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Hey guys! I just wanted to do a follow forever to celebrate my first 1K in less than a year since I started this blog(yaaay), and I really couldn’t have done it without you guys. When I first started making edits of Dakota I said to myself I have to create a side blog just for her, but I’m gonna be honset I was scared of failing at the beginning and I didn’t know what will that turn out, and I seriously thought of deleting this blog so many times and just be a regular fan. But you guys made me feel so welcomed and you were really generous and kind to me, so I want to thank all and every single one of you for sharing my Dakota passion with me, this blog exists just because of you. Thank you so much !

I’m gonna tag these amazing Tumblr blogs including my mutuals and just amazing blogs that I enjoy following. If I didn’t mention one of you, it’s nothing personal, I must’ve simply forgotten and i’m so sorry in advance, so please message me and i’ll tag you.

Firstly the #1 Dakota fan, the amazing @dakotaswifey (Don’t you just love her!)

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We need more examples of genuinely happy, healthy relationships on TV and in books and in films. No more of this bullshit about how real, epic love is painful and impossible or deadly. Love should not break you! Love should make you stronger.

miraculous au? young figure skating prodigy viktor nikiforov has always been homeschooled by his coach, until he manages to convince him to let him go to a normal college… and somehow ends up a superhero

relatable Dennis Reynolds moments
  • unironically listening to Rick Astley because he genuinely enjoys it.
  • “talking to myself, but that’s just cause I got shit to say, you know?”
  • “I can’t believe they didn’t include me in their suicide pact.”
  • his overuse of the word “goddamn.”
  • defending evolution and science from Mac without fully understanding the concept himself.
  • staring into a camera for 2 hours.
  • “you remember feelings?”
  • studying psychology at college but then just opening a bar.
  • carrying around part of an onion so he can make himself cry if need be.

My parents taught me never to judge others based on whom they love, what color their skin is, or their religion. Why make life miserable for someone when you could be using your energy for good?