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  • why i like them: Gabriel has gone through a lot of shit in his life. He has possibly the worst family in the entire world. He ran away, yes, but it’s understandable. It might have taken him a while to do the right thing, but he did stand up to his family. He stood up for humanity. He faced his older brother directly with the intent to kill him, because he knew it would save the world. And that didn’t work out, but that means he died trying to save the world (sort of like how Sam did later).
  • why i don’t: Well, he did kill a lot of people just for the shits and giggles. And he killed Dean over and over again. 
  • favorite episode: Changing Channels
  • favorite season: 5
  • favorite line: Lucifer… you are my brother, and I love you. But you are a great big bag of dicks.
  • otp: Sabriel
  • brotp: I really don’t have one for Gabriel. Like, I don’t have one for the actual show. I read a lot of fic with him in it though, obviously, and I have brotps for that, but for the actual show… nope. 
  • head canon: GABRIEL IS STILL ALIVE…. and he is incredibly intimidated by the Winchesters. He wishes that he could have stood up to his family earlier. He wishes that he could have been as brave as the Winchesters always have been. So, he doesn’t confront them, even if he is still alive. Because it isn’t just fun and games anymore. He can’t pull pranks on them and laugh about it. Because he knows that they are much better people than he ever was. He is an archangel, but he knows that he pales in comparison. 
  • unpopular opinion: Everyone loves Gabriel, as far as I know. So…. NONE. 

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oh ym god you're so pretty!! i'm so jealous of your hair i want mine that short but it's now v long and people are emotionally invested in it

omg thank u so much sweetheart!! i was about 2 message u and say how much i love ur christmas url <3

ugh but really i want long hair??? mine’s always been short but now i want it long and it wont grow fast enough ssiiiigghh