leslie cheung kwok wing

Dear Gor gor, sweet Angel in heaven, how have you been? 


你不曾真的離去 你始終在我心裡 

~ (當愛已成往事)

I might be able to forget the pain but it’s not easy forgetting you

You’ve never really left, because you’ve always been in my heart

~ (When Love’s become the past)

Leslie: In Idol Character

Photoshop the face of the lady Annie Ngai Sze Pui (Leslie’s former girlfriend and co-star in Cheap Detective, according to some sites), and make the face part empty. Replace her face with yours and voila! A summer to remember picture with Leslie the hunk!

Would you have a crush on Leslie if, in this picture, he was your classmate in 2nd year high school? Think: clean cut, friendly but reserved and smells of Dove soap. :) He reminds me of my first boyfriend in this photo.

Now this is an official matinee idol photo. Check out the Rick Astley ‘do and the self-assured smile. Heart-melting.

What is a matinee idol without a geeky photo? Leslie reminds me of a cooler version of Long Duk Dong (from Sixteen Candles) in this shot. Still so dreamy. Teach me Algebra. :)

I don’t know which film this photo is from, but looks like Leslie has begun his arthouse films. Look at those eyes.

All my friends are going to pummel me, but Leslie looks like an infinitely better version of my ex-husband here. Actually he looks like my first boyfriend, Salvador del Mundo, Augustine, my high school crush and then my ex-husband all rolled into one in this picture. Roguish and manly, a diamond in the rough. Is that faraway look a hint of intelligence or will we be left with “what is going on inside that head?” Regardless, I think he looks man-gorgeous here.

He will never be there to shed light on his depression, The reason he jumped off the Mandarin Oriental. Was it because he was battling with vanity? Time was catching up on his youth and it has been written that he was concerned about no longer being Asia’s most beautiful man (isn’t life and showbiz like that?). Also, the movies he had been making at that point were no longer as acclaimed as Days of Being Wild and Farewell, My Concubine.

This photo of Leslie shows signs of an aging matinee idol. If only that smile could have spoken of the thousand things he should have been grateful for. That’s the post-fangirl in me wishing Leslie had talked himself out of jumping to his death.