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what's so wrong with going to pride if you're not gay and just want to go with your family and friends? I went with my lesbian sister, her wife, and baby, and my dad and his boyfriend. i wanted to show my support and see what pride was like. and most gay people i know have no qualms with going with their straight friends. my sister was very happy we wanted to go with her. I don't see the problem???

there’s a difference between going with queer family members like you’re saying and going to pride, as a straight person, just to witness a spectacle.  in my original post i was more talking about how oftentimes, groups of straight people will come along to generally “support” without actually having queer friends/family, or just go to witness a spectacle.  The point was that pride is a safe place for LGBT people and hoards of cis straight people attending makes a lot of queer people feel invalidated, used as a prop, and unsafe.