leschosesfragiles asked:

28,34,42,47,48 ;)

28. i’ll love you if…

…I don’t think there could be an “if”, either i love you, or i don’t. But laughing at my bad jokes could help!

34. most embarrassing moment

Hmmm I think at my ex bf’s gala last year, it’s a biiiig gala very fancy and i fell in the stairs in front of everyone. I laughed so hard though. I’m not really the kind of person easily embarassed. ^.^

42. favourite book(s)

I don’t have one fav book, but authors. Pierre Bottero, David Foenkinos and David Thomas. And i also cherish a poem book from Paul Geraldy.

47. turn ons

Kiss on my neck, good smelling hair, beard, sexy subtle jokes.

48. turn offs

Bad smell omfg i can’t.

Merci Coralie <3