Activity check!

For the first time ever, we shall be having an activity check! Yeah, I said it; an activity check. I typically do this things secretly by checking who we’re following… But some of you might just be hiding away. 

So, please reblog this post by Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 at 11:00PM EDT (GMT -4) or you will be removed from our roleplay! Thank you~ ♥

P.S. Only reblogs count as your activity, thank you.

anonymous asked:

There are some serious issues going on within the directory right now. If you have a problem with someone then grow up and at least try to work it out. Do you really not care about the family that you'd go and try to make your supposed family 'members' feel like crap. Grow up guys.. I don't want this family to fall apart. I've finally found a group of amazing people and your seriously going to let something small ruin it for others? Please just stop.. :(

I didn’t want to make an image for this so I could comment. This is true, please keep a limit to your drama. We all love a little bit of it, but do not take it OOC, nor should it go on forever. Drama is what ruined the directory previously, and I honestly will not handle it this time. I re-vamped the directory to try and rebuild without any drama, and create this directory for fun. So don’t ruin people’s fun with something small please. If there is a serious problem, just come to me and I will help you out. I love you all, and I don’t know what drama is going on since I haven’t seen it; but please do not cross the line of IC/OOC and do not prolong it too far.

Thank you.


Hello ladies~

Tiffany here! I just wanted to say hi to all my girls and give you a few reminders. 

  • Make sure to welcome every new member, we all want friends right?
  • You can make requests, I’m waiting for them requests girls
  • Send in them confessions, our secrets are still open and I’m dusting off those cobwebs
  • Track all the tags, one it’s in the rules and we need to make sure every member can get our messages
  • On that note, not every message shows up so please check the base every once in a while for update confirmation
  • You can always come to the base’s inbox just to chat if you’re lonely, I’ll show up here at least once a day so I’ll be here to talk~

Thank you girls, enjoy your day/night

Admin Jiji will be on semi-hiatus for half a month.

To sum it up; school starts next Wednesday. I need to get in the zone, and I’m sure you can all understand; right? I’ll obviously come on from time to time but I can’t be here a lot.

The time I should be back and fully active is approx. June 18th! It all depends on how well I’m doing in school.

For now; I’ll see you all on Friday since I’m going somewhere! Love you all, and stay awesome. ♥