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While not the second OC that is to appear in the Rockman.EXE: Cyber City Trilogy, Splash.EXE is undoubtedly the second OC to be a main character and ally (this wording is important, as it doesn’t necessarily make her the second OC to be a main character, and as of this post her place in the series in chapters have not yet been fully planned out) in this Trilogy. Splash Woman is one of the most popular Robot Masters to be turned into a Net Navi, as Robot Masters in Mega Mans 9, 10, and Mega Man and Bass (some were used, but a majority were not), as well as Rockman & Forte: Something Something Mirai, were largely unused. During the creation concept with PenPen, I had the pleasure of not only seeing many SplashWoman.EXE on Google Images, but also in @rockmiyabideusexmachina‘s Summer Contest. Alas, while our entry made 4th Place, it helped solidify Axl.EXE and Splash.EXE’s designs in the end.

Before I explain Splash’s role in the story, let’s take a look at her file:

Rockman.EXE: The Cyber City Trilogy’s concept of Axl.EXE belongs to Digital Network Production. Please do not repost this image or redistribute it. Please do not use without permission. 

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EXO Emergency #RoommatesWithSEVENTEEN??{Requested}

“Can you please do a “SEVENTEEN Living Together with Exo?” Please. :) I love your imagines btw. Fighting ^^ Joshua Hong’s”

Here You go @manse17caratforever :)

Suho: Okay Every–

Chanyeol: Stop right there. Can someone tell me why Seventeen is here?

Seungkwan: Hey guys!

Baekhyun: Who’s Seventeen? Who are all of these kids? Is this some Big Brother mentoring program?

Suho: *sighs* No, it’s not a mentoring program. Seventeen’s dorms flooded last night and they need a place to stay. Our CEOs are close and suggested them using our dorms.

D.O.: But we only have 3 empty beds not 17.

Hoshi: Actually we have 13 members separated into 3 units and together we are one. That’s where you get Seventeen.


D.O.: Did i ask?

Woozi: *whispers* Soulmate.

Chen: Lol remember when we could say “We are One” and no one laughed at us? 

Suho: *whispers* I still say it.

S.Coups: Excuse me, but where is your leader? I really wanted to talk to Kris.




Baekhyun: *snickers*

Suho: *clears throat* I’m the leader. Kris left…..2 years ago. What can I help you with?

S.Coups: Really? Wow you don’t seem like a leader, I never would have guessed.


Chen: This may be the best day of my life.

Sehun: Hey who’s the pretty one? 

Jeonghan: Hello I’m Jeonghan, nice to meet you.

Sehun: You remind me of someone I lost long ago. Let’s be friends.

Xiumin: This is so strange.

Lay: You all have Chinese members right? Um let me meet with them for a sec….I have things I need to tell them. *grabs Jun and The8. Leaves*

Suho: Okay let’s try and regain some order. Now I know our group is a good deal older than you guys but I want to let you know that we’ll respect your group and your opin……what are you doing?

S.Coups: Oh sorry, Chen was giving me Kris’s number.


Vernon: Hey Chanyeol I just wanted to tell you that I REALLY look up to you and would love to talk to you about music.

Chanyeol: Okay I’m laying dibs on this one right here so I’m good now. *grabs Vernon and leaves*

Baekhyun: Gosh dang it! fine give me a singer.

Seungkwan: *starts walking over*

Baekhyun: Who’s less of a diva than me.

Seungkwan: *turns and walks back*

Kai: I wouldn’t mind bunking with a dancer.

Dino: *moonwalks over* That’ll be me bro *both moonwalk and body roll out*

Suho: What about Wonwoo and Mingyu?

Mingyu: Sorry we’re a package deal. We’ll just stay together.

Woozi: Of course you would.

D.O. : I want the cute grumpy mean one. It’s like looking in a mirror *grabs Woozi and leaves*

Suho: This is taking too long. Baekhyun and Josh you’re roommates now.

Baekhyun: I don’t think good and evil can exist in the same place.

Joshua: We might cancel each other out.

Suho: Get over it. Chen you’ve got DK.

Chen: Sweet! Crazy vocals and crazy period. This could work.

DK: The camel looking one was always my fave anyway.

Suho: Xiumin you and Seungkwan okay?

Xiumin: No problem. Hey Seungkwan wanna see my baby videos?

Seungkwan: Not really.

Suho: That leaves Hoshi and S.Coups. Dang i wish we had a few more members.

Baekhyun: …..Nobody say it. But we all know we’re thinking the same thing right now

Suho: Baekhyun leave and take Hoshi with you and Josh.


Suho: Okay that’s all settled and I’ll share with S.Coups.


S.Coups: Let me try texting Kris again.




Suho: I’m sorry, it’s just really hard for me. I have trust issues now.

S.Coups:*whispers to Sehun* Can I please bunk with you and Jeonghan?

Sehun: Yeah you should come with us, this crazy might be contagious.

Suho: I hate you all.

Speechless (Jasmine X Reader)

Summary: You are brought in as a voice coach for Jasmine after vocal surgery and fluffiness ensues.

Warnings: Nothing but fluff


There was so much chaos when you arrived at the theater you panicked for a second thinking there had been some kind of accident.

“Ok, ok, if you haven’t come up for the lotto already, now is the time to do it!” a voice yelled from the steps of the stage door.

Your shoulders relaxed in relief, it was just the Ham4Ham. You smiled to yourself at the frenzy in front of you. Now if only you could find the entrance, you were already late. You grabbed a crew member, running past the front of the barrier.

“Sorry excuse me, I have an appointment with Alex and Jasmine, can you let me know which way to get in?” you yelled over the crowd.

He rolled his eyes, assuming you were part of the Ham4Ham audience.

“Sure you do,” he said, his voice heavy with sarcasm.

“No, really, I do!” you shouted, trying to make your voice heard over the crowd.  You felt a hand grab your shoulder.

“It’s ok, they’re with me,“ and you looked up to see Alex grinning at you. He gestured over to the side of the barrier where you could slip through.

“Thanks!” you shouted over the crowd, as he ushered you in through the stage door where you were finally met with a quiet calm.

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I am in such a bad mood so I’ve got a message for the WWE fandom as a fucking whole.

Sometimes I feel like y’all don’t fucking get wrestling.

Sometimes I feel like some of you are too stupid, or too young, to fully understand certain concepts.

So, I’ve come up with a master list of things you need to understand about certain wrestlers. Feel free to add if you need to.

DANIEL BRYAN - An excellent fucking wrestler. People get behind him because he’s been busting his ass for years and years and speaks his mind. Management isn’t a fan because of this, and he doesn’t “look the part”, so despite the pushes he gets, he also gets pulled back just as much. So, fans get mad. But certain fans are also irrational. BUT IT’S NOT HIS FUCKING FAULT. He’s extremely popular because he has an uplifting chant and he’s charismatic and talented. And yeah, he’s an Indy wrestler, and marks love that. But don’t shit on him because he won the IC title over the other guys in the match. Don’t shit on him because marks boo Roman because he won the title. And don’t freak out that he’s not in the main title picture right  now. SHIT CHANGES. Creative is writing the storylines. Calm the fuck down.

ROMAN REIGNS - Oh Jesus Christ. Okay. Let me explain to you why certain wrestling fans do not like Roman Reigns. They believe he’s not as good of a wrestler because he only has a few moves and he’s not as strong as they make him out to be. Or at least, he wasn’t. They don’t like him because he’s only been wrestling for a few years, he got a huge push after only having a few singles matches and being out on medical leave for so long. They don’t like him because he’s Vince’s golden boy that doesn’t have “IT” like they want him to. So it’s not OTHER wrestler’s fault that he gets shit on. But it’s also not his fucking fault for all of this. He’s gotten SO MUCH BETTER. He probably should have gotten the push next year, but he’s worked his ass off. ANOTHER THING? He’s not getting buried because he didn’t win the title Sunday. That also wasn’t “his time”. Shit would have been so much worse for him if he would have either lost or won clean against Brock. So Seth cashing in and winning was the best idea for him. Creative is fucking this guy over while simultaneously pushing him. Not his fault. Not anyone else’s. Calm the fuck down.

SETH ROLLINS - Alright. I’ve been seeing a lot of shit about “I hate him because he’s become so slimy and is a cheater and” whatever. So…do y’all know how heels work? He’s actually THE most effective heel in the company right now, and one of the best around in a long ass time. Everything he does in promos and in the ring and backstage is to be an effective heel. That is his character. Cashing in like he did is just in his character. That’s what a great heel does. He’s excellent at what he does. But the man behind that character has worked his ASS off for years to get here. Again, creative is writing the storylines and it worked out that he’d get the belt over Roman. Calm the fuck down.

DEAN AMBROSE - So, he’s not getting buried just because he keeps losing pay per view matches and hasn’t had a belt or won a feud. He will have his time. He’s ridiculously talented. But it’s also understandable for his fans to be frustrated. Because while everyone is bitching about Roman, you’ve got a guy that has been used for feuds to basically put guys over. So it’s not a surprise that people are frustrated when he’s hugely over. Now, what I really have an issue with is some of you goddamn fangirls. Stop fucking analyzing his relationship status. He’s dating Renee. They’ll be together. They’re in love. Maybe it’ll last, maybe it wont. It’s none of our fucking business. Leave her alone. Leave him alone. Stop analyzing if they’re together or not or what’s going on. Calm the fuck down.

THE BELLA TWINS - These two are extremely talented wrestlers that read what they are written. They’re given the storylines. They don’t deserve belts or matches or whatever more OR less than any other diva. They’ve been around for awhile and working hard. But that goes for the other divas, too. You can like them, or you can not. Don’t fucking slut shame them because one has fake boobs or they don’t wear a lot. But don’t go down other fans’ throats if they don’t like them and act like they’re saints. (And just an FYI, just because they’re both in committed relationships/married doesn’t mean they hadn’t “done things” to get to where they are….but no one knows that for a fucking fact either way, so also don’t spread that shit.) It IS frustrating that it’s all Bellas, all the time when it comes to the Diva’s division, but they’ve also worked hard to get better and get to where they are. Calm the fuck down.

AJ LEE - Another one that has worked ridiculous hard to get to where she is and is extremely passionate about the sport of wrestling and the company she works for. But she’s also frustrated, since she knows what truly goes on behind the scenes and we don’t. How about you calm down about the shit she says because, again, it’s scripted. The sort of feud that she’s given by creative is to tear down the other women. Is that fair? No. But it’s not her fault. She does what she has to do to keep her job. And changes in her character? Are just that. Changes. Characters change all the time. It’s not AJ’s fault. Calm the fuck down. 

I could go on forever, but these are the main ones that I see shit on from my dash. I just felt like I had to speak up. Feel free to add if you must.

Stop fucking disrespecting other wrestlers for your favorites. Stay out of their personal lives. Understand that creative has a hand in pretty much everything goes down and it’s not the fault of any of the wrestlers. Until proven otherwise, of course, if we find out that something went off script or someone did something behind the scenes to get them buried. The WWE Management isn’t fair. But it’s a scripted fucking show and the talent behind the characters you guys have come to love and hate do not deserve to be treated the way they have been, and neither have the fans. The TRUE fans. So calm the fuck down. You wouldn’t attack the actors behind villains and heroes on television shows, would you? If you would, then you’re fucking insane. 

Get off the internet if you can’t act like a human fucking being. 

If you can’t handle the fact that I can go from a sensitive little princess to a hard-hearted anti social diva in less than 5 seconds then bye

Main roster WWE Divas current roles,

  • Nikki Bella - current champion
  • Naomi - title picture; feud with Paige
  • Paige - title picture; feud with Naomi
  • Brie Bella - Nikki’s partner; active wrestler
  • Tamina - Naomi’s partner; active wrestler
  • Eva Marie - training; soon to debut in NXT
  • Emma - part-time NXT Diva (NXT bound?)
  • Rosa Mendes - valet
  • Alicia Fox - active wrestler when needed
  • Nattie - manager/valet; active wrestler when needed
  • Layla - currently inactive
  • Cameron - nothing
  • Summer - nothing

What was the point of splitting up Cameron and Summer, a duo that work well off of each other, can play both natural heels and show a lot of personality, has natural chemistry when teaming together, both have a mic presence and can handle talking segments, even had color-coordinated ring gear and tag-moves showing that they invested/planned in being together long-term and that it wasn’t random.. why split them if there were no plans on using both Divas better as singles competitors? Cameron refereed a match, (finally) won a match, lost a match, vanished. Summer lost a match twice in one week, then lost another match the following week, vanished.

Summer’s in-ring work has suffered due to not being used more and it shows. WWE seems to only view Summer useful when she’s attached to someone (Fandango, Layla, Miz, Sandow, Cameron, Tyler Breeze) like they are with Layla. Cameron’s feature on SmackDown was the most spotlight she’s had since turning heel almost a year ago. And like Summer, if she isn’t used more, how do you expect her to get better and continue her improvement? The short-lived triangle feud between Fox, Cam, and Nattie actually gave all 3 women something to do each week, could have served as a side-feud outside the title picture and grown into something more.. instead they’re left in the locker room doing nothing. Alas, a non-surprising habit of dropping things that are actually good for talents. And the laziness of ‘if you’re outside the title picture you barely exist’ doesn’t help this issue with management.

My point: I see no reason in canceling what had potential for both women and the division if they (Cameron and Summer) weren’t going to move on to something bigger and better as individuals.

Around this time last year, there were FOUR Divas feuds going on (Summer/Layla; Fox/Paige) and storylines being created (Steph/Brie; Naomi/Cam), every week there was progress, 2 Divas matches on RAW each week, and we were witnessing a rare ‘Summer of Divas’. We have less Divas now (Kailtyn, Aksana, and AJ are now alumni) so you’d think it’d be easier for Creative to manage a smaller group, you’d think this would be a no-brainer. Last year, three hours of RAW was utilized, SmackDown helped, this formula we saw WORKED with success! So there’s no excuses.

And to follow up a much-discussed bit from her 2013 Bowl concert – in which she duetted with an audience member who turned out to be a very capable singing instructor – she brought her “Glee” costar Lea Michele onstage to do “For Good.”
Was the touchy-feely “Wicked” selection a total showstopper? Nah. And how refreshing that was: less dueling divas than simply a couple of pals – “my dear little nugget,” Chenoweth called Michele – as the two singers put across an appealing informality that showed Broadway needn’t always be about indomitable personality.
—  Review - Hollywood Bowl opens on a breeze with Kristin Chenoweth, Go-Go’s [Los Angeles Times]