Nah, you’re gonna get addicted to heroin, get sent down to max for doin some stupid junkie shit, find yourself sucking off a co in a closet for one last hit, and, you know, maybe realize that you were just hopelessly in love with an incredible, insane, beautiful woman who’s never going to love you back. It is just not worth it.

Nicky Nichols 

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Sappho (1895). Francis Coates Jones (American, 1857-1932). Oil on canvas.

Sappho is seated against the backdrop of classical Lesbos conversing with two of her pupils. Jones avoided the persuasive sensuality often associated with the theme and emphasized instead the beauty of the female form and the highest intellectual communion between Sappho and her students.

kaerlighet  asked:

what is the gayest thing noora has done

not in order because imo, noora as a character is an EMOTION and everything she does fuels my lesbian soul with the conviction that the world can be good 😌

1. when that dude sat next to her and she looked everywhere for an escape and then proceeded to seductively walk towards eva, sit next to her and flirt with her. he was there. he was GONE. now, she’s whispering Spanish to a girl’s ear and checking her out… she narratively murdered him with her lesbian powers this LEGEND

2. biting her lips, laughing and generally lighting the HELL up when she’s around sana or eva. it happens a lot like she literally glows around girls

3. when eva was kissing jonas and she interrupted them, looking both bitter and SMUG like it’s some ao3 lesbian slow burn classic and not Julie’s hetero self insert fic. I mean, what’s the narrative purpose in jonas appearing so visibly threatened by her very presence ? I’m asking but we all know why!! she’s so gay even straight guys can sense how her love for all girls put their mediocrity to shame!! they KNOW

4. serenading to eva. TO eva. no straight girl would do it like this, they could NEVER do anything like this. she’s literally inches from her, leaning in, scrunching her face like she’s just dying to touch her, to be near her, to feel her close, rewatching these scenes FEEL SO GOOD like!! that’s a lesbian!!! I know it in my heart of heart, her entire smile screams pure and genuine love, understanding and affection, she’s GIDDY with it, drunk on it, it’s like she can’t get enough!! she looks at girls so hungrily, lovingly, fondly it KILLS ME EVERYTIME

5. her entire relationship with eskild. they both enhance their gay powers around one another, they can finally just relax and be openly gay comfortably in their own home it’s so cute :,)

6. vilde : we’ll meet there
noora : don’t tell me what to do
sana : no she’s right we’ll meet there
noora : Sure thing!! Whatever you say!! 💓💓

7. how she stares at sana in every scene of s4. the RAW attraction feels like being hit by a bus I mean she caressed her face, she’s literally buzzing with how badly she wants to be near her!! she’s so into her!! always has been!!

8. coming in at the party and eva being drunk and how there’s a split second where they consider kissing. literally it’s tangible, she’s really standing there in her butch ass coat, staring at the girl’s lips like it’s cherry candy SECONDS AWAY from her straight scenes with willheeverleave… lesbian noora truly went fighting before julie murdered her!!!

9. the way she dances. there’s something so free and unsexy to it! it’s so divorced from any dude’s hot take about what girls should look like while having fun, it’s so fun and warm and silly!!! like she’s out there!! being gay and swaying her arms awkwardly, missing the beat!! makes me MELT

10. her unique pair of mom jeans she wears all the time cause it’s THE gay girl size and she’s comfortable existing out there looking like a lesbo on her way to steal your girl!!


Sapphic Witch Aesthetic (for @something—-witty  tell me what you think!!)~

Some fun facts:

  • Sapphos (top right) is was a greek poet and patron saint of Aphrodite from the island Lesbos who regularly wrote about her love for women
  • Violets (middle right) is associated with female sexuality and the association originates with (suprise!)Sapphos.
  • Amazonite (bottom left) can be used to maintain deep love. I recommend making matching amazonite talismans for you and your girlfriend❤️
reminder that bisexual military boys don’t need to come out of their tents for ANYTHING

that means!!! not even

- the pleas of comrades or old babysitters
- destroyed barricades
- friends hurt
- ships on fire
- ten weighty talents of purest gold
- twice ten vases of refulgent mould
- seven sacred tripods, whose unsullied frame
-yet knows no office, nor has felt the flame
-twelve steeds umatchd in fleetness
-seven captive Lesbians (women from Lesbos)
-Briseis in all her charms, I swear they were never mine, pure from my arms guiltless of my love, etc
-yet more – three daughters in my court are bred each well worthy of a royal bed
-myself give the dower
-seven ample cities in argos
-a twentieth of the wealth we plunder from Troy
-best friend crying like a girl
-honor, deathless glory

NONE of these are worth more than YOUR OWN MENTAL HEALTH.


anonymous asked:

Wow. So you honestly think a woman who seeks out relationships and sex with men can be lesbians? Unfortunately for you words have meanings. Lesbians are only attracted to other females. The term you were looking for was bi.

I think that people who identify as lesbians sometimes fall in love with men, yes. It happens. Sometimes people can be deeply invested in the queer community and in identifying a particular way, and then something happens that makes them realise they need to widen or change their identification. I think the important thing is that the original asker feels empowered to pick a label that describes their desire accurately, and also helps them feel comfortable making relationship decisions that truly make them happy. I’m not interested in policing their usage.

Since this is a historical blog, let’s look at the historical context for a bit:
There is certainly a long history of women who are primarily or exclusively attracted to other women seeking out relationships and sex with men for a variety of reasons, such as protection, cover, income, children, a desire to fit in, and so on.

If you look back over the history of the term lesbian (we’re talking the noun, not the adjective here, so ‘a lesbian’ not ‘lesbian’ as a descriptor for behaviour), it originally meant ‘person from Lesbos’ in English (and indeed, that’s still one of its meanings). In the late 19th century it began to be used as an oblique way to refer to Sappho (who came from Lesbos), and through her, to sexual and erotic desire between women. This became less and less oblique as time wore on. By the early 20th century it had become a blanket term applied to any woman who felt that kind of desire (although still less popular than other terms like invert and sapphic). How these ‘lesbians’ felt about men or what they did with them went unmentioned or was seen as irrelevant.

In the second half of the 20th century, as the queer community became more public and experimented with language and reclaimed words, it became an identity label, and the meaning became more specific. It was usually applied to women who exclusively or primarily felt attraction to other women, and had romantic relationships with other women. (Or women who wanted to identify that way). Some pretty heavy policing went on in some circles, with terms like ‘gold star lesbian’ gaining currency. But the term has always been a bit woollier than some people would like to admit, mainly because human sexual behaviour is woolly and complicated. As sexual researchers will tell you, almost no one fits neatly into one box.

My preferred definition of lesbian is the one Scarleteen uses: “The sexual orientation of a woman who is sexually and emotionally attracted only or mostly to other women.” It honours the historical and modern meanings of the term, the flexibility of desire, doesn’t police who we’ve had sex with, and keeps the focus on who we’re attracted to, not who we’re excluding.


I genuinely care for you
Not like I’m looking for a return
Just determined to be in your life
Not in your way but right by your side

I genuinely crave you
Not like a a heavy kid’s dessert
Needs stronger, desire louder
A feign at her worst

I genuinely want you
Not like I’m tryna fuck
But if anything comes up
We’ll call it making music of love

I genuinely love you
Not like we play cousins
Undying never fading steal the world for you type love
And you owe me nothing

I can genuinely wait
Not like you’re not ALWAYS on a nigga mind
I just have faith
knowing fate has a way of sparking flames

Even if we meant to be buds, I genuinely know my love for you won’t ever let up

I Kissed A Girl (Fem!Destiel)

Prompt: Lesbian Castielle is threatened by the homophobic captain of the rugby team. Charlie and Deanna stick up for her.

Note: Inspired by: https://youtu.be/o48i8BiPYvA


“Hey lesbo.” Castielle Novak turned around, her face flushing.

“What?” She asked, trying to sound as aggressive as she could but failing terribly. “Heard you’ve been wandering around without a man for too long. It’s made you queer.”

Castielle swallowed hard but the boy wasn’t done talking.

“You really need some straightening up if you’ve been letting that dumb Winchester girl fuck you.”

Before the slightly scared cheerleader could reply, she felt a hand on her shoulder, and the sound of multiple footsteps.

“Who’re you calling dumb?” Deanna Winchester asked coldly “last I heard, you were presenting that ass of yours for the vice principal because she was out of boys to fuck.

“Yeah” Charlie Bradbury added, smirking “What’s it like to have your dick split on the polished floor while Mrs. Shoemaker gets some action on your skinny little back?”

The boy flushed harder than Castielle had only a few minutes ago but no one was deterred.

Deanna’s lips twitched in amusement before she turned and fitted her mouth to the cheerleader’s in a passionate kiss. Charlie cheered.

“Deanna” Castielle said softly as they pulled away.

“Don’t let the haters get you down, Cass” The Winchester girl replied, before kissing her lover again, not caring in the slightest that the corridor wasn’t empty.

I’ve seen many posts going around about how females are so “superior” to males for not doing the ‘no homo’ thing. And it’s true. Females can be as gay as they like… as long as they’re not gay. 

I went to an all-girls half boarding, half day girl school. Girls would get changed in front of each other, hug each other, braid each other’s hair. They’d say things like “you’re so hot” and talk about which celebrities they like. But as soon as you’re actually, like I am, all the tables are turned. 

Straight girl: OMG [insert female celebrity] is so sexy! I’d go lesbo for her! LOL

Me: Yeah, she’s really pretty. I like her too. 

Every single straight girl in existance: OMG she’s not a lesbian. She has a husband. You’d never have a chance with her. Why do lesbians always think everyone else is gay too. Just because you are, doesn’t mean the whole world is into women. You can’t force someone to be gay. You can change someone and make them gay. That’s really disrespectful. 

Lesbianism is accepted in all forms except lesbians. 

Playing LIE

In the book “Famous People of Ancient Greece”, Lesbos is mentioned for her “highly popular romantic poetry”. It fails to mention that she was




So here’s an extended ND game history lesson. Lesbos is an iconic woman writer and poet and she loved women and wrote about them a lot. I bet she would’ve fucked George in an instant.


I've said it once and I'll say it again.
  • Male protag in literally any story: /makes eye contact with woman
  • Xena: /Diverts a river to save Gabrielle's life. /Tells Gabrielle she's the best thing in her life while she's being cruxified. /Tells Gabrielle she loves her from the fucking other side. /Comes back to life to be with Gabrielle. /Goes back to two different underworlds to be with Gabrielle. /Rips heaven and hell a new one to be with Gabrielle. /Kisses Gabrielle multiple times. /Has SAPPHO THE SAPPHIC LESBIAN FROM LESBOS WRITE HER A LOVE POEM. /Does everything in her power to prove her love except fuck on camera.
  • People: It's just Subtext. God, isn't Subtext so annoying? Why can't we just watch them fuck? That's the only way we can prove it for certain.
  • Me: /stares into the camera like in the office.
Sappho born c. 612 BCE

What is known about the life of Sappho fills hardly a paragraph, and her surviving poems, many so fragmentary as to extend to only a few words, cover just thirty or forty pages. Yet she occupies a prominent place in history, as the woman who gave her name to what was called ‘sapphism’, and what today is called ‘lesbianism’, after the island of her birth. Well may she have written: ‘I think that someone will remember us in another time.’

The poet loved the beauty of young women – ‘towards you beautiful girls my thoughts / never alter’, she writes in one fragment. She fell in love, and one poem intimates the sexual consummation of her desires. She vividly describes the spine-tingling, sweating, ear-throbbing physical effects of passion. Love also brought pain, and in one of the more complete poems to survive Sappho voices distress that a lover is now drawn to someone else, a man. Elsewhere she addresses a girl several times by name, though with the melancholy of an affair that has come to an end: ‘I was in love with you, Atthis, once, long ago’. She calls upon Aphrodite to bring comfort in her lovelorn solitude and to revive a friend’s affections. She writes about a wedding, congratulating a bridegroom on his beautiful spouse. Writing as an ageing woman, the poet recalls threading love garlands; she realizes that certain sorts of love have now slipped away, yet mischievously reminds those still in the throes of passion that ‘we, too, did such things in our youth’. And she tenderly expresses a hope for her readers in a single-line fragment: ‘May you sleep upon your gentle companion’s breast.’

Much of our limited knowledge about lesbianism in ancient Greece comes, as the historian Leila Rupp has reminded readers, from a few suggestive images on vases and from the random, sometimes disobliging comments of men often found in Greek comedies. The sexuality of women was of little public import, except where it concerned the pleasures and familial obligations of men, and sex without phallic penetration barely counted as sex at all. Women did not show off their bodies in homosocial settings, as men did in the gymnasiums, and philosophers seldom ennobled passionate feelings between women with the same educative or philosophical mission as that accorded to intercourse between noble men and youths. There is some indication from Plutarch, however, that maidens and older women in Sparta entered into lasting relationships. In one of Lucian’s dialogues, a young woman, Leaena, recounts a Sapphic symposium where, after appropriate music-making, she was initiated into a sex triangle with a pair of partnered women, Demonassa and Megilla, the latter of whom happened to hail from Lesbos and took pride in her manliness as she moved to embrace her. For the classical scholar James Davidson, the mise en scène implies not only lesbian seduction, but the existence of declared lesbian couples in archaic Greece.

The relative silence about female same-sex love makes Sappho’s voice particularly resonant. The shards of her verses offer the first clear expressions of love between women in classical European literature and some of the most tantalizing literary images of lesbianism in the legacy of antiquity. Yet the sentiments painted in her verses are universal. It is no surprise that Sappho has been regularly rediscovered – a lesbian circle in early 20th-century Paris grew so enamoured of the poet that they occasionally dressed in ancient garb and recited her verses in Arcadian gardens, even making a pilgrimage to Lesbos. In the context of the women’s movement of the 1960s, Sidney Abbott and Barbara Love wrote a ‘liberated view of lesbianism’ entitled Sappho Was a Right-On Woman. As the classicist Alastair Blanshard has shown, Sappho, like other figures of antiquity connected with love and lust, has become a ‘brand’, omnipresent in literature and imagery.

Sappho’s image appears in many fanciful manifestations. The rather lifeless statue of her in Mytilene, shouldering a lyre, bespeaks pride in the island’s native daughter but also discomfort with her sexuality. Indeed, in 2008 the good people of Lesbos mounted a court case, unsuccessfully, to try to ensure that the term ‘lesbian’ applied only to the residents of the island, not to sapphists. Other statues turn Sappho into an alluring naked seductress, though probably many were meant to lure men rather than women. In other incarnations, she has become a leisured beauty, a stern Victorian bluestocking, a winsome adolescent, an ethereally pastel spirit ascending to the heavens, and a brooding, bare-breasted bard cloaked in mysterious black. The metamorphoses are further proof of Sappho’s endurance as honoured poet and lesbian icon.

- Robert Aldrich, ‘Gay Life Stories’ (2012)

Image: Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Sappho and Alcaeus, 1881 (Walters Art Museum, Baltimore)

perrie & selena {dirty imagine}

“hey sel thanks for letting me crash here tonight.” perrie says as she gets comfy under my huge blanket covering my queen sized bed. “no problem perrie couldnt let you spend the night at some random hotel.” i say laying with her. “wanna watch some tv?” she smiles picking the remote up. i nod. perrie was visiting with her boyfriend zayn but he had a appointment to attend back in london and perrie didnt wanna leave just yet so shes crashing here tonight which iam perfectly fine with. perrie and i have been friends for about 5 years yes, longer then her and zayn have been together. i had her first. just between me and you i have a lesbo crush on her, yes yes i know iam straight but shes the only one i want shes the one i want forever.  we always hang out together but since her and zayn became a thing she doesnt really hang with me anymore or talk even. “so how have you and zayn been?” i asks innocently. “we’ve been good.” she smile looking at me then back to the tv. i nod trying to think about what else to say until she breaks my thoughts. “well i really miss hanging out with you selena.” she says. “same.” i smile. as the night goes on we watch mean girls and two other movies i cant remember because i cant stop looking at perrie. shes facing away from me laying on her side we both decided to change into some pjs shes wearing some of mine. about 40 minutes went by and perrie hasnt said anything “perrie.” i whisper leaning over her shoulder. “perrie.” i whisper again. her eyes are closed and now that iam this close i could hear her steady breathing. she feel asleep i get a naughty idea. i smirk flickering off the tv. peeling the blanket off, i come in view of her tiny shorts that pretty much show her panties and tank top that hugs her breast perfectly. i run my fingers up her leg, she flinches. i giggle hooking my finger in the shorts pulling them down super slowly. i rub my finger against her pussy making her whimper unconsciously. i smile going on. i spread her legs in front of me letting me look at her core. i kiss her inner thigh leaving sloppy kisses. “mmmm” perrie hums moving arching her back. “thats it perrie.” i whisper nibbling on her covered pussy. “mmmhm.” she hums waking from her sleep. “selena! what are you doing?!” she says sitting up.  "perrie i cant stop thinking about you i want you perrie.“ i say pulling her to me. "selena i cant iam with zayn.”  she says still letting me pull her against. she straddles me looking down at me rubbing her covered pussy against me. “mmmm.” i moan as i feel her pussy rub against my lap. “i want you.” i whisper grabbing her ass in both my hands. she bites her bottom lip leaning in closer to me. “you really want me?” she teases grabbing my hand and laying it on her breast. i nod squeezing her breast roughly. she leans in and whispers,“ then take me.” i smile throwing her back against my bed. i crawl on top of her kissing her neck up to her lips. she smiles as i try and push my tongue in her mouth. “open.” i mumble sucking on her soft skin on her neck leaving a small purple spot. “no.” she says sounding more like a moan. i run my hand down trailing across her stomach and on top of her covered pussy. she hums biting down hard on her lips taming her moans. “open.” i whisper again. she shakes her head smiling at me. i smirk slipping my hand in her undies. i rub her clit playing with it a bit. “damn it selena.” perrie mutter throwing her head back against my pillow. i smirk feeling her wetness drips through my fingertips. i rub her clit slowly. “you know what the clit it for?” i ask seductively rubbing her harder. “what?” she says breathless. “plessure.” i reply leaning down pulling her undies down and giving her clit a long lick. “mmmm god selena!” she moans out.  spreading her legs for me. “fuck you taste good.” i mumble ripping her undies off her. she smiles reaching down for me. i hover over her again kissing her softly. this time she pushes her tongue in my mouth. i smile fighting with her soft tongue. she lets me win and i kiss down her neck nibbling on her breast kissing each one. she smiles closing her eyes. i move south to her pretty wet pussy. i bite my lip before kissing her pussy lips softly. she whimpers arching her back. “please selena.” she moans grabbing a hand full of the sheets. i blow my cool air then digs into her sticking my tongue into her. “yes!! selena oh yes baby!!” she screams out. i smile,“ you like this baby huh?” i take my finger sticking it in her. she nods rubbing her clit. “you little slut.” i laugh moving away from her. “where are you going?” she wines. i run to my closet grabbing my special bag and bring it to the bed. i pull out an 9inch dildo and place the bag on the floor. “mmm what are you gunna do with that baby?” perrie asks biting her lips. “jeez i dont know? what do you want me to do with it?” i tease placing the last strap around me. she spreads her legs open. i crawl over to her planting myself infront of her pussy. “what a good whore.” i mutter licking her from top to bottom. “damn it selena just fuck me with it.” perrie whimpers trying to push herself onto the toy. “okay okay ill stop.” i laugh ramming the 9inch inside her tight wet pussy. “god yes !! selena fuck!!” perrie yells out grabbing the bed head bar. i go at a steady pace, “selena please faster, harder.” perrie pants rubbing her breast. “okay baby whatev-” iam cut off by her phone ringing. i slow down as she reaches for it. “its zayn.” she moans as i keep fucking her. i take the phone from her “hey zayn whats up?” i say answering it.  perrie wraps her legs around my waist and i ram hard into her. “umm perrie is in the shower she needed to cool off.” i smile looking down at her. i pick up my pace ramming the dildo into her harder. “yes!” she moans slapping her mouth closed with her hand. i smirk holding her hips down with my free hand. “sure ill let her know.” i say quickly ending the call. “now thats done.” i smile grabbing her waist. “make me cum selena please!” she begs reaching up for my breast. “beg baby beg.” i smile rolling my hips. “please selena make me cum baby please.” she begs squeezing my breast. “mmm.” i hum going harder into her. “yes baby right there.” she whispers grabbing my breast. i grab her hand and pull her on top of me i sit up helping her down onto the toy. “OH FUCK YES DAMNIT!!” perrie screams out taking the full 9 inches. i smile watching her bounce up and down on me. “FUCK FUCK YESSSS!” she moans as i strike my hips upwards as she goes down. we move together making her feel amazing i can tell by the way she moans my name and the movement of her hips. “damn perrie.” i say grabbing her hips helping her move up and down. i feel her wetness all over my lap.  she smiles looking up to the ceiling “all for y-you baby all for you.” she whimpers wrapping her arms around my neck. i smile kissing her. “lets make you squirt.” i smirk moving upward. i throw her back down ramming into her making her scream my name. “yes there you go baby come for me.” i mumble spreading her legs out. “fuck god right there selena yes!” she moans rubbing her clit. “iam gunna cum.” she breaths out. “then cum.” i whisper rubbing her clit for her. “FUCK YES UHHHH FUCKKKK!” she screams and i remove the 9inch but still rubbing her clit letting her squirt all over my blanket. she lays back against the pillows catching her breath. “fuck.” i mumble removing the dildo from myself and licking up all her beautiful cum.  she hums. “fuck selena that felt so fucking good.” perrie moans rubbing her legs together. “yeah? better then zayn?” i smirk laying next to her. “umm yeah better then zayn.” she smiles straddling my waist kissing me. 

heres another story hope you all like it & i have some news for you guys! tell me what you think :) 

how to spot a lesbian: a guide

My brother’s new girlfriend
is a baby queer.

My gaydar
(though rusting,
& usually it only picks up
show tunes and Grindr users)
flashed, and I raised my eyebrows
once she walked in.

Was it the well-worn flannel
slung so casually over her athletic frame,
as if she’d unapologetically woken
up in the 90s?
Maybe it was the Birkenstocks,
worn without irony–
or her iPhone, probably packed with
Missy Elliot,
and Ellen’s greatest hits.

My brother beamed through his acne,
elated to have a girlfriend,
so I smiled.
She shook my hand with a surprisingly
soft grip
for someone with such short fingernails.

She couldn’t have been
older than seventeen,
with messy brown hair
     (vegan shampoo?)
and a crooked smile
that she hadn’t quite grown into.
Her name was T.
As in T-ball, I guess.

I tried not to jump to conclusions,
but she said she liked Greek mythology,
and that had to mean
the Isle of Lesbos.

She listed her favorite comedians:
     Wanda Sykes
     Ellen Degeneres
     & Conan O'Brien,
who are all middle-aged lesbians.
She said her greatest dream
was Lilith Fair,
and I’m sure she, like me,
has fantasized about making out
with the female half
of Saturday Night Live.

She said the words,
     The best baba ghanoush
and knew
Danitra Vance’s birthday.
So I twisted the cap
off two Root Beers
so we could have a chat.

After she left,
I told my brother
that his girlfriend was one haircut away
from being a full-fledged dyke.
He called me jealous.
He said I wanted everyone to be gay,
because I’m probably
trying to form a softball team,
     or something.

Perhaps that’s true.
I’ve come to appreciate
his girlfriend’s full lips
and crooked smile.
So I told her to call me five years from now,
if she wants to go
to an Angel Haze concert.