Highlights from the Parks and Recreation Series Finale (A.K.A MY FEEEELLLSSS)

I finally watched season 7 of Parks and Rec and I am a hot mess of emotions right now. 

That finale tho…I was choking back tears the entire time I was watching it. 

Here are the highlights of the ep for me (there are a lot of gifs and none of them are mine):

  • Leslie getting her due as the main character on the show and seeing her get a moment with each of the characters where their connection is reaffirmed before it transitions into their flash forwards
  • April and Donna working together to create ‘Teach Yo-self"
  • Andy and April having a baby and naming him 'Jack O'Lantern’ which was a dual nod to Halloween and Chris Pratt’s own son
  • Also April putting on zombie make up before going into labour
  • Leslie’s relief when she heard April and Andy named their baby Jack and how she’s his godmother and when she rested her forehead on April’s and said, “Welcome to the team”.
  • Ron coming to Leslie for help finding a new career and Leslie finding the perfect job for him
  • Tom becoming a success by writing a book about failure
  • Garry/Jerry/Larry/Terry continually being mayor and living to be 100
  • Ben and Leslie being the touchstone for everyone and seeing how they managed to stay connected with all of their friends ten years into the future
  • Ben and Leslie being a power couple and both of them wanting to go for governor but Ben realizing that it means more to Leslie so he announces that she is going to run for governor
  • Ann and Chris guest-starring on the show and Leslie pushing Ben aside and repeatedly saying, “Ann’s here! Ann’s here!” and re-establishing Ann and Leslie’s friendship as one of the best female friendship on any television show EVER
  • The inclusion of Craig and Jean Ralphio’s flash-forwards and Jean-Ralphio faking his own death only to ruin it with his singing
  • Leslie’s speech about doing work that’s worthwhile and doing it with your friends
  • Leslie’s reaction to having a library named after her
  • Basically the whole damn thing was perfection and it was pure joy to watch each and every character be happy and successful and it was so emotionally satisfying that I think I need to either watch the episode again immediately or go and rewatch the entire series 

ladymarionmacbeth asked:

Got another Mad Max/Parks and Rec mashup. When Max lets them back into the rig Furiosa: Good answer, great body

I love the Leslie/Ben dynamic for Furiosa & Max because they’re so supportive of each other but also Max is Ron and I almost think the Leslie/Ron relationship is better suited for Furiosa and Max? Especially at the beginning of their relationship. Like Furiosa is def Leslie but Max is some kind of blend between Ben and Ron. It works is what I’m saying.