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Ghostbusters - girls just wanna have fun

A lot of internet brouhaha last year over the sacred cow legacy of this franchise when it was dared to be reimagined with 4 girl comedians at the helm. This one popped up on Starz recently, so I sat down to give it a test drive last night. 

Well, the girlies did all right. They were no better or worse than the venerable male stars of the past (and the surviving ones graciously stopped by to make cameo appearances, of course), and the only thing the movie suffers from is a lack of the spark of originality that the very first one had (and even that one owed a big debt to Abbot and Costello films of the past). This movie looks absolutely fantastic, thanks the upgrades in special effects over the years, as you would expect, and I was impressed with the overall look of the cinematography, which sort of reminded me of Wong Kar Wai’s ‘In The Mood For Love’ or ‘2046′. The problem, which was also a failing of the original Ghostbuster cast, is the reliance on the SNL characterizations that the comediennes have developed over the years, rather than creating something new. Half the time when Melissa McCarthy was doing her schtick I thought she was doing her ‘Spicey’ routine, and Kristen Wiig seemed to be doing the same character we’ve seen her do in film after film, and the same goes for Leslie Jones (as much as I love her, and she got the majority of the belly laughs from me). The only one who seemed to be trying for a character was Kate McKinnon, and hers was merely annoying.

Loved the idea of the ‘eye candy’ receptionist played by Chris Hemsworth, and he played it to the hilt, for what that’s worth. As reboots go, kudos for trying something different, and it definitely blew Ghostbusters II out of the water.

3 stars out of 5

Released 2016, First viewing May 2017

Quick, rant free (but still lengthy) uswnt stuff from todays game

  • “Abby is the centerpiece of this attack” We have Alex Morgan and we’re saying Abby is the main point of our attack. Yes, that was what was said on commentary, but it’s clear that Ellis feels this way too the way she still plays Abby 90 mins in friendlies, & will find ham fisted ways to put Abby into the picture. Make Alex Morgan any other nationality and I guarantee you that 99.99% of the time she will become the main focus in the attack. 
  • Playing Carli Lloyd out wide. Love her or hate her, we can all agree playing Carli Lloyd out wide is one of the dumbest things to ever happen, ever.
  • Speaking of playing out wide, Press played out wide today. As has Leroux. And Arod. Basically all the forwards except Alex Morgan, who actually has the speed for wing play. 
  • Still the same 4-2-2-2 formation and gameplan. Like Jill Ellis saw the France game and basically adjusted nothing. Okay.
  • Until the 77th minute USA made no subs. We could’ve had 6. Jill ended up making 3 I believe. And none were in response to the actual game, more to just kill time.
  • Jill also said that with the bad games & only 1 win in last 5 games, that it’s ultimately not gonna matter because we’re gonna peak during the World Cup. 
  • In pre game Heather Mitts said that Morgan Brian is a rookie and that’s part of why France looked so good. That is wrong IMO but I’ll just say this: If we were playing this shitty with young players, I would totally be fine with that cause at least I would know we’re building towards something. 
  • Also in pre game Leslie Osbourne said that people are freaking out because we’re now just 4 months away from the World Cup, but that our problems were still there last year. So YAY! That’s somehow better. (I get what she meant, but what she basically said is that we haven’t fixed anything for more than a year. FYI: Jill Ellis has been the coach for most of that last year.)
  • Also by telling us not to freak out it continues the pattern of losing Algarve last year = holy crap, panic! Panic! Panic! & playing unconvincingly 4 months away from the World Cup = lol chill
  • England played so freaking conservative. I have never wanted an opponent to open up more and actually try to hit us with something more than I did today. 
  • I’m not an Abby hater. I love Abby, even tho tbh I rather just not have her on the team at this point or used strictly as a sub. But can someone tell me if Fox Sports was paid to literally keep talking about Abby in pre game and during the entire game? It was ridiculous. And they seem to be making a story of how 2015 will be Abby’s redemption or revenge or something? This whole entire team is gonna be playing for just Abby??
  • 2 quick things about me: 1.) I am a huge Hope Solo fangirl. 2.)I am not even remotely an Ashlyn fangirl. But oh my goodness, the commentary was ridiculous regarding Ashlyn as keeper today. Whitehill said it’ll be hard with Ash in there because her voice is different than Solo’s so it’ll be more difficult for the players to hear her & recognize who’s voice that is. This was actually said as a detraction to Ashlyn Harris. Then when Ashlyn failed to tip a ball over the post (right before England had a good onside goal taken away) DiCicco said Hope would’ve made that. Not even exaggerating or paraphrasing really as that is surprisingly close to being word for word. A professionally paid womens soccer commentator flat out said something that a pissy Hope Solo fan would say on twitter. 
  • Lastly… felt like there were more Ali Krieger close ups than ever before in a single game. Thank you, cameraman person.