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Les Mis Film Meme: Four Locations

[¾] Café Musain
The Friends of the ABC were not numerous. It was a secret society at the embryo stage; we would say virtually a clique, if cliques produced heroes. They met in Paris in two places, near Les Halles in a tavern named Corinthe that comes up again later, and near the Panthéon in a little café in the place Saint-Michel named the Café Musain, today demolished; the first of these meeting places was close to the workers, the second, to the students.


Les Mis Film Meme: Four Locations

[2/4] Cloister at Petite Rue Picpus, No. 62
What you saw was the interior of a cloister. It was the interior of that mournful and severe house known as the convent of the Bernadines of Perpetual Adoration. The box you were in was the visitors’ parlor. The voice, the one that first spoke to you, was the voice of the sister in charge of external relations who was always seated, motionless and silent, on the other side of the wall, next to the square opening, defended by a grate of iron and by the tin plate with a thousand holes as though by a double visor.