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For Now, Forever, For Always

Pairing: Jim x Reader

Word Count: 1646

Warnings: A little angst. Mostly fun banter and fluff

A/N: To the anon who requested the Bones angst and the anon that requested a sequel to Seeing Double, I promise I’m working on both of those!!! I haven’t forgotten about you guys and they’ll both be coming up soon. Also look who made a fancy header image for this fic instead of doing homework B) 

If there was one thing you prided yourself on, it was your ability to give the perfect gift, moving people to tears with your thoughtfulness on more than one occasion. Even Spock got misty-eyed when you gave him a handmade terrarium replica of Old Vulcan with his mother’s initials engraved on the bottom. The one person you could never figure out, though, was James Tiberius Kirk.

You thought he’d be the easiest, settling for an antique remote-controlled motorcycle he could drive around the bridge. You were almost shaking with excitement when you gave it to him for Christmas but two years had passed and it had yet to leave the shelf in his quarters. You switched up your game for his birthday, opting for a classier holoframe that displayed pictures you’d collected over your time on the Enterprise. His eyes lit up when you gave it to him, but three months later when he finally invited you to his quarters for dinner for the first time, you noticed the batteries had died and he hadn’t replaced them.

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You know what I need? A domestic bet between Amy and Jake.

Like, catching criminals is good and all, but how about a bet on who can get the best present for the other? Or who can make the best breakfast/meal?

Like they both ask Charles to help them, separately and “secretly” of course, and he really wants to help, but he doesn’t know what to do. He wants to help Jake win, but he also wants to help Amy make Jake happy with the best meal of his life. So he ends up giving them both the same recipe and instructions, to which Jake and Amy find out when they start cooking at the same time, so instead they end up cooking with each other, feeding each other, having fun, making a ton of mess, but who cares? because they had a great time and in the end they had great food

Or when they give each other their gifts, which would probably be the most ridiculous things ever but they don’t care, they’re both so happy. Amy’s like, “this is best gift ever! You win Jake” but Jake’s like, “no, babe, this is the best gift ever” and they can’t decide on which is the best gift so its pretty much a tie, and they’re both so happy and so in love with each other.

And then they can sit and cuddle in their couch watching tv at home, because you know, they’ve moved in together and it’s the cutest thing ever.

Boxing gym is having an opening night party thing next month, a day before boxing guy’s birthday incidentally, so a friend and I were talking about getting him gifts or making him something. We were stumped, because he made a joke (ish) about how every time someone gave him a gift it was whiskey and maybe we were buying into the Irish stereotypes too much. So we were trying to come up with non-booze related gifts when I  was like “Oh, he likes jelly beans.” She was impressed and asked how I knew that and I was like 

Also it’s memorable because ew who likes jelly beans


So as tradition goes, Ray (blog here) and Pichi, my roommates, have given me a priceless work of art for Christmas. Suki and Toph are my very favorite Avatar girls, and I’ve always been sad there aren’t action figures or statues of them. I was absolutely floored when they greeted me with this after I got back from my trip. It is AMAZING. And the best part is

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the signs as people i know in high school

(If I tagged you it means this post was partially inspired by you, although I know multiple people for each sign…)

Aries- Quiet and shy despite generalizations. Musically and artistically talented. True friends, although sometimes a bit forgetful. Independent and march to the beat of their own drum. Meme enthusiast. late70s

Taurus- Stylish and sophisticated. Peacemakers, although stubborn when it comes to their own problems. Very observant. Willing to lend a helping hand most if not all of the time. Either extremely tall or very short. No in between. lolopalooz bedcrumbsofmymind

Gemini- Strong and silent. Great at words, writing, and poetry of any sort. Loves music and traveling to foreign places. Adventurous despite their general shyness. Short and sensitive about it. Will fight for their opinion, and not afraid to tell you you’re wrong. aslicewillsuffice

Cancer- Ambitious and strong. Great at everything they do, it seems. You know they’ll be famous one day. Clever and kind towards the common stranger. Future president. A great friend to have.

Leo- Loyal to you, and very sympathetic. Smart and ambitious. Although lazy, they will drop everything to help you out if you need anything at all. Once you’re their friend, you’ll be friends forever. Super gooey when it comes to love. blegh. milothemagicfishbag taypostrophe

Virgo- Organized and by the book. Calm. A deep thinker, and a bit overdramatic when it comes to love . Loves music and being a total nerd. Lazy when it comes to school, although a total worry-wart when it comes to his future.

Libra- Knows how to give a good comeback. Loves horses and rocking out to indie music. A little shy when it comes to new people. LOVES her some rare pepes. Good at procrastinating and drawing animals that look like lady gaga. docksie

Scorpio- They look dark and mischievous but are total kids at heart. Great at cracking jokes off the top of their head and they’re usually the first to state their opinion or groan at a terrible pun. They know what they want to do when they get older and they’re ready for the future ahead of them. Even though they’ll secretly miss their friends bunches. swoopimmafalcon

Sagittarius- Do not tell them what to do. They’ve got an opinion about everything and they’re ready to argue it out. Loyal to her friends, ruthless to her enemies. Not the best with technology, but boy do they have an ear for music. Loves animals of every kind and has terrible luck with ghosts.

Capricorn- An actual ball of sunshine. Loves talking with friends about every new life update. Kind and caring. Forgets things, but never the important stuff. Always texts you for the homework. Outgoing but sensitive. Always befriends the teacher if they’re cool. The Leslie Knope of gift giving. happyteen225 vodkaax

Aquarius- Aesthetic is always on point. Very complimentary of people, unless you’re a jerk. Loves anime and kick-ass females. Not afraid to tell you a secret. Has lots of friends and tumblr followers. Proud of who they are, and they believe in you too. bvby-boyy

Pisces- Either sleeping or listening to music all the time. Way too hard on themselves. Always makes good grades. (Not according to them) Quick to befreind you and make you listen to their music. Puns are their life. Anime is their life. An actual fish. yellowandbloodredbits