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Compilation of the best of backstage shenanigans at Matilda Broadway

RIP Matilda Broadway

None of the videos are mine. All credit goes to the original actor who posted the video.

some things that happened at Matilda Broadway [closing show] this afternoon

- like honestly so many former kids every where you turned and it was great
- the show started like 20 minutes late…
- entrance applauses for EVERY. SINGLE. CAST. MEMBER. i kid you not… and if you’re familiar with the show than you realize that pretty much all of Miracle was applauding
- Geoff’s ‘Miracle’ riffs were incredible
- honestly like the audience had so much energy and most of the cast couldn’t even keep a straight face they were so happy
- ummm 'Loud’ happened and people went insane
- screaming Telly
- so many cast members cried during 'When I Grow Up’
- Bryce literally had the audience in the palm of his hand during 'Smell of Rebellion’
- standing ovation for 'Revolting Children’ and cheers for about 30 seconds
- standing ovation for all of bows
- executive producer gave 10 min speech and i cried for most of it
- right next me in the isle were some of Team Tilda and Gia and they were all balling and my heart broke a little bit
- lots of tears
- people went crazy when Lesli came out the stagedoor jc
- people also screamed for Travis and Phillip
- every adult cast member came out the stagedoor except for Wesley, Jenn Bowles, and Karen

all in all it was a rly sad day but i am really glad i got to be there to experience it

I’ve come to realize that it is impossible to tell how old Broadway actors/actresses are. Like Sutton is 40 years old, a year older than Kelli O’Hara and 4 years older than Laura Benanti? What?? 

Steven Pasquale is 38 and Matthew Morrison is 37, but Christopher Sieber and Brian d’Arcy James are almost 50, and Christian Borle is 42? Gabe Ebert is younger than Aaron Tveit, who is now 32 years old? Lesli Margherita is 42 and is 4 years older than Bertie Carvel? Laura Osnes isn’t even 30 yet (I had her pegged as older than that for some reason)? And Derek Klena is just a 24 year old lil boy and Lindsay Mendez is 32? What the frick frack?


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