cornm  asked:

Omfg imagine all 12 bros would be in a reality show. Shuu would be the chilled out asshole and the audience laughs when he says,"i'm bored." Reiji would with OCD and smiles with anger whenever the bros fuck up. Laito and Kou would HAVE SO MANY GF. Kanato would be the little fattie that runs to the table when dinner starts. Ayato,Subaru,Yuma,and Shin would be the ones that fuck up the most. Azusa and Yui would be like,"wtf is going on?"

I see your reality show au but consider this: bad sitcom au

kanato looks at a cake and whispers under his breath, “im going to need a bigger mouth”

subaru comically breaks shit all the time and there’s always a laugh track in the background

reiji opens cupboards to find shu sleeping in weird places

kou’s clothes keep getting more and more outrageous until there’s studio audience laughter every time he enters a room

yuma making so many farming metaphors that nobody understands him

cornm  asked:

(I'm just going to send this. ovob) I have a feeling if Reiji was a tsundere he would be like: "I-it's not I tried to kill you for stealing my brother, Yuma!"

shu and reiji arguing about it like

“reiji what the fuck, did you kill edgar?”

“i-it’s not like I was jealous of you or anything, baka!”

“reiji you burned down the whole village, there were loads of innocent people you killed”

“you dont understand!! baka onii-chan!!”