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More Ryder Family Thoughts

So I’ve been thinking more about Scott and Sara and their relationships with their parents, especially after getting so many great responses to this post.

I’m thinking now that Scott might be a problem child? In your first convo with Lexi on the tempest, if you pick the casual option when she tells you about Harry, if you’re Sara, you say something like “He’ll regret that, Scott’s a handful”, and if you’re Scott you say something like “He knows Sara’s the good one”. 

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Also I started reading one detective book and drew some characters from it. (From left to right: John Treadwell, Ahmed Rashid and Lydia Harris)
I imagined their looks bc in the book there’s very little about how they look like.
Also practicing new style:3
This book is really nice! If you like detective stories and even a bit romantic ones then you definitely should check it out!
It’s called “HOUNDS AND JACKALS” by Barbara Wood. I love it!

doing this meme for rinch bc i am shipper trash

  • Who’s the first to wake up in the morning:
    Define “wake up”. John’s up at 6AM every day, but Finch’s sleeping schedule is too weird to say if he gets up earlier or stays up later, IE “yeah I was up between 2 and 4 AM because my back was hurting and also I had a really neat idea I wanted to test out during downtime”
  • Who’s the one to make breakfast:
    John, although when they sleep in hotels Harold orders them room service.

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I think i actually made thor hotter XD 

indicativeof-sideways-escalation  asked:

I'd love to start reading Discworld, but I don’t know where to start. I know there are a lot of different story arcs, but which one(s) would you recommend?

Okay, so Discworld is basically one big series composed of lots of smaller series, as well as a couple of novels that mostly stand alone. They’re pretty much all worth reading eventually, but the easiest way to get started is probably to follow one story arc that interests you.

(Some people will recommend reading all the books in publication order (which is also the in-universe timeline, since PTerry, bless him, never went back in time with his writing), and if you’re a very methodical person this can work, but it makes the whole enterprise seem much more overwhelming.)

Do you like stories that tackle the big, philosophical questions about Life and Existence and Justice and Mercy and What It Means To Be Human? Definitely start with the Death books, starring Death and his granddaughter Susan Sto Helit. The first of these is Mort, though you may actually find Reaper Man a better place to start. (If you start there, then go back and read Mort, so you can meet Susan’s parents, and then continue on in chronological order.)

Do you like stories that tackle the nature of stories themselves? Stories that challenge and overturn all the established tropes of fairytales? Stories that refuse to treat people like things? And also, of course, feature several incredibly badass old ladies? Or hey, perhaps you just want to meet my life-spiration Granny Weatherwax? Start with the Witches books. The first of these is Equal Rites.

There’s also a much more recent sub-series, the Tiffany Aching books, which are really their own series but which connect with the Witches books (Tiffany is a young witch, and Granny Weatherwax and company make regular cameos in her books), so it’s probably best to read the Witches books before the Tiffany Aching series.

Do you like stories that focus on the “little guys,” that tackle issues like oppression and classism and people refusing to fill the roles of story they’ve been created for? With a nice dash of police procedural on the side? Start with the City Watch books. The first of these is Guards! Guards! (This is also the series that includes Night Watch, the inspiration for the Glorious 25th of May.)

Do you like stories that examine religion, that take seriously the idea of a covenant between a god and their humans? Start with Small Gods. This is one of the stand alone books, but its ripples reappear in several of the later books in both the Witches series and the City Watch series.

Do you like stories about con-men going good, at least partly against their own will, and turning their skills to streamlining the bureaucracy in a way that will work better for the “little people”? In that case the Moist von Lipwig series is for you, and the first book is Going Postal. However, I’d actually recommend reading at least a few of the City Watch books and/or The Truth (the one about the newspaper) first, just so you have a feel for the city of Ankh-Morpork.

Do you like stories of magic, exploration, and the adventures of people who really don’t particularly want to be on an adventure? Start with the Wizard books. The first of these is The Color of Magic. (I gotta be real with you, though. I personally find the first two of these, The Color of Magic and The Light Fantastic, to be pretty rocky and not really up to the standard of later Discworld books. You can also probably tell I’m generally less interested in the Wizard books than in the other sub-series. However, some of the later Wizard books, especially Unseen Academicals (which isn’t actually much about the wizards), are really wonderful.)

This is also an excellent reading order guide in one handy chart, though it’s a bit out of date and doesn’t have several of the most recent novels. Still, it’s a great place to start.

Today I finished reading Blood of Olympus.. And oh boy, do i feel so empty inside rn

I mean, I knew the book wouldn’t be the best, I knew there wouldn’t be any Percy or Annabeth or Hazel or Frank’s POV. Having read House of Hades I kinda prepared myself mentally that it could be the last book for me as well. So back then I really felt as if I already finished the series.

I was prepared for Percy not showing up too much in BoO. And tbh I enjoyed like,first half of the book, cause surprisingly we got to see him for more than just one paragraph . But after Jason and Percy’s chapter i started being less and less interested in the book. 

Ofc, I kinda prepared myself for the loose ends of so many things, but i didn’t think it would be this bad.. And the fights ughh, I just can’t express enough how disappointed I was with the final fight with the Giants. I know Jason, Piper and Leo kinda all started the series so I totally understood why only they were included in the fight with Gaea, but c’monnnn, fight with the Giants turned out not to be such a big deal??? And it all was wrapped up on literally few pages of the book.. And the thing with the blood, when they captured Annabeth and Percy, my mind was just screaming *why isn’t that one of their POV?!?!?* In the last chapters there was literally no Percy, Annabeth, Hazel or Frank. They turned into side characters and it hurt me so so much.. and besides, frank felt sooo ooc in this book to me ugh 

Although there were moments that I really liked. But as I said previously, it all happened during the first half of the book. I also loove love Nico and Reyna, tho I wish there’re a side book for them so in the final book we could get POV of the big seven… not the big three plus nico&reyna *sobs quietly*

Anyway, I don’t think this book was bad. But it’s a bad last book in the series in my opinion…



Stiles Stilinski - “Trophy” (FOR EMILY)

You are one of the star soccer players at school while Stiles is on the lacrosse team. You finally get over your fear of being a trophy wife and let the two of you become the school’s cute sporty couple. 

| GIF credit to mccallstillinski |


As you retie your shoes on the side of the field, Kira is drinking from her water bottle and looking off at the bleachers to where your boyfriend is sitting, clutching a sign that reads, “GO EMILY,” in really bright letters that always stand out in the audience. The edges of the paper are sort of crinkled and torn because he has brought the thing to every single game of yours this season.

                “Emily, can I ask you something?” Kira sits beside you, still glancing behind her.

                “Make it quick. I have to go out there again really soon.”

                Her eyes flicker to you finally and she gestures towards the bleachers. “He comes to every single soccer game. Yet I’ve seen you at about two of our lacrosse games this season.”

                “That’s not a question.”

                “I’m trying to ask why you never show up at our games?”

                You grin and look back at Stiles. He’s hopelessly biting his lip and letting his leg bounce while he watches the game. For a moment, he catches your eye and starts smiling bashfully and waving so hard that he actually hits Scott in the face, which has Scott holding his nose and stares at Stiles a bit stunned. But Stiles ignores Scott and you smile back softly, giving him a small wave.

                “I don’t go to your lacrosse games because it makes me mad that you’re the star player in both the soccer and lacrosse teams,” you smile at Kira, poking her nose. “I’m obviously just so jealous of you.”

                She looks flattered for a second but she rolls her eyes. “I’m serious, Em.”

                You open your mouth to tell her but then the coach interrupts. “Emily! Get your ass out here! Break time is over!”

                You jump to your feet, excited to get back out to the field, but before you run away, you quickly turn back to Kira and tell her, “Malia once told me I was a trophy wife. I really hate that term. I don’t want to be Stiles’ "trophy wife”.“


                The next night, you are sitting peacefully in the loft, reading an old novel about the 40s that Derek recommended. As usual, he is home and ignoring you, glaring at the wall in the living room, while you sit on the terrace, admiring the sunset. Being roommates with Derek has always been a peaceful living situation, if you ignore all the people with guns or supernatural powers that have come in set out to kill you.

                On Friday nights like this night, you usually can be found doing exactly this, just maybe with a more interesting less "Derek” book. And your friends can usually be found getting ready for the lacrosse game. It’s how you like things, but then Derek decides to ruin your usual Friday night schedule by poking his head out the door and telling you, “You have guests.”

                “Huh?” You mumble, looking up from your book.

                He glares. “I’m not saying it again.” And then he’s gone.

                You slam down your book and go inside to see what he’s talking about. Turns out, Lydia, Kira, and have all come to pay you a visit.

                “Get on a sweater. You’re coming to the game,” Lydia tells you, crossing her arms in all seriousness.

                “Uh. Hello to you too.” You furrow your eyebrows together.

                “I didn’t want to come here,” Malia announces.

                “Malia, you’re not helping,” Kira whispers to her politely.

                Malia rolls her eyes and gives you a look, “Are you coming or not?”

                “Not. I am fine here.”

                “Oh get over yourself!” Malia walks towards you and grabs onto your arm. “Kira told me what you said and I’m sorry for calling you a trophy wife.”

                “She’s new to being human. She didn’t get how it could be a negative thing,” Lydia explains, looking bored.                        

                Suddenly, behind you, you hear someone giggle oh so lightly that you don’t even know if you’re really hearing what you think you’re hearing, especially when you turn around and see Derek grinning at you. “You don’t want to go to Stiles’ games because you feel like a trophy wife?”

                You frown, crossing your arms over your chest, not having a comeback to that.

                “Just come with us,” Malia tugs at your sleeve again. “Surprise Stiles. He would really love it. We even made you a sign, but don’t worry you can take all the credit.”

                “But at least say that I helped,” Lydia tells you. “He’s not going to believe that you drew the designs all by yourself.”

                That’s when you realize that Kira is holding a poster behind her back. She smiles a bit embarrassedly as she pulls it out, displaying the bright, “Get a score, 24!” 

                “I would never write that,” you argue.

                “Okay, well then you can say Kira came up with it,” Lydia rolls her eyes. “Hurry up. The game starts soon.”

                “And if you’re not going for Stiles, then at least go for me,” Kira stares up at you with a sad look purposely to make you feel at fault.

                You look to Derek to help you out and maybe defend your actions, but he’s just grinning at his shoes, probably still making fun of you in his head, so he’s not going to give you anything. The only choice you have, is to get your sweater and go with them.


                “I still don’t like this idea,” you mutter, shivering on a bleacher just as the team is warming up. Stiles hasn’t noticed you yet; it’s not like he’s looking through the crowd expecting you to be here anyways. It makes you feel sort of guilty, actually.

                “Then why are you wearing Stiles’ sweater?” Lydia teases, pursing her lips as she wraps her scarf around her neck.

                You clutch your arms tighter around the burgundy sweater, not looking Lydia in the eye. “It’s warm, okay?”

                She looks at you for a moment before coming closer to you. “It’s okay,” she whispers. “Just because you’re here doesn’t mean you’re his trophy or anything. It doesn’t make you any less of an independent individual. For example, you don’t think any less of Stiles because he comes to all of your games.”

                You take a deep breath in as the game starts, and you thank her telepathically through a smile which she returns.

                Stiles is benched for the first little while of the game but eventually Finstock does call him. Stiles is hopping around the field, and you can’t help but feel a bit excited for him and you wave your poster around without thinking and scream his name.

                He’s still hopping around for a few seconds until he pauses and stands still. You’re pretty sure that something is wrong with him at first, until he swiftly turns around to look in the crowd after he recognizes your voice. Once he spots you, he jumps in the air and waves, and suddenly, this feels all worth it. His smile is priceless and you feel significantly good about yourself when he even scores.


                “You came!” He yells, running up to the bleachers once the game is all over. He throws off his helmet, hopping over seats to get to you.

                “You’ll have to thank us for that,” Lydia smiles, moving out of Stiles’ way so that he can pull you into a sweaty embrace, which is surprisingly fulfilling.

                “I love you guys so much,” he pats Lydia on the head but then turns back to you. “Especially you. I love you. You never come to my games. I also love the sign. You didn’t come up with it, did you?”

                “Kira did,” you smile, wrapping your arms around his neck. “I apparently have the best friends in the world.”

                “You do. And I apparently have the best girlfriend in the world,” he grins before kissing both of your cheeks.

                You grab his face, and pull him in to kiss your lips instead, which is rather assuring for the both of you. “I love you and I’m sorry I didn’t come to many games this season.”

                “I don’t care. It’s okay. But um… is this a onetime thing or are you going to start coming regularly-”

                You kiss him again, pressing your hand against his chest to feel his strong heartbeat, which you aren’t sure whether it’s from running around on the field, or seeing you. “I think this is going to become a regular thing.”

I’ve unfortunately haven’t read the books. My dad tried to convince me when I was younger to try, but I never did. I can honestly say that I regret it now. After watching all the movies I feel like I’ll be less interested in the book when I start to read it cause I know what’s going to happen (I know there have been some changes, but I felt the same way about Harry Potter).