((Mod: …How exactly does Tumblr continuity work? Cause I’m certain these blogs weren’t canon for reasons, but hey crossovers are hella fun! So… today’s update features Miss Twilight Sparkle, Twilight from Twixie Answers (and a book written by that blog’s Trixie), and Lesboloo (Semi-NSFW warning). This update also took forever, but was totally worth it <3))


Lesboloo #12 “Gotta rock the fishnets.”

“Babs likes it when I wear ‘em. I found the panties in Rarity’s place. She won’t miss 'em.”

Such an undignified pose, you’d think lessy would be more classy eh?

Lesboloo Valentines Day 2015

“No need to fancy it up as long as you’re with each other.”

Hey guys. Have a late Valentine’s Day picture. I’m still alive. Finally got a moment to doodle something out for the blog that looked ‘ok’. I hope you guys like it. In the coming months I may start posting more frequently to this blog. MAY. And I’m still trying to decide where I want to take this blog, between lessy being 18 or remaining a pre-teen. Anyways yeah happy late Valentine’s Day.

Also an edited version. Since I was given ntohing to go on when i got the blog essentially, I’ll be doing something about what my headcanon would be for the corruption EVENTUALLY.