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Okay so. As I said when I’d posted the sketch, there’s this commission of mine still floating about somewhere for the ghost Stan AU. I still like parts of it, but when I did it I actually ended up improving pretty quick afterwards so I don’t really care for it. It gets on my mind a lot just because it was one of my more popular things and still gets reblogged now and again.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to get it off my mind is to redo it. Well. This is less of a redo and more of a similar piece than anything.
@thesnadger commissioned the first one from me, and had commissioned me since and she’s really nice. So I actually hope she likes this one too to kind of make up for the ‘meh’ quality of the last one~


I have launched my Patreon! If you’ve got a couple bucks to spare, combine them with a couple bucks from other people until I have something resembling a living wage. Yippee!

I have been told my videos are endearingly dorky. So here is some of that. I don’t know why I feel more nervous recording scripted fully clothed video alone in my office that I can edit later than I do performing nude improv live in front of 400 people, but that’s just one of those quirks, I guess. (I’m actually pretty proud of this video.)

I will probably talk more about this in the coming weeks. Bullet points:

  • I work on comics at least 40 hours per week. This still doesn’t pay the bills.
  • If I have more money, I can work my day job less, and make more comics, and better comics. I want to do this.
  • SECOND WEBCOMIC SERIES is a thing that could happen.
  • Being a fancy patron of the arts will give you access to the highest rungs of society and people will find you fascinating.

So, hopefully if you’ve enjoyed my work in the past dozen or so years, and you want to help this continue to be a thing, you’ll consider chipping a buck or two into the Patreon so I can give you more of it.

“Maddie hasn’t improved!”

Okay, I see people saying that Maddie hasn’t improved that much or has even regressed this past season, which totally boggles my mind because if you look at any gifs and videos of her in seasons 1-3, it’s pretty clear that over seasons 4-5 she has made the most progress.

What pisses me off is rarely does anyone give any actual technical example of how Maddie has regressed/stopped improving, they simply cite “Mackenzie beat her!” and “She didn’t get first at this thing!”

If you’re basing the whole “Maddie has regressed!” thing off of the fact that Maddie has occasionally not gotten first this season, then that’s total bullhinky. At most dance competitions, placing in the top five overall for your age group still makes you pretty much amazing, and it’s usually less than a point separating each place from each other. Rarely do these less-than-real competitions reveal the actual scores anyway.

Nevertheless, here are things I’ve noticed from clips, gifs and full videos from Maddie over the years — real, true, technical achievements:

  • Higher jumps
  • More flexible jumps
  • Better placed jumps
  • More flexibility in general
  • Far greater turnout (you can really see it on her pitch kicks)
  • Straighter knees
  • Stronger ankles and a higher releve
  • Far better control over her arms
  • Not nearly as much travelling on her fouettes
  • Also doesn’t do the weird bouncy thing with her working leg on her a la secondes anymore
  • Really strong floorwork
  • Her shoulders aren’t creeping up as much anymore.

Now, she still has stuff to work on because every dancer does. She still has a swayback and she still occasionally sickles her feet (Cathy was onto something). But generally to act like Maddie has made no progress over the past two years is so foolish it seems to be almost willingly foolish.

You know, when you think about it, as badass as they usually come off, the Thunder Legion/Raijinshuu are all humongous dorks. Like. Wow.

I was just thinking how I’d love to see fanart of them all six/thirteen years ago (like, when Happy was born). 17-yr-old Laxus with 16-yr-old Bixlow and 14-yr-old Fried and Evergreen following him around.

Then I realized just how hilarious they would all be. Imagine it.

Instead of her striking figure, Evergreen’s this tweenage girl only just starting to fill out, with bigger/thicker glasses than she has now, running around insisting she’s an actual fairy, dammit.

Fried’s got shorter/less tame hair, wearing oversized clothes and going on about CHIVALRY!! and occasionally lecturing people. Of course, you have to imagine he was also a super studious kid given how he is now.

Do I need to mention Bixlow? The guy still looks pretty ridiculous today. Imagine him less tall/buff/strong still trying to pull off the whole eccentric knight thing.


Laxus is actually a huge closet nerd himself, and the Thunder Legion started out as his DnD group.

#Outlander evening with Sam and Caitriona

This text will contain major season 2 spoilers so if you haven’t read the books and wish to stay spoiler free please do not read it.

I’m not a writer or a blogger and English is not my native language so I apologise in advance if my writing turns out to be not a very smooth read, containing occasional spelling and grammatical mistakes.


A promise is a promise so as promised ;) I will try to recall as much as I can from the absolutely FANTASTIC evening with Caitiona and Sam organized by AmazonVideoUK last Tuesday.

Even though it already happened I still can’t quite believe I was actually there. It might have something to do with the fact that the whole thing came absolutely out of nowhere (I was pretty much convinced my e-mail address didn’t even register since there was no “thank you for entering” reaction) and carried that extremely “last minute” vibe with it. When I saw the message saying I was one of the lucky winners, I had less than 12 hours to organize childcare (my husband was away on a business trip), plane tickets and accommodation in London. On regular basis my dealing with such situations leads to a complete chaos but this time everything went surprisingly smooth and before I knew it, I was sitting on a plane making two total strangers promise me they will check #Outlander out! A Brazilian girl vaguely recalling something about the books and an English gentleman who at first drew a total blank but after a while said, “Wait a minute, I think I’ve heard something about it on Radio4, a guy, rolling naked in the mud in 18th century Scotland…” Yup, sounded like #Outlander to me!

When the plane landed I got to a little disappointing start, realizing that even though I paid for the service, my mobile Internet didn’t work so I would not be able to continue to keep my Twitter followers posted. Since I couldn’t do anything about it, I quickly let it go and went on enjoying this incredible adventure. With a little help from my friend who lives in London and kindly took me under her wings, I made it problem-free and on time to the ground zero aka Sony Entertainment Studios. Quite a few people were already there and more arrived shortly. Nobody knew exactly what was awaiting us so we killed time speculating all possible scenarios, joking and getting to know each other. The door was supposed to open at 18:00 but there was some delay and I think we were finally allowed inside around 18:15, maybe even 18:20. After a quick security check we were led into a relatively small screening room. Bigger was not needed, there were only 50 of us after all.  On the way there we passed quite a few Outlander posters and finally faced a huge one projected on the theater screen. We were asked to take our seats and wait. That was another 15 minutes I think, but that went fast since we were busy taking pictures of ourselves with that gigantic display in the background. I gotta admit some of us at that point (myself including) were hoping they were going to show us the first episode of Season2 but that proved not to be the case and we watched the extended version of the official trailer instead. With the last scenes of which two people entered the room and a huge applause that followed, left no doubt who those people were. My heart skipped a beat, I am sure, but I recovered quickly and after pinching myself real hard (at that point I still kinda felt like the whole thing was a dream) focused on what was happening on the stage. Sam and Cait were given two of those set style chairs and after quick debate over the need or no need for microphones, AmazonUK representative finally laid out the plan for the evening. Right at the beginning, to our huge disappointment we were informed that no pictures or recording were allowed during the Q&A session, which was going to take place first. The sounds of discontent died out immediately though when we were told that after Q&A Sam and Cait kindly agreed to move the party to the bar, where we would be able to take pictures, chat with them and get autographs. That of course met a huge wave of approval! The Q&A began with a few questions asked by the Amazon guy. They were pretty much the same we hear all the time these days. What’s the difference between season1 and 2, costumes, were they expecting the huge success of the show when they started and such. The answers were the same they always give, so no surprises there… It got really interested when the fan Q&A began but about that tomorrow…

SO, I gotta admit I think it’s pretty incredible that since I moved about five months ago, that I have the amount of people that followed me here, that actually still enjoyed my Rose and my stupid ass. I mean, six hundred of you guys, more than that, actually. That’s CRAZY. I love everyone of you and I’m just kinda still looking at my things in shock. I don’t deserve you guys. I mean, I didn’t think I would get more than one hundred on my original blog, much less more than fifty in the moved one. I just — ag H. I’ve had so many memories on Rose and I can’t wait to make some more and speak and interact with so many more of you.

Now the part you actually came to look at this post. They’re in ALPHABETICAL ORDER !!

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shocktrooper-redstreaker  asked:

How big is Shockwave gonna be (rough approximation) and is he going to have thick thighs

Presented next to Human McGee and Megatron for scale? I’m still not entirely set on Shockwave’s design, but he turns into like…like…like if you applied that slick, super sparse bugatti racecar design principal to a very sleek tank. So who knows next time I draw him he may look entirely different, but for now he’s supposed to be almost skeletal in some respects- he constantly experiments and modifies his own body- he’s a concept vehicle, in a sense. He is taller than Megatron, but weighs less (Megatron is HELLA dense and heavy, even for his size) and alternates between quadrupedal and bipedal locomotion very easily.

Fun Shockwave Fact: Shockwave still basically lives in a decadent-ass mansion and has lots of very pretty, painstakingly curated things he’s retrieved from the ruins of Cybertron. he doesn’t actually care much about them, and kinda hates it in a sense because it reminds him of what he once was, but on the other hand it’s something to do and you gotta find a hobby on postwar cybertron because it’s a barren wasteland and it gets real boring real fast.