Lexa could hide & control her emotions but she could never stop feeling them or escape them & she couldn’t stop herself for falling in love with Clarke.  

I think thats what really humanises her & make her relatable because she maybe this powerful leader & badass warrior but underneath all that she has vulnerabilities, weaknesses & emotions just like the rest of us.  

In this scene you really see this comes to the forefront & that why is one of my favourite Lexa scenes.   


A TEDx talk on Filipino Martial Arts/ Kali/ Arnis/ Escrima by my teacher. 

(There is a demo by us at the end.)


“We hide our emotions under the surface and tryin’ to pretend, but it feels like there’s oceans between you and me.”

Title: Between You and Me

Song: Oceans, by Seafret

Fandom:  Clexa, The 100

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Based on a prompt from @suchaneutralgood.  Don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll leave it at that. 

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Alex going down the toy/costume isle and there being a muscle suit so she has to get one because "the belly is like Leska's" (full on six pack) and putting Lexa's jersey over it and then goes as Lexa for the next party or Halloween

Honestly Ik we joke about Lexa crying a lot but this would make that bitch sob relentless tears of joy like she’s SO honored to be her daughter’s hero