Jovan Reveals Visuals for “Emotive” from Realize EP Jovan channels her inner rebel in the visuals for “Emotive” from her April 2012 EP Realize. Shot by Octavio Veliz and edited by Jovan herself, “Emotive” acts as an open letter, allowing Jovan to share with her fans the impact her parents had on her life. Near the end of “Emotive,” Jovan interludes “Message to America,” her latest single from her upcoming mixtape Only the Beginning, coming October 1st, 2013.  Listen to Emotive on SoundcloudMore About Jovan: A complex soul with the mystique of regality, Jovan Landry is the ultimate triple threat. Born in San Jose, California, but laying her head in Chicago, Illinois, this young upstart considers herself “1/3 filmmaker, 1/3 photographer, and 1/3 emcee.” Currently studying film at Columbia College Chicago, Landry has proven herself to become a campus force, snagging opportunities in and outside of the classroom. The proud creator several successful YouTube channels such as LeslieMoniqueTV and KnottyDreadTV, Landry is always looking for new ways to express herself, whether in front or behind the camera or on the mic. Possessing the desire to eventually combine her three passions into one huge entity, as of right now, Jovan hopes to be a voice for others and to be remembered as a colorful, creative and imaginative individual.   Twitter | Facebook | Website | YouTube

New video/tutorial on how I maintain my #napeundercut. Check it out on http://youtube.com/LeslieMoniqueTV #lesliemoniquetv #shornnape #undercut #jlesliemonique

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LeslieMoniqueTV’s 5th Year Dreadlock Anniversary

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Cheers to my 5th year loc anniversary! What a great milestone. Though nothing has really changed about my hair, I still feel like I grow along with my locs this year. It’s definitely symbolic to my image and deciding to be a loc wearer has been of my best decisions ever. Thanks for the continuous support and I’m always here to support others.


Check out a comedy starring me! I promise you, you will LAUGH!!! lol

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To be someone’s inspiration. To have someone actually value my opinion, for them to have trust in me! Wow! I am somebody to my followers. What a great feeling. 


To the Contributors of Media….

What inspired me to create this video is hearing artists say “Fake it till you make it,” and others saying “Do what makes money.”

I hate to be the ‘Debbie Downer but in my own opinion, I want to use my talents (film, photography, music) to shift the narrative; to change a perspective one person at a time. I want to be a well-rounded artist, but also want to be proud of the work I produce. Is that wrong of me?

If you’re a contributor to the media (filmmaker, videographer, photographer, musician, songwriter, A&R, visual artist, poet, blogger, writer, etc), you have a power, use that power to change a mind, to inspire greatness… Yes, our art is an expression of ourselves, but could we switch it up a little? Media is a source we rely on… Don’t let us down.

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How I Fell In Love With…

Another video blog.  Just talking on my love for film, photography, and music. STORY TIME!


I Made It To 2013!

New Year, new video, right?