“Oh, wait. Before we get married, there is something we need to discuss. I mean, we’ve never talked about it but I really want you to take my last name.”

“Oh, oh. Oka - really?”

“Yeah, it’s just really important to me symbolically that Leslie Knope disappears and becomes Leslie Wyatt…or Councilwoman Mrs. Ben Wyatt, that’s fine too. It’s a deal breaker.”

“Wait are you messing with me -”

“Yeah, sorry I had to give it a shot.”


This right here is possibly my favourite Ben and Leslie scene, ever. Obviously their big scenes (the first kiss, the getting-back-together kiss, the proposal, the actual wedding etc.) are also extremely special to such a Benslie shipper like myself, but personally I think this small scene speaks volumes about their relationship.

I’ve always felt this way but never knew how to put it into words, so I’ve decided to try. I think the thing about this scene that makes such an impact on me is that it shows just how much Ben really, really understands Leslie. He knows - without her ever mentioning it - that of course she will keep her last name. She’s Leslie Knope. It just goes without saying.

It makes me so happy that we get to see these two joke around with each other and keep the other on their toes the same way they used to when they were just starting to flirt and get together. Their love for each other is so endless and inspiring.

Also, the way Ben breaks the fourth wall with that smirk after he says, “It’s a deal breaker” kills me every time. They were literally meant for each other, and I don’t think I will ever fall in love with a love more than I have fallen in love with theirs.

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Prompt: Leslie and Ben meeting their grandchildren for the first time

“Look at her,” Leslie cooed, holding the sleeping baby in her arms, “She’s so beautiful.” Leslie and the First Gentleman of the United States sat on a couch in Leslie’s Oval Office, because she is President of the United States.

“She’s gorgeous,” Ben agreed. The baby stirred and wrapped a hand around Leslie’s finger, which made Leslie’s smile grow larger. “We can’t have another kid to make her a friend, Les,” Ben added quickly.

“This one’s fine for now,” Leslie said, “I’m sure one of the others will make her a cousin eventually. Oh, Ben, look at her eyes. Those are Ann Perkins’s eyes. And her nose is Ann’s nose. And her smile is Ann’s smile. And she even smells like Ann!” Leslie took an appreciative sniff. “That or Ann always smells like a newborn baby.”

“I don’t know, I think she kind of looks like, you know, not entirely someone who is Ann. Stephen maybe.” Ben thought baby Annie mostly resembled any newborn baby, or at the very least, what their own children had looked like as infants, but he kept this to himself.

“Annie Perkins Traeger Knope Wyatt, you beautiful newborn baby.”


Enemies to friends to lovers is literally my favorite trope. I will never tire of seeing two characters go from hating each other, to tentatively feeling out a friendship, to slowly developing feelings for each other and then falling in love. It’s painfully cliché and i want to see it e v e r y w h e r e.
(based on this text post)

tom haverford: *loses donna meagle in a crowded mall* man i was hoping it wouldn’t have to come to this
tom: *shouting* someone rear-ended a mercedes-benz in the parking lot!
donna: *pushing her way through the crowd* who the HELL do i have to fIGHT?