idriselba  asked:

lost :D

  • 1. bake cupcakes for: everyone, they all could use some cupcakes.
  • 2. trust with the keys to my car:! I trust Desmond always. 
  • 3. put thumbtacks on the chair thereof: Shannon. It would be funny. 
  • 4. have a crush on: Sawyer and Desmond, for reasons. 
  • 5. pack up and leave if they moved next door: Ben Linus. Sorry you are fascinating, but I do not need that dramaz in my life. 
  • 6. vote for President: Juliet (hmm trend?)
  • 7. pick as my partner in a buddy movie: Juliet yes yes yes 
  • 8. pair up: Des and PENNEH. Also: Jack and Kate, Sawyer and Juliet, Claire and Charlie, Michael and HIS BOY WAAAAAAAAAAALT. 
  • 9. vote off the island and into the volcano: lolz because it is an island. Obvious answer of Nikki and Paulo for being the absolute worst. 
  • 10. wheedle into fixing my MP3 player: Jack?