leslie winston

Re: the Dan Aykroyd thing.

I don’t even know if anyone that follows me cares, but I have to get this rant out of me.

Firstly let me say that I would bet money there’s stuff going on here we don’t know about. The smile that Dan gives to the camera after he says “He won’t be welcome on the Sony lot anytime soon” is such a ‘fuck you’ smile that it would imply there’s bad blood between he and Paul Feig. But every interaction they’ve had in public suggests the opposite of that? Like, Feig tweeted a photo of them embracing literally last week, along with a caption about how much he admires Dan. Soooo what the fuck?

Dan Aykroyd is the worlds biggest Ghostbusters fan. He lives and breathes it, and carried the flag through 27 years of movie development hell. He wants to talk about it all the time. But this is one instance where he should have just kept his opinions to himself. I get that he’s annoyed they waited so long and the comeback didn’t go as planned, but there are still Angry Men © online who actively look for reasons to bash this film into oblivion. He may think he’s just speaking his mind, but he’s doing wayyyyy more harm than I think he understands.


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