i decided to tell my 11 year old brother that i was bi: so, we were just in the car on our way to get lunch and i told him that i have a date this weekend, and of course he asks “what’s his name?” and i tell him, “actually, her name is ___”. he sort of cocks his head and says, “you don’t look like a lesbian.” and i sort of laugh and say, “well…i’m not a lesbian.” and he just keeps guessing all these weird things, i think one of them was “are you lesgay?” and so i said, “no, i’m bisexual” and he’s like “oh…what does that mean?” and so i say “it means i like boys and girls.” and he’s just quiet for a moment, then asks me to repeat it. i’m sort of freaking out because i don’t want him to be freaked out by me or anything because i love him to death and we get along really well and he looks up to me, but then he just sort of smiles and takes my phone and says, “im going to read the text messages.”

he now proceeds to tease me about her and asks when we’re going to get married so he can be an uncle.