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Art Un-Tips

Here are some ways to see improvements in your drawing quality and productivity through inaction, not action. They’ve worked for me and may help you too.

  • use less colours. It forces you to carefully consider your colour choices, not draw things just because you see them as a certain colour
  • use less layers. Don’t waste time flipping between layers, just separate the essentials (line, colour, shadow…)
  • don’t be pedantic about lineart. Most people don’t notice small blips in lineart, and unless you’re doing vector or professional art, the time trade-off isn’t worth it
  • lower your stabilizer. Low levels are enough to assist with curves. Higher levels make sharp turns hard. Adjust to your comfort, but see how low you can go
  • quit sooner. Spending excessive time on one drawing can be a bad habit. If you’re learning, you want to draw many different things, so quitting and moving on helps

Here’s another improvement post. All of these are approximately three-four months apart, so there’s something to say about practice(I think I Said the exact same thing before).

Edit: Bonus, I added my older Percy and short haired Nina edits for fun.

heello! i recently ordered from acorn press and still have a couple chillypig charms still in my possession so i thought it’d be a good opportunity to do a comparison/review! all the charms are 2″ clear acrylics

this’ll mostly be for people scoping out new companies, or for people who’re interested in making charms for the first time!

NOTE: in all the pictures, charms with a phone strap are chillypig and without are acorn press

i’ll be fairly nit-picky about everything and be as in depth as i can to provide max info, but please keep in mind this is all from personal experience! it’s not the end all be all

this is gonna get pretty long so under the cut we goo

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Models Own are renown for their super cute nail polish stands, inhabited by an array colours that would put the biggest double rainbow to shame!
But the company is rapidly becoming known for much more than nail polish… Models Own have recently expanded and opened their first flagship store in Westfield Shopping Centre (Stratford, London) and filled it with a whole host of makeup products in a variety of stunning collections!! 
This week I received some of their latest products and they are simply amazing! 

Pictured above are 4 of their Luxestick lipsticks which come in 3 different finishes: 
Creamy Matte - available in 5 shades 
Velvet - available in 10 shades 
Matte - available in 10 shades

I have two lipsticks in a Matte finish (pictured left) and two in the Velvet finish (pictured right). 
Here are the swatches in both natural daylight and under mobile flash. You can see that the product stay true to the shade of the lipstick bullet even under the flash. Their staying power is fantastic and I had to use an oil-based remover to get them off my arm. 

Each Luxestick Lipstick retails at £7.99, but Models Own have an offer online and in-store during February where you can get a free Luxestick lipstick when you spend £10 or more. You just need to add the code LUXE10 at the checkout.

Next up are Models Owns ‘Colour Chrome Eyeshadow Kits’. When I popped in store a couple of weeks back the girls swatched these for me and I was absolutely blown away by the pigment pay-off! Much like the lipstick, I had to remove the swatches with an oil-based remover as they would not budge!

The kit comes with a little mixing tray, a primer liquid and the metallic eyeshadow. Again, 10 shades are available in this collection and I have 3 of them to show you. 
The consistency is very creamy and it glides on with ease using your finger or a brush. It’s a thick medium and a little goes a long, so you can use the primer to dilute the cream but I feel the thickness adds to the intense metallic pay-off.

I have swatched the eyeshadow straight from the pot on the left, and on the right I have mixed the eyeshadow with a tiny amount of the primer. If you use too much you get more of a wishy-washy pay-off so bare that in mind.
Personally, I don’t really see the point of the primer. There wasn’t any obviously contrast with and without the primer (unless you use too much) and it lasted just the same without.
I think it’s phenomenal all on it’s own! I will definitely be stocking more of these in my kit. 

Each Colour Chrome Kit retails at £14.99

The last three swatches I have to show you are from the MyShadow Cream Eyeshadow Collection. Once more there are 10 beautiful shades available in this range. 
Just to clarify incase you thought I had swatched the same shade twice, I happened to chose 2 almost identical eyeshadows from this assembly. I’m quite surprised by how similar they are, in my opinion I think one should have been a bit deeper or brighter in tone to differentiate the two. 

The MyShadow Cream Eyeshadows are less shiny than the Colour Chrome pots, but still have a gorgeous shimmery glow. The consistency is creamy with a smooth finish compare to the thick finish of the Chrome pots, and would go on the eyes best with your finger rather than using a brush. 

Each pot retails at £6.99

Overall, I am a massive fan of these products and I am excited by what Models Own have produced for us thus far! They have hit the floor running and I look forward to seeing AND trying more from them throughout 2017! 

Let me know if you have tried any of the Models Own makeup and what you think?


The Host’s Eyes

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Lets talk about the Host’s eyes for a minute. I’ve seen a couple of theories going around that Dr Iplier was convinced somehow to remove his eyes, and botched the job. I really don’t think this is likely because, between you and me, that’s a difficult to surgery to ‘botch’. You’re only removing content of the eye socket, the only way you can botch it is to either not remove something, or end up with a dead patient. 

Broadly speaking there are three basic ways a trained surgeon can go about removing an eye. 

  • Enucleation: removing only the eyeball (sometimes some tear glands)
  • Externation: removing everything in the eye socket
  • Evisceration: removing the contents of the eyeball, but leaving the globe in place.

There are three different appearances you can be left with after these procedures. 

  • Enucleation and externation: Leaves a pink socket that a fake eye can be placed in. In veterinary medicine the eyelid margins are usually removed too and the socket sutured closed, leaving just a wall of skin. 
  • Evisceration: requires something to be placed into the hollowed out shell of the eyeball.  

There’s not a huge amount that even an incompetent surgeon can stuff up, certainly not enough to leave continually bleeding eye sockets that require a constant bandage. Practically, you either don’t end up removing enough tissue, or you remove too much, and end up inadvertently performing one of the other procedures. So instead of blaming Dr Iplier and questioning both his motives and skills, I offer a few other potential theories. 

  • The Host mutilated his own eyes for his own reasons (attempted auto-enucleation) and Dr Iplier has tried to salvage what is left. You can only do so much with what you’ve got.
  • The Host’s eyelids have been removed, not his eyes, and the bandage is to prevent them drying out. Dry eyes can lead to ulcers, rupture and a lot of pain.
  • The Host’s eyes are perfectly fine, but he’s been convinced (Darkiplier?) that they are not and wears the bandage to prevent questions. Even without the bandage he cannot see. 
  • Alternatively, the eyes might be filled with darkness so that he is practically blind. The eyeballs might be filled with literal ink.
  • The Host is blind for some other reasons, but the 'blood’ on the bandage is actually red/pink die because he is less sensitive to colours and didn’t notice when something red/pink ended up in the wash.