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Full Reign FC panel from YachtCon Feb 12, 2017 at Queen Anne Beerhall in Seattle. Haley Kopmeyer, Lindsay Elston, and Lesle Gallimore talk all things woso, soccer in Seattle, the growth of the league, the equal pay fight, past and upcoming players, and Seattle Reign’s upcoming season

“And that’s a little bit of the mystery about Hope,” Gallimore says. “She’s just a Tri-Cities girl who grew up – well-documented – in a tough environment and just came out a fighter. Wanting to fight for herself, and, even more so, fight for those around her. She’s one of those kids who just instinctively puts up a guard and is like, ‘Hey, there’s an injustice here, and I don’t want to see someone I’m close to, or someone I think is being treated unfairly, to be treated unfairly.’ If she feels like she is being treated unfairly, she will stick up for herself.”

“Why does Hope get dragged into it?” Gallimore said of the constant controversy. “People just don’t like Hope. That’s OK. She couldn’t care less. She doesn’t want to be liked. She wants to be good. I don’t think there’s a problem with that, either. You can’t be friends with the world. You’ve got to know who is close to you; you’ve got to know who your real people are. And you have to stick with that if you’re a pro athlete, in my opinion. The rest of it, you just have to just let it roll off you.

"And that’s sometimes Hope’s problem. At times, she doesn’t let it roll off her well enough.”

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Lesle Gallimore, Head Coach for The University of Washington Women’s Soccer Program, tweeted me back when I asked her to confirm if Hope Solo had started training with Seattle Reign waaasy ahead of schedule.
Her original tweet said “@CoachGallimore: Great to see @hopesolo rehabbing/training this week @UWAthletics #RoadToRecovery @uswnt and @SeattleReignFC #LetItReign #husky4life” (4/18/13 7:39 am)
I’m no doctor, but I feel that even if Solo is training on her own, that’s a big step to joining the team, kicking ass in the league and Letting Our Reign Begin.