Ghostbusters success will be decided in the next few days. It’s box office run has been moderately successful in its own right, but the large budget ($144m) may jeopardise the possibility of sequels and the limited foreign gross (it is not being released in China due to thematic content) mean Sony may not decide to pursue a franchise. That, quite frankly, would be a travesty.

The story is not over yet and there is some much you can do to improve the chances of future instalments. Go and watch the film again and take as many friends as you can, buy/stream the soundtrack and purchase merchandise (a lot of revenue comes through this and will show the cross-over appeal of the film), share positive reviews that will hopefully encourage other people to watch it, be positive with your words to others, pre-order the film for its home media release. Do everything you can to show Sony that audiences want the Ghostbusters franchise (and prove the naysayers wrong in the meantime).

How the film holds up with confirm how successful this film (and potential franchise will be). It’s a progressive blockbuster that will help pave the way for female-led blockbusters. Do all you can to make Ghostbusters a success.

Let’s talk about Ghostbusters (2016)

So I finally saw Ghostbusters (2016) last night and boy am I glad I did. 

  • Patty is literally my queen. I love that despite not being a scientist she’s shown to be just as smart as the other three girls. 
  • The casting was fantastic. 
  • I love the fact that Ghostbusters (2016) isn’t continuing on from the original films (as in the guys from the original films hand over their guns and knowledge to the girls). I didn’t pay much attention to the trailer so I really had no clue what was going to happen in this film, but boy am I glad they made this film their own rather than expanding on the original narrative in the films (like say, how Jurassic World or Scream or other franchises do). 
  • Fucking kick-ass female cast who kick arse. My favourite scene is (obviously) when they really knuckle down and fight together against the ghosts. The synchronisation of that scene is fantastic and really shows the girls as a team.  
  • Benny and Kevin are my faves also. Benny’s lines to Erin at the start of the film.
  • The power of Patty compels you!’ 
  • ‘Who’s the flying beefcake?”
  • ‘What year is it?’ ‘It’s 2040 and our president is a plant’ 
  • ‘I know God makes no mistakes, but I believe he may have been drunk when he built Gertrude’s personality.’
  • Patty’s knowledge on New York. 
  • ‘It was one of the most elegant homes in existence featuring every luxury including a face bidet and an anti-Irish security fence.’
  • I may or may not have screamed when Sigourney Weaver turned up in her cameo role… (goddamn I love that woman so much). 
  • It was funny. I might have got a bit too excited with the humour and spent the entire film snorting and giggling. 
  • THE CAMEOS…. OMG THE CAMEOS… Bill Murray as ghost debunker Martin Heiss, Dan Aykroyd as a NY Cabbie, Sigourney Weaver as Holtzmann’s mentor Rebecca Gorin, Ernie Hudson as Patty’s uncle, Uncle Bill Jenkins, and Annie Potts as the hotel desk clerk- spotting each of them made my night and I was super happy. 
  • The cameos of the ghosts!!! 
  • The links to the original movies- like the titles appearing after zooming into the victims face… 
  • The bust of Egon Spengler outside Erin’s office. 
  • Abby referencing the line from Ray Parker Jr’s song when creating the flyers. 
  • Kevin’s message on the answering machine- ‘Ghostbusters: Whaddya Want- referencing Annie Pott’s character in the original film. 
  • The ghostbusters officially getting the old headquaters as their new headquaters… YESSSSS 
  • Kevin on his motorcycle. 
  • At the end of the film, one of them (I bet it was Patty or Holtzmann) sewed on little Ghostbusters patches.
  • Pentatonix have a track on the soundtrack <3  
  • The graffiti artist ‘I love you Patty’ 

I just really, really liked this film and I hope to god they do a sequel! <3 

'Ghostbusters' Director Paul Feig Slams Removal of Pro-Hillary Tweet (Exclusive)
"We are pro-woman and all about smashing the glass ceiling and we support the message of this deleted tweet," "Ghostbusters" director Paul Feig says

“Ghostbusters” director Paul Feig expressed surprise that Sony officials deleted a tweet from the movie’s official Twitter account that linked Kate McKinnon‘s character with Hillary Clinton’s historic nomination as the first female presidential candidate of a major party.

“This is the first I’m hearing about this but I guarantee that none of us — producers or filmmakers — would have taken this tweet down,” Feig told TheWrap Friday after learning about the studio’s decision to remove the tweet on Wednesday, one day after it was posted to outcry from some conservatives.

“We are pro-woman and all about smashing the glass ceiling and we support the message of this deleted tweet,” the director said. “And I personally am very much pro-Hillary.”

Also Read: ‘Ghostbusters’ Hillary Clinton Tweet Deleted, Sony Denies Political Endorsement

Though the tweet in question didn’t mention Hillary Clinton by name, it included Kate McKinnon‘s character in the hit comedy reboot and the message: “Boo-yah, we smashed your glass ceiling. There was a ghost behind it. #ImWithHer #BustTheCeiling #Ghostbusters.”

“It was a shout-out to our own glass ceiling-busters,” referring to stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. She declined to explain why the studio decided to delete such a shout-out.

Sony has not yet responded to a request for comment about Feig’s statement.”

Read the full piece here

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FX released six teasers for their upcoming sixth season of American Horror Story. However, fans of AHS had to actually find them on their own as they had been hidden in various places around the web and in different social media platforms.

The sixth season is said to be mixing two ideas, and will see the return of Lady Gaga. The new season will only have 10 episodes, and will debut on the FX network September 14th.

Ryan Murphy revealed that this will be the first time two ideas will merge through an entire season:

“The interesting thing about the next season is that we’ve been working on two ideas at once, which we’ve never done.Our team has always been influenced by the opera, especially after Hotel dealt with moppet vampires. That horror often deals with the innocence of children, and their wide-eyed way into it. Both Season 6 ideas we’re working with have elements of children.”

Confirmed cast members include Kathy Bates, Evan Peters, Denis O’Hare, Matt Bomer, Finn Wittrock, Angela Bassett, Leslie Jordan, Cheyenne Jackson, Wes Bentley and Sarah Paulson. No word yet if Lily Rabe, Frances Conroy, Emma Roberts or Connie Britton will also included

Official hi-res versions of the AHS Season 6 (American Horror Story ?6) have been released and you can check them here.

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