New video/tutorial on how I maintain my #napeundercut. Check it out on http://youtube.com/LeslieMoniqueTV #lesliemoniquetv #shornnape #undercut #jlesliemonique

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To be someone’s inspiration. To have someone actually value my opinion, for them to have trust in me! Wow! I am somebody to my followers. What a great feeling. 


How I Fell In Love With…

Another video blog.  Just talking on my love for film, photography, and music. STORY TIME!


I Made It To 2013!

New Year, new video, right?


Accent Tag:

A fellow YouTube friend tagged me to do this video, so here I am doing it. The accent tag. Video’s self explanatory. 

Blogs Into Vlogs. Yeah...

That’s what I’m gonna call it… Def feeling this… Making blogs come alive… I gonna start cutting back my loc videos… Or maybe I can keep doing loc videos, just post them to my other channel KnottyDreadTV: Strictly for the loc’d heads. I’m gonna actually start making videos that’s non dread related… I feel like my loc'd subscribers should know what I’m ALL about. A funny dreadhead… I  don’t wanna be known as the LOC GURU… I wanna be the that MUSIC-RANT-FILM-PHOTOGRAPHY-LOC GURU… I wanna be all of that instead of one thing.

What Someone Wrote On My YouTube Channel :)

“By watching your vids, we have been a witness to your first musical beat, in a basement. We have witness you, win contest. We have watch you handle gorgeous lips remarks with class and grace. We have watched you go away to college. We have watched your locs grow. But best of all we have, watched the heartfelt young girl, grow into a caring young woman. Your ability and courage to communicate is not easy, but when it comes from the heart, it is beautiful.”