leslie knope gift

You know what I need? A domestic bet between Amy and Jake.

Like, catching criminals is good and all, but how about a bet on who can get the best present for the other? Or who can make the best breakfast/meal?

Like they both ask Charles to help them, separately and “secretly” of course, and he really wants to help, but he doesn’t know what to do. He wants to help Jake win, but he also wants to help Amy make Jake happy with the best meal of his life. So he ends up giving them both the same recipe and instructions, to which Jake and Amy find out when they start cooking at the same time, so instead they end up cooking with each other, feeding each other, having fun, making a ton of mess, but who cares? because they had a great time and in the end they had great food

Or when they give each other their gifts, which would probably be the most ridiculous things ever but they don’t care, they’re both so happy. Amy’s like, “this is best gift ever! You win Jake” but Jake’s like, “no, babe, this is the best gift ever” and they can’t decide on which is the best gift so its pretty much a tie, and they’re both so happy and so in love with each other.

And then they can sit and cuddle in their couch watching tv at home, because you know, they’ve moved in together and it’s the cutest thing ever.