“It’s the same reason I don’t get Hooters. Why do we need to enjoy chicken wings and boobies at the same time? Yes, they are a natural and beautiful part of the human experience. And so are boobies. But why at the same time?” - Tina Fey, Bossypants


Happy 45th Birthday Paul Rudd!!! (April 6, 1969)

“I started to go through puberty and my hair went crazy curly, and I had zits and glasses. Uh, but not cool glasses. They were almost kind of like sunglasses but like a bad frame of sunglasses with clear lenses. I have pictures that I could send you that you would be horrified and you would laugh your head off. Fourteen was tough for me.” - Paul Rudd

You have to dress so much better with Mindy!” reveals Wigfield. “Tina is obviously so glamorous and beautiful, but when she was just coming in to work on a normal day, she would dress like myself or [how] any other writers I know dress - like a gym teacher … But, Mindy is super into fashion. She’s super glam. And, I feel like she sort of expects her writers to step it up a little bit with how we dress.
—  Tracey Wigfield on working with Mindy Kaling vs. Tina Fey (x)