Ben, don’t you dare hurt her.
[laughs] I won’t. Don’t laugh. She [Ann] means it. I-I won’t.

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has anyone done 5sos as park and rec characters????? i feel like ashton would be donna and calum would be tom, michael would be ron or andy and luke would be leslie

me and ki'i have talked about this extensively Ashton is Ben and Leslie at the same time Calum is tom luke is jerry and Michael is Donna

  • Ben:I don't understand. Why is this happening?
  • Leslie:It's very simple Ben, Sonia is bisexual. Isn't it interesting? All of our kids are bisexual.
  • Stephen:What's that now, Charles?
  • Ben:Not what I was talking about. I'm talking about her running for mayor.
  • Leslie:Isn't that great? Imagine it. Our daughter, the mayor. Our daughter, the governor. Our daughter, the president. DYNASTY!
  • Ben:She's 18. She's going to try to build a winter sports complex and she'll get impeached. This is why I told her to not run for office until she's 30.
  • Leslie:I know Ben, and that was a very odd thing to say to a seven year old. She's not running for office now. Come here.
  • Ben:This is a good hug.
  • Leslie:I know. It'll be ok. She's not running as a teenager. She'll be 20 by the time she gets elected. And let's face it, she's a lot smarter than you. She's not going to get impeached.
  • Ben:If she gets elected. That's even worse, what if our daughter loses?
  • Leslie:She's running against Garry Gergich. Even he'll vote for her.

parks and rec meme ★ seven outfits [2/7]
‘the ann perkins of dresses’, leslie and ben

The skirt is literally a collage of Leslie Knope’s greatest hits. It might have been tough to see in the flurry of insta-wedding planning in Thursday’s episode, but Mann had sewn together newspaper clippings about Leslie’s Harvest Festival victory and City Council win, her campaign flyers, and even portraits of her role models Madeleine Albright, Hillary Clinton, and Michelle Obama. The origami flower on her waist? Made out of the Pawnee city logo. “It wasn’t just a bunch of newspapers I had lying around,” Mann said. “Every single piece was pulled from a Parks episode — even though no one in a million years will be able to see all the details.“

The red heels and flowers also tell a story: They’re a part of Ben and Leslie’s love motif. “If you look back at their relationship, we’ve always put a little red on Leslie when she and Ben have a romantic scene,” Mann said. “So of course we had to have a big splash of red for their wedding.” [x]


Favourite place? Upstairs there’s this mural of wildflowers and I like to sit on a bench in front of it.