lesley white

Word has come through as a message from Bill’s family that “He wanted everyone to plant a tree when he passed.” If you decide to do that, please spread this hashtag to accompany any photos of you or your friends planting your tree #PlantedforBill
—  Lesley White … Bill Mollison, the man who coined the phrase permaculture and co-founded the permaculture movement passed away peacefully yesterday. R.I.P. (May 4th, 1928 – September 24th, 2016)

Clue references in Poe Party (25/?): When someone figures out you’re the murderer, don’t bother denying it; simply congratulate your accuser and move on


help me find a new series to read. These are all the completed ones I own. (as of like Wednesday/Thursday I will have the third monument 14 book)