A TEDx talk on Filipino Martial Arts/ Kali/ Arnis/ Escrima by my teacher. 

(There is a demo by us at the end.)


Arnis/Eskrima/Kali Motivation Video- (Bruce Lee, LSAI-LESKAS)

For some reason people on twitter keep saying that tonight’s trend is very, very important. Which begs the question… is this why we are falling apart now? because they successfully infiltrated us and divided us? it smells rotten you guys. I know there are differences in our fandom right now, but this is no time to fall apart. We are better than this. The movement is bigger than individual egos. Yesterday the same people who claimed “the people have spoken” are the same people unwilling to compromise and trend what “the people have chosen” to go with today. A vast majority has decided to go with CallOutTheCW tonight, because it was the compromise we reached. Join us. We cant let one disagreement divide us. I believe in this movement. I believe in us. We will not fail tonight.