The Girl Who Everyone Forgot - Leslie

I didn’t even know there was a Leslie in this cycle when I started my rewatch, and nothing about her feels familiar from when I first watched the cycle, which is what earned her this award. It’s sad because she was actually a very strong contestant (if you ignore her walk), but I think she must have been too aware of the cameras and the environment she was in, so she probably didn’t give the producers anything to work with for a storyline. I’ll definitely remember Leslie from now on (because her walk will give me nightmares), but I had to give her this award because of the fact that she was so much more forgettable than the other girls in my first watch.


ANTM Flashbacks: Alejandra “Leslie” Mancia; Cycle 6; 8th

Even though the competition is stressful, you still want to continue. You know a lot of things you get to experience that even models don’t get to experience right off the bat like that. The big thing was my runway walk and my presence while I’m there. They want to see a model strong and confident and I don’t think I showed them that…obviously that showed. Feeling that maybe I wasn’t good enough, that’s what’s disappointing.

An inteview with Leslie Mancia touches on the subject of her bisexuality…

AE: Speaking of bisexuality, when Janice Dickinson is on the show I always think she’s flirting with the contestants. 
I have a funny story about her. Remember the first episode when they staged the press conference? She asked this question, “What would you do if another girl hit on you during a photo shoot?” Everyone looked at me and kind of laughed because they all know I’m bi. So I felt the question was kind of directed at me. So I answered it, but they didn’t air it. Then she gives feedback to each of the girls afterwards, and she says to me, “Leslie, we know you’re bi. We don’t really care.” I was like, okay, well I wasn’t trying to make a big deal, like “I’m a girl lover!” But she says, “That’s boring.” But they didn’t show that. I thought “Whatever. I wasn’t trying to excite you.” (laughs)

ANTM Cycle 6's Leslie Mancia Now on Project Runway All Stars

If one reality TV show doesn’t make you America’s Next Top Model, try, try again.

Cycle 6’s Leslie Mancia, who only made it to Week 7 on the show, is back on the reality circuit, this time as a model onProject Runway All Stars.

The statuesque model is currently paired with Project RunwaySeason 8 finalist Michael Costello. As it turns out, that was a lucky break for Leslie — Michael has been dominating the All Stars competition so far, and his super-speed sewing skills promise to keep him around for many weeks to come. (Indeed, Michael’s an early favorite for the finals again.) 

We haven’t seen much of Michael and Leslie’s interaction, but he seems pleased with her figure and walk, so with any luck he’ll carry her all the way to the top.

You can catch Leslie on Project Runway All Stars on Thursday at 9 ET/PT on Lifetime.

2. Leslie

Leslie is so sexy in this photo. Her dance background is really working for her here. The position of her body is beautiful. The curve of her side and the delicate hand by her face is just on point! She is also shining through her heavy make up which is great. This is definitely Leslie’s best shot.