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  • me: why the fuck am i so goddamn tired all the fucking time??¿?¿????
  • also me: *stays up till 4am reading fanfiction every single fucking day*

studyblr awards

hey hey hey! jo (@obsidianstudy) here!!
so i’ve got a little studyblr awards thingy for you guys in celebration of me hitting a lot of milestones recently, hehe!! (ノ´ з `)ノ<3


  • sweetheart (nicest blogger)
  • happiness (most aesthetic blog)
  • amazing (best original content)
  • otherworldly (coolest theme)
  • intricate (awesomest url)
  • neat-o (best notes)
  • stunning (best planner/journal/etc)
  • reference (best masterposts)
  • bby (baby studyblrs)


  • must be following me !!
  • must reblog this post! (likes are nice, but not necessary)
    • if your studyblr is a side blog, mention your main in the tags!
    • if you have less than 1k followers, you can join the baby studyblrs category, just mention it in the tags!

awards + prizes 

  • a masterpost of your choice
  • a graphic made of your choice (according to your specifications)
  • an aesthetic / moodboard / blog rate thing???
  • my absolute adoration and eternal friendship!!
  • a spot on my awards page / promo page
  • a calligraphy/typography thing dedicated to you (can say anything you want, color, etc.)
  • anything else i can offer, basically tbh

this ends march 31, 2017!
thanks for joining, guys, and i hope you all have fun!  (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

hi so this is somewhat exciting but we’ve decided to team up and host a joint 24 hour tumblr awards!!!


  • must be following me and victoria
  • reblog this post (likes won’t count)
  • put your creations/writing tag in the tags when you reblog
  • optional: maybe enter in vic’s april botm?
  • this will close/end at 6pm gmt on march 5th


  • best url 
  • best icon 
  • best theme
  • best mobile theme
  • best creations
  • best writing
  • best newcomer*
  • best underrated*
  • our personal favourites

* for best newcomer, you must have less than 300 followers and submit a screenshot here
* for best underrated, you must have less than 1k followers and submit a screenshot here 


  • a follow from both of us (if not already)
  • a spot on our halls of fame
  • for winners: 4 promos from each of us on request
    for runners-up: 2 promos from each of us on request
Welcome to the Kylux Cantina!

What? Who?

We’re a blog devoted to weekly drabble challenges for the Kylo Ren/Armitage Hux pairing! @badspacebabies is your mod.

What’s a drabble?

Used to be, a drabble was defined by a short piece of writing, 100 words exactly. For our purposes, we’re using drabble to mean any short ficlet responses to a prompt. Ideally, because of the platform, they should be tumblr-sized, meaning less than 1K, but if you want to take a prompt and really run with it, literally no one will stop you.

How’s this work?

Every Sunday, the blog will post a series of prompt challenges throughout the day, related to that week’s theme. If one strikes your fancy, you are encouraged to reblog the prompt post with your drabble added below! No time limits, no rules against going back and plumbing the depths of old prompts, and all ratings are allowed (just make sure to tag for all nsfw or potentially triggering content, use your good adult judgment). You can also submit your response to the cantina for posterity.

I’m an artist, can I do this too?

Yes! If a prompt is inspiring to you, the cantina welcomes artistic responses to prompts in the form of sketches, speedpaints, fully finished works, whatever!

Can I submit a prompt?

Absolutely. Please check the current week’s theme if you would like your prompt to be used, er, promptly. Otherwise, we will save your prompt for another week that best fits the theme, or for one of our open theme weeks! Please note that drabble prompts should be open-ended, not too detailed, and ideally be only a few words, a snippet of imagined dialogue, a picture, a line of poetry, a song lyric, etc. For example, if the week’s theme is Rainbow, you could submit a color, the word “spectrum,” an image, or the phrase “where troubles melt like lemon drops” (from the classic Garland song).

When will I know what the theme is?

On Mondays, we’ll post a call for prompts with the new theme.


Have any other questions? Concerns? Hit us up.

anonymous asked:

when I follow you but you don't follow me. so much for that mutual love. ☕ (jk. kinda)

Reblog this if you wanna become mutuals. I need to follow more blogs 💖💙💜

hiii lovelies! a couple of days ago, i reached 1k. i started this blog one month ago today and i never dreamed of ever reaching 1k, much less of reaching it within only a month, and i still kinda can’t believe it to be quite honest. and then yesterday, i reached 1.1k, and now i’m at 1.131k, and i’m pretty much shaking. i’m so incredibly grateful that all you wonderful, kind, lovely people have, for whatever reason, decided you wanted to follow my trash blog, and so i wanted to do my first ever tumblr awards, which i’m hoping as many of you as possible will participate in♥

rules, prizes and categories under the cut!

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Yuri Plisetsky Week: Day 7 (Free Day) || Yurabek Soulmate AU

a/n: a little less that 1k, yuri/otabek soulmate AU where you experience flashes of your soulmate’s life a couple times a year. this ficlet is yuri-centric. written for day 7 of @yuriplisetskyweek​. it’s still March 22nd somewhere, right?

Soulmates are a distraction. As Russia’s most promising young figure skater, Yuri Plisetsky has no time for distractions.

Luckily, distractions are hard to come by. A strict training regimen since the age of six has kept him occupied, has kept him from letting his mind wander to more trivial things. Even then, it’s still impossible to ignore the Visitings. Everyone gets them, figure skater or not, and he can’t avoid the sudden and vivid out-of-body experiences, the flashes of another life. It doesn’t happen often—once, maybe twice a year—but it’s always unpredictable.

A Visiting is the last thing he expects that summer when he’s prepping for the Grand Prix, his senior debut. He’s just coming out of a triple axel, the one he keeps fucking up on the landing, and then suddenly he isn’t at the Saint Petersburg Ice Arena anymore. Suddenly, it’s raining hard and he’s drenched, his jacket clinging to his skin and water squelching in his tennis shoes. The taste of ozone is thick in the humid air. It’s hot—hotter than it ever gets in Saint Petersburg or Moscow, and Yuri feels like he’s drowning.

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alright so.......

basically: i’m just not as into dc as i used to be (my rapid disillusionment w their animated stuff, the rebirth comics, and the cw shows notwithstanding)- it’s more of a casual interest for me now. 

what this means for the blog: i’ll probably not do many requests- most of the dc fic i write will b stuff i want to write (dw i’ll finish up within 500 sq ft… i have a few other ideas i wanna write as well)- this also goes for my marvel writing blog as well………….. 

edit!!: when i open commissions in june, i’ll take dc comics as a subject so there’s no worry that i won’t do requests just. not free ones. my Free Trial is over

Competition time!!

As a celebration / thank you for 1k, I’m having a competition! read on for rules, categories and awards!!


  • Best aesthetic
  • Best notes
  • Best master-posts
  • Best theme
  • Best baby studyblr


  • A drawing by me (if you want it)
  • A mood board of your aesthetic
  • A shout out (obvs) 
  • A follow back / we can be besties if u want ((:
  • I’ll reblog from u a lot / reblog all ur original posts


  • Must be a studyblr, sorry but this just makes it easier for me (:
  • Reblog this post, as many times as you like (likes are nice, but they wont effect your ability to win)
  • Follow me
  • If you have less that 1k followers, say so in the tags / reblogs / replies to be eligible for the baby studyblr category (:  

Thanks for reading! and good luck, winners will be announced on the 20th of March!! 

Love, Lilium