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Cast snapchats, Instagram stories, and live streams Masterlist

Rafael Casal (not cast but still worthy)

April 19, 2017 : Instagram live
Daveed Diggs, Jazzy Jones and Daveed’s Hogwarts house

April 19, 2017 : Instagram story
Jazzy Jones toward the end

April 19, 2017 : Section of instagram story
Jazzy Jones getting it

April 17, 2017 : Instagram story
Daveed Diggs and Ham house party

Jasmine Cephas Jones

April 26, 2017 : Instagram story
Including her and Anthony’s new puppy

Daveed Diggs

April 19, 2017 : Instagram live
A small clipping performance 


my part of the art trade with @b-rrsir!!!!

Burr needs more love :U

hamilton obc workshop

James Madison should've had his own song!

Madison deserved his own song that would be either a waltz like “Your Obedient Servant” or jazzy like “The Room Where it Happens.” Ooh, or both!

Title: “Out-Write, Wrong!” because, going by the play, his WHOLE THING is that he also wrote things, but was completely over shadowed by Hamilton. He wrote the Bill of Rights and 29 of the Federalist papers (which IRL may be more because the 51 credited to Hamilton, some of those may also have been Madison’s). ALSO in the workshop version of “One Last Ride,” Washington says something like. “I need you to help me with my Farewell Address. Madison wrote the first draft and it’s a mess!”

There’s a WHOLE arc there that’s not addressed, of Madison wanting to be recognized, in his own right, for writing as much as Hamilton did. (You can tell with his “Which I Wrote!” tone in “Washington On Your Side”). But he gets COMPLETELY overshadowed by Hamilton, to the point that his accomplishments are just briefly mentioned in a line or two.

So I would love to see him take on that same attitude as Burr and Jefferson towards Hamilton. He clearly still respects Hamilton (telling Jefferson to get Ham on his side in “The Election of 1800”), but I think animosity is there in the fact that he’s more meek and less aggressive than Hamilton, so no one is giving him his due with his papers. We get to see this intense sort of rivalry one-on-one from Jefferson and Burr with Ham, but not from Madison at all.

I’d like a song sort of starting out like “Obedient Servant” and shifting into “The Room Where it Happens.” Of course a rap-like diss-track could work too (the one time we could see sick little Jmads blow off some steam)!

As for the title I came up with? It’s outright wrong that Ham gets more credit than Madison for out-writing him. ;-)

Maybe in the song, he’s singing and complaining about Ham in his POV as Jefferson is getting back from France? It would tie in to the “My friend James Madison red in the face!” line before he explains what Ham has been doing. (Sort of the way “Satisfied” immediately follows “Helpless,” but from Angelica’s POV).

Even better, to not ruin that transition from “What’d I Miss?” to “Cabinet Battle 1,” it could also probably come in after “The Room Where it Happens” as the Democratic-Republics are gearing up for their one-on-one with Ham in each song. And as James is singing, Jefferson comes in near the end and encourages him to stand up for himself as they plot against Hamilton.

….Jmads needs more love basically.

When you realize the last wave of people who will be obsessed and in love with the original cast of Hamilton has come and there will be very few from now on who will understand why Anthony Ramos and Daveed Diggs are on Hamilton Fanfic blogs. Who won’t be feeling a bit giddy when they think about their favorite. Who won’t know them as anything more than the voice that sang this part. The memes the gifs the snapchat and insta stories the phot series’ all of it. That Pipmojis are long since a thing of the past. That Janthony was Americas favorite couple. All of that, in a few years will be just people who were lucky enough to know the show before the OBC started leaving and the rays of sunshine began fading out.