, his friends give him a reason to try, and I think that’s beautiful. 

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I sent you the ask about Candy finding out Castiel has been hurt. Maybe instead of from Candy's perspective, could you write how Castiel would react to Candy finding out, and how he wants to be comforted? I just see so much of the boys taking care of Candy but I want to see the boys being taken care of! Thank you!! 💘

  • Castiel is at first annoyed with how big of a deal Candy is making this out to be. He’s fine, calm down. Even though he’s not fine lol. He tries to put up this act but if you’re really his girlfriend you’ll know he’s lying.
  • But he also kind of likes it because he doesn’t get that kind of comfort all that often because his parents are gone. Poor Cas is pretty much on his own so he’s not used to it and it actually feels really nice to have someone else keeping him company.
  • You see a more vulnerable side to Castiel. He’s less snarky and sarcastic, and more gentle and he just wants to be babied tbh. He likes being able to depend on someone other than himself for once.
  • Don’t be misled though, he’s still a snarky bastard. He uses his injuries as an excuse to make you do things for him. “Sweet cheeks, can you get me a soda? I’m in pain.” Yeah, SuRe yoU ArE CaSTIeL
  • It makes him really happy seeing that you’re willing to go that far in order to make sure he’s okay. Really he doesn’t even want you to pamper him, just be by his side and talk to him and he’ll be content. Keep him entertained, cuddle him, play in his hair. Just don’t be overly doting.
  • Maybe give him a nice massage? Or if he’s like in pain or can’t walk properly just help him get around and stuff. Spoil him with affection, give him something to eat, and make sure you force him to take his pain meds because he won’t.
I’m Sorry For Coining the Phrase “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” | Nathan Rabin

When I coined the term “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” in an essay about the movie “Elizabethtown” in 2007, I never could have imagined how that phrase would explode. Describing the film’s adorably daffy love interest played by Kirsten Dunst, I defined the MPDG as a fantasy figure who “exists solely in the fevered imaginations of sensitive writer-directors to teach broodingly soulful young men to embrace life and its infinite mysteries and adventures.”

That day in 2007, I remember watching “Elizabethtown” and being distracted by the preposterousness of its heroine, Claire. Dunst’s psychotically bubbly stewardess seemed to belong in some magical, otherworldly realm — hence the “pixie” — offering up her phone number to strangers and drawing whimsical maps to help her man find his way. And as Dunst cavorted across the screen, I thought also of Natalie Portman in “Garden State,” a similarly carefree nymphet who is the accessory to Zach Braff’s character development. It’s an archetype, I realized, that taps into a particular male fantasy: of being saved from depression and ennui by a fantasy woman who sweeps in like a glittery breeze to save you from yourself, then disappears once her work is done.

When I hit “publish” on that piece, the first entry in a column I called “My Year of Flops,” I was pretty proud of myself. I felt as if I had tapped into something that had been a part of our culture for a long time and given it a catchy, descriptive name — a name with what Malcolm Gladwell might call “stickiness.”

But I should clarify a few things here. The trope of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl is a fundamentally sexist one, since it makes women seem less like autonomous, independent entities than appealing props to help mopey, sad white men self-actualize. Within that context, the phrase was useful precisely because, while still fairly flexible, it also benefited from a certain specificity. Claire was an unusually pure example of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl — a fancifully if thinly conceived flibbertigibbet who has no reason to exist except to cheer up one miserable guy.

The response to my review was pretty positive but relatively sleepy. The A.V. Club was a whole lot smaller back then and the phrase didn’t really gain traction until a year later, when my colleague Tasha Robinson proposed doing a list of Manic Pixie Dream Girls for the “Inventory” feature of our site. The list, published in 2008, was titled “16 films featuring Manic Pixie Dream Girls,” and featured, along with Dunst and Portman, Diane Keaton in “Annie Hall” and Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

I remember thinking, even back then, that a whole list of Manic Pixie Dream Girls might be stretching the conceit too far. The archetype of the free-spirited life-lover who cheers up a male sad-sack had existed in the culture for ages. But by giving an idea a name and a fuzzy definition, you apparently also give it power. And in my case, that power spun out of control.

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I haven't actually gotten a chance to watch the episode. What are your thoughts on it? (Reactions on my dash were less negative than expected, so I'm guessing it was good?)

It was pretty good! Probably some of the tightest storytelling they’ve done in … a while. I mean, they’re still telegraphing long-range plot intentions LOUDLY, but it’s better than it was in S1 or S2.

Anyway, the sum of our discontents was clearly understood, because 3x01 was a vast improvement on a whole lot of things that were way out of whack last year.

I will have more “real” thoughts tomorrow bc I had to watch a crappy stream since CW apparently refuses to do livestream broadcasts even if you pay for subscription service to their partner YouTube TV, so there were a couple moments where my episode glitched out and also the video quality was awful.

In any case, SPACEDAD!!! is a pretty accurate summary of my feels.


  • James running staff meetings at CatCo
    • James randomly keeping themed objects on his desk that he can throw at various writers/editors when he asks for status updates
  • snarky!Kara makes her return and I have missed her
  • Lena is even more Extra than Alex and it is hilarious
  • Cat as WHPS is a far better alternative to our reality and I look forward to them using that to bash the Trump administration further
  • Speaking of which, Morgan Edge is a real estate mogul and also kind of an egotistical letch. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT.
  • Beautiful callback to S1 with Kara leaving Edge on top of that heap of tractor-trailers on purpose like how she accidentally left Cat on that hilltop when she first started superheroing.
  • Alura at the heart of Kara’s trauma and pain – I think I talked about this with Nos, and I know I left this as a comment on a fic once that dealt with a similar topic, but: Kara in the end of S2 was faced with Alura’s choice, and she chose to save the many over the few.
    • That said, she also was then forced to stand in her mother’s shoes as the one saying goodbye while knowing that separation was her own decision.
      • While it still frustrates me that she gave up her mom’s necklace, it makes muuuuuuuch more sense in this context as “thing that reminded me I was not alone while I was trapped and hurtling through space.”
  • Some people apparently think Alex was too harsh or mean or something in her confrontation with Kara, but I do not. There comes a point where leaving suffering people to their own devices is no longer a kindness.
  • The confusing time jump between S2 & S3 is relevant to this, because if “I’ve been Kara Danvers for 15 years now” is accurate, that means it’s been like … a year and a half. Except the show made it seem like it was only a handful of months. Then again, we all know keeping track of time is not one of their strong suits, so who fucking knows.
  • I am intrigued by Sam and Ruby, carry on
  • We’re also back to “corny but effective use of texting” as a thing this show does – the exchange between Kara and Lena was very sweet
  • Kara, honey, you can’t just keep quitting and reclaiming your job like this, do you know how much paperwork that creates?

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hey, I just wanted to tell you that your opinions are so wonderful and well-articulated! I was looking at some asks today on the account ant*phannie. I believe that dnp are probably in some kind of romantic relationship, but I'm very easily influenced by other people's opinions. Sometimes I wonder if I (and a large portion of the phandom) are "delusional" for believing that dnp could be together romantically? Do you ever doubt your own opinions on the subject or second guess yourself?

i’m not going to pretend like i’ve never doubted my stance on the issue–of course i have! and if not my stance itself, then i’ve at the very least doubted the ethics of posting about dnp with the implicit premise that they are in fact romantically involved, when they have seemed to prefer that the public view their relationship ambiguously and not label it beyond friendship. however, these doubts have all but disappeared, especially in the last few months. for me, the most common cause of doubts in their relationship status itself have been the following (and i’ll tell you why each of them is no longer an issue for me):

1. the near implausibility, just logistically, of keeping their involvement a secret for so long. to me it’s always been baffling to the point of incomprehensibility that over the span of seven years nothing has slipped, they’ve never been spotted in compromising positions, no one has ever outed them substantively (ofc i don’t entirely believe that’s true as there have been a number of slip-ups for sure, but nothing that they haven’t been able to cover w excuses and nothing overt enough as to be incontrovertible “evidence” of anything). this argument is compelling but ultimately doesn’t hold water for me. it’s actually pretty reasonable that they don’t get spotted “in compromising positions” because they’re very careful and controlled when in public, and actually are a lot less recognizable than they may seem from within this fandom. their fan base at largest estimate is like 6M people (the number of ppl subscribed to dan plus a few hundred thousand potential viewers who aren’t subscribed), and i’d estimate that the number of people who actually care deeply about dnp’s personal matters and relationship are probably closer to 500-800,000, if that, based off of various things like the number of views on phil lester vs. praying mantis (that’s still sub-1M views nearly a year and a half after it was posted). although thats still an enormous number, its way fewer than we’re generally led to believe and it’s dispersed across the globe. it means that they can probably go to a lot of places without being spotted and do a lot of things without us ever finding out. as for the lack of outing by friends/peers/colleagues/etc. i just think that it’s a pretty obvious taboo for people in general to out anyone as being lgbtq or in a non-het relationship. but even if you don’t buy that most of dnp’s colleagues and peers have basic integrity, i think even a person with malicious intent, or a desire for attention as being the person to out dnp, wouldn’t go through with it, bc if they did, one or two things would happen: either no one would believe them or they’d get an unbelievable amount of hate and criticism for violating the privacy of two of the most well-liked and respected people on this platform. it could completely destroy someone’s career if they were a youtuber, and send them into a maelstrom of hate even if they weren’t.

2. the lack of apparent incentive for dnp to remain ambiguous/closeted if they’re truly together. i see this argument all the time. basically, dnp aren’t together bc they say (said) they aren’t together, and what motivation do they have to lie? sometimes i wonder that myself, but it’s honestly a pretty easy question to answer. short answer: they’re closeted and there’s an infinite number of reasons why they would want to stay that way. i’d also clarify that if they were together, they haven’t “lied” about it outside of a span of about eight months that happened five years ago. as i’ve mentioned in various posts before, that span of eight months was pretty clearly in direct response to a giant privacy invasion and the exposure of potential evidence of their romantic involvement. at bare minimum, their interest in keeping their relationship under wraps is so that it never overshadows their creative content and so that their professional careers would never actually, literally be dependent on each other (though they clearly don’t mind so much if that happens anymore). and then countless reasons on top of that. the public doesn’t have any right to their private affairs for instance. perhaps one or both of them were struggling w their sexuality. if you’re cynical, maybe the ambiguity is good for them for other reasons–bc the speculation drives interest in their content. maybe they didn’t want to diminish their chances of being hired as presenting duos for giant corporations like the BBC and the BRITS (bc you know that if they were an out couple, interest in their presenting abilities would be greatly eclipsed by all of the baggage of their relationship status). maybe they themselves don’t have a label for their connection/relationship/partnership and as a result never bothered trying to come up with one for the public… etc. etc. etc. maybe even a combination of all of these, and more.

as for doubts about the ethics of posting about them as though it were confirmed that they’re together… i’ll admit i’ve barely questioned it especially in the last few months in which they themselves seem to be making concerted efforts to blur the lines of their behavior in the public eye. but mostly, i just don’t care bc i’m one person, my personal opinions on, and arguments about, this issue are immensely inconsequential in the face of the sheer size of their audience, and i think it’d be pretty presumptuous of me to think that i’m out here changing anyone’s mind on dnp’s relationship or identities. i also don’t care if i am doing that, bc i don’t think anything i post is invasive or incites my followers to be invasive, nor do my opinions draw upon information that dnp have expressly tried to keep private. these are the conclusions i’ve reached based on what is publicly available to me and after trying to make myself as thoroughly informed as possible on dnp and their situation. hope this makes sense!!!!

my concluding recommendation: stay off the anti blogs for your own sanity and health hahah. and focus on what’s happening right now, in the present, rather than the angry words of a scared boy from five years ago trying to protect the thing that was most precious to him.


Part of my “A Day in The Life” series. Hope you enjoy!

It had been stupid. They both had been stupid, Ash thought, as he typed a message on his phone.
‘Where are you?’
He sat on the couch, breathing deeply, trying to calm himself down. But there was no use. His heart kept beating faster and faster every second that passed without him getting an answer from her.
He typed again.
“Please, Mist, come back home.”
It had started as some silly and stupid argument about the Gym. He didn’t even remember what it was they were talking about. Then, both of them said stupid things and everything got out of hand. The last thing he remembered was screaming right at her face.
“You know what, Misty? I don’t need you! I’m sick of these arguments!’
The moment the words left his lips, he knew had made a mistake. She walked to the door, grabbing her coat on the way, eyes full of tears.
’'Oh, yeah? Don’t worry, then. I’m not bothering you anymore.”
And with that, she slammed the door. She didn’t sound bitter or angry. She sounded hurt.
Ash never regretted something he said so fast. At the moment the door closed, he felt the need to run after her, but of course, his pride -or perhaps his fear- didn’t let him.
She will come back in a few minutes and we can sort this out.
But she didn’t. Now, three hours later and with a storm raging outside the door, he regretted it a thousand times more. He was worried. Very, very worried.
He tried to text her one more time.
“Misty, please, please, tell me where you are!”
Again, no reply. He had already called everyone: Brock, her sisters, his mom, Professor Oak. The list goes on. No one knew where she went. And then it occured to him. Of course. The only place she could have gone. The place she always went to relax and think about life. The small place near town that she loved. The place that was 30 minutes away from their home and was currently under that storm.
“Oh, no.”


Ash was normally a safe driver. He would normally obey the safety rules. He would normally never use his phone while driving. But today was not a normal day.
“Damn it, Misty, pick up the phone!”
He was shaking, his eyes were watering and the couldn’t see a damn thing thanks to the storm. But still,  he managed to make it to the place in less than 15 minutes. He got out of the car, ignoring the cold and the rain, and called her name from the top of his lungs.
“Misty! Misty! Where are you?”
The place wasn’t bad. Actually, it was usually a nice place to hang out. A small pond, surrounded by pretty flowers and big trees. She used to say it had the power to calm her and bring her peace. Right now, however, it didn’t look so peaceful.
“Come on, come on!” He muttered to himself. “Please be here.”
He took a deep breath before calling her name again, nearly crying in desperation.
He turned around, following the source of the voice.
There she was, standing less then five feet away from him, soaked wet, eyes completely puffed and red. Still, he didn’t remember being so relieved in his life.
He ran towards her, wrapping her in a bone crushing hug.
“Never do this again!”
She couldn’t bring herself to reply.
“I called you a hundred times! I’ve sent you a thousand messages, I called everyone we know! I was so freaking scared. I thought you might’ve had… I thought…”
“I think I lost my phone.” She interrupted, sounding sad. “Must have fallen somewhere.”
“It doesn’t matter. You’re alright. God, Mist, you’re okay!” He pulled away, taking her hand and trying to lead her to the car, away from the rain. “Come on, let’s go home.”
She didn’t move, didn’t say a word. Ash turned around, looking worried.
“Mist, come on. You’re going to freeze here.”
“You said you didn’t need me.”
“What?” His heart broke. “I… Misty, I was being stupid. I didn’t mean it. I was nervous, and I say a lot of stupid things when I’m nervous because I’m an idiot. But it’s not true.”
She bit her lip, still quiet. Ash could tell she was trying to keep herself from crying. He knew had really screwed up this time.
“Mist, I’m sorry.” He warped his arms around her again, tucking her head under his chin. “I shouldn’t have said any of these things to you. Of course I need you. I have always needed you.”
She didn’t say anything again, but warped her arms around him in return, and he knew that was a good sign.
Then she muttered quietly against his chest.
“You’re an idiot.”
“I know.”
“And a moron.”
“And completely infuriating.”
“That too.”
“I love you.”
He smiled agains her hair, giving her a small kiss on the forehead.
“I love you, too.”
He offered her his hand one more time, hoping she would take it this time. She did.
“Does this means you’re coming back with me?”
She nodded.
“Great.” He smiled, kissing the top of her head.  ’'Come on, I think we’re already enought wet.“
Before getting to the car, however, he turned to her one more time.
’'Oh, Mist? I’ll always need you.”

captainqueer-oflesbos  asked:

wait a minute the waiscoats are supposed to have sleeves?

Yes! Until about the mid-eighteenth century, most men’s waistcoats had sleeves, and sleeveless ones didn’t appear at all until several decades after James and Thomas are lounging around in their shirtsleeves in the flashbacks. The sleeved waistcoats looked pretty much the same as men’s actual coats, except usually the upper back and sleeves, except the cuffs, would be made of a cheaper fabric, as they wouldn’t be visible when wearing the coat over it.

So, yeah, they’d be basically wearing two coats on top of each other. It seems kind of silly now, but hey, fashion evolves, and the whole idea of the three-piece suit was less than a hundred years old; they were still figuring things out.

Here’s an example from the V&A–it’s from the 1730s, so the shape is much sleeker than it would’ve been a few decades earlier, but it shows off that plainer fabric in the sleeves:

And here’s one that looks like it’s a bit earlier (the “skirt” of the waistcoat is much fuller, as it would’ve been very early in the century), and while it doesn’t have different fabric sewn in, you can see the same idea expressed in the pattern of the embroidery, leaving most of the sleeve and the upper back section plain:

anonymous asked:

I'm so sorry if this sounds ignorant, and I'm sure you're tired of explaining it, but do views or "hits" on Ao3 mean anything? Because i'll see the posts about authors needing kudos and comments (which i understand completely) but i'll also see the view count and i'm like "but it's got so many hits, just go by that too!" So what goes into an author truly knowing how well they're doing?

Hi there! And yeah, I’ve explained how this works before, but I’m always happy to explain it again. Because it bears repeating. :)

Hits on AO3 mean very little. Someone clicks through to the fic, reads the tags and summary, maybe the first few paragraphs of a novel-length fic, and then nopes out without finishing. It still registers a hit.

Writing a multi-chapter fic posted in weekly installments that has a significant following? Yeah, hits are also meaningless here, because every time you post a new installment and all your dedicated readers click through to read the next chapter? They each register new hits. They’re not UNIQUE viewers to the entire fic, yet it can still look that way in the hit counter. And if it’s a 50 chapter fic that posts over the course of a whole year? The “compound” hits really start to add up, despite each of those unique readers only being able to leave 1 kudos (albeit multiple comments, if they so desire).

If something we post generates a thousand hits but only 100 kudos, it can start to feel like a lot of readers may not have bothered to read to the end, you know? If I make it to the end of a fic, I hit the kudos button. It takes literally one second, and in my mind it’s the equivalent of saying, “Thank you for writing this and posting it for free for my enjoyment.”

I personally don’t have the “false hits equivalency” problem that writers who post WIP’s do, because I always post complete works. Even when I’ve tried to post serially, I end up giving up after a few days and just going ahead and posting the entire thing. I tried to do that with Ultraviolet, posting a chapter a day, and lasted five whole days before just posting the rest all at once. I have no patience for drawing things out unnecessarily. :P

As a result, the hits count on it are artificially inflated:

2269 hits as of today, when I posted it back at the end of June. But heck, there’s more than 10% kudos-to-hits ratio, so even considering that I know a number of people had been reading along as I posted the first five chapters, that’s still a pretty decent average. Believe it or not, that’s considered to be fairly excellent as a hits-to-kudos ratio.

Now on to the thing I just posted a few days ago, Dean’s Days Off. I posted it all at once (note the posting date):

That’s a lot of hits, considering I can assume that most of them are not redundant, with the same readers clicking back through to read a new chapter. Still, even working under the assumption that A LOT of those are unique hits from different people, I’m left with the assumption that less than 20% of them actually read all the way to the end, because of the kudos.

This theory works FOR NOW, because this is a new story. I doubt many people have had a chance (even if they loved it and intend to read it again someday– which is just wishful thinking on my part, but whatever) have had a chance to go back and read it again already, you know? So these are largely most probably original hits. But over time, there may be a fair few people who return to read it again and CAN’T leave kudos again. The hits-to-kudos ratio will inevitably drop over time.

Plus there’s also the factor in the other direction– readers who click through and then download the story (I always do this with fic I love, partly because it’s easier to read on my kindle, but also because I’ve see too much fic I love get taken down by the authors, and I like to make sure I have a copy in case that ever happens). I have fic I’ve reread NUMEROUS times, but the author has no way of knowing how much I adore their writing in that case UNLESS I EXPLICITLY TELL THEM.

AO3 doesn’t keep statistics for downloads. Unless a reader tells me, I have no idea that they may have downloaded my story to read again. It doesn’t even generate another hit in that case, you know?

In any case, kudos, comments, OR hits– none of them is a perfect gauge for readership. Hits may be meaningless. I think 3 of the hits for T&S were generated by me– one of which was me noping out within a page or two of starting because there was no way in hell I was gonna keep reading, and two of which were unlabeled links to the effect of, “OMG I JUST READ THIS THING AND I NEED A MOMENT TO RECOVER,” which is an intriguing sort of post where the words “THIS THING” were a link to it… I had no idea, but lo and behold, I generated a “hit” to it. >.>

I’ve clicked on fic recs that from the description in the post sounded right up my alley, only to see something in the tags on AO3 that made me nope out of reading, or got a short way in to the story before realizing it just wasn’t my thing and closing out. All of that generates hits. Meaningless, meaningless hits.

I have opened fic, decided to “Mark For Later” so I can open it again and read it when I’m in the right mood, or when I have time to devote to it, or whatever. I have A LOT of fic Marked For Later. Still, opening it to mark it and add it to my list generates a hit. It’ll generate another hit when I do eventually go back and read it. Possibly generating another hit when I open it yet again trying to remember if I’ve read it… 

Or the worst– I’ve had the thing open in a tab for two weeks hoping to find the time to read it, and every time Chrome refreshes the page (because Chrome does that) it generates a new hit… I kinda feel guilty about that…

Hits are ultimately meaningless.

Kudos at least have SOME meaning. A unique reader read the entire thing, got all the way to the end, and felt good enough about reading it to hit what essentially amounts to the THANK YOU NICE WRITER PERSON button.

Some people are willing to spend a little more time writing a comment. Anything from a “Thank you for writing this” to “Oh gosh I love this story, and xyz was my favorite!” all the way to leaving a running commentary on every chapter or a five paragraph book review at the end. Or heck, just an incoherent keysmash with a bunch of exclamation points.

Or one of my personal favorites, “I just read this again and can’t leave more kudos, so have this <3″

I don’t understand the resistance to clicking the kudos button if you read the entire story and derived any enjoyment from it whatsoever. If you’re embarrassed about it, you can always log out of AO3 and leave kudos anonymously. No one will ever know it was you. :P

But I’ve had people ask me this before, wondering why they should even BOTHER hitting Kudos, and it’s like… you read this entire story, for the low low cost of zero dollars, and can’t be fussed to even click the Instant Thank You Button? That’s… shocking and frustrating as a writer. Some of my longer fic may have taken me HUNDREDS of hours to write, edit, etc. And it doesn’t merit half a second of time to click a button. I mean, sure, Dean’s Days Off is kinda short compared to some of my other work, but it still represents about 80 hours of my life. I spent about 80 hours working on that story. I spent several hundred hours working on Revenge of the Subtext. And even more than that working on Around the World in 24 Days. That’s a lot of hours. Can I get half a second of your time as an acknowledgement that it was worth it?

If I make it to the end of a story of any length, that’s automatically kudos. Job well done, Writer Person. You have suitably entertained me.

I admit that I am still personally weirded out by leaving comments, but I do try and force myself to, especially if it’s a longer work. I get this OH GOSH PLEASE DON’T LOOK AT ME BUT YOU HAVE GIVEN ME FEEEEELINGS mentality about leaving comments. I turn into Dean Winchester and clam up. I TOTALLY GET THAT REACTION to leaving comments. That’s why the kudos button exists in the first place. No embarrassment required. Just a Thank You that writers can acknowledge in a measurable way. Unlike hits, which honestly we have no idea how many of them even read past the introduction let alone the entire story.

I wish there were some more accurate metric for calculating just how well received our works are, but really this is all we have. We don’t have bestseller lists. Our readers don’t have to pay for our work. Leaving kudos or liking our tumblr posts is great, and lets us know at least our followers appreciate what we’ve written. Leaving comments is fantastic because we can share the joy, answer questions, reply to theories y’all have about our stories (heck nothing is better to me than having someone meta-analyze my writing! I LOVE THAT AND WOULD LOVE TO SQUEE WITH JOY AT YOU!). Reblogging our tumblr posts is like the ultimate recommendation. It says not only someone read and enjoyed what we wrote, but wants other people to find the thing too.That’s how we find new readers, especially if the post ends up tagged with stuff like, “OMG THIS WAS SO EXCELLENT!” or whatever. Damn near makes my week. :P

But if we post something, even if it gets tons of hits, if no one bothers to hit the kudos button at the end, it can very quickly start to feel like maybe nobody ever read all the way to the end, so why even bother…

I probably shouldn’t have turned this into an essay, but since that seems to be my trademark, I guess I’ll just go ahead and post it…