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Hello I have a question. Do you know why Maze has barley been in this season and hasn't even been in a episode for the current episodes. I didn't know if something happend with the actress but I miss the daily dose of Maze. But thanks for any help to my question : )

Yes I do know why!

Lesley-Ann Brandt–the actress who plays Maze– was pregnant during the back half of season 2 and right before filming the beginning of season 3 she went into labor. So for about eight or nine weeks she couldn’t film because she was on maternity leave. The only reason she makes an appearance in 3x03 is because that episode was shot during season 2 and was intended to be one of the four stand alones.

So don’t worry, the writers would have loved to have put her in early season 3, but she was at home taking care of her son :)


she thought that you abandoned her. that you didn’t care how that affected her. well, those sort of things never bothered her b– before…