#1: Leslie

If this is what criminal justice investigation looks like, then you can sign me up right now! This is elegant, sexy, and quirky all at the same time and I love it. The position Leslie put her arms and hands in is really interesting, and I love the way she’s not paying that male model any attention and is opting to let him fawn over her instead. It makes her the sole focus of the photo and adds a sense of power to it. This is probably Leslie’s best shot from the entire competition.

An inteview with Leslie Mancia touches on the subject of her bisexuality…

AE: Speaking of bisexuality, when Janice Dickinson is on the show I always think she’s flirting with the contestants. 
I have a funny story about her. Remember the first episode when they staged the press conference? She asked this question, “What would you do if another girl hit on you during a photo shoot?” Everyone looked at me and kind of laughed because they all know I’m bi. So I felt the question was kind of directed at me. So I answered it, but they didn’t air it. Then she gives feedback to each of the girls afterwards, and she says to me, “Leslie, we know you’re bi. We don’t really care.” I was like, okay, well I wasn’t trying to make a big deal, like “I’m a girl lover!” But she says, “That’s boring.” But they didn’t show that. I thought “Whatever. I wasn’t trying to excite you.” (laughs)

landon-grammar asked:

Well if we are beginning to make assumptions of contestant narratives already for the cycle, my prediction is that Delanie will be kind of like Leslie from Cycle 6. She hasn't really said or done much outside of telling her story and shown some of her modeling abilities. I feel like she is going to be cut due to not being able to keep up with the Reality Show aspects of the show. But I think she will deliver photographically.

That’s as good a guess as any. It’s safe to say she probably won’t be in the final 3, because they would have featured her a hell of a lot more by now, but photographically she could be one of those that starts strong, but crashes and burns as the competition goes along. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.