what i hate about the phrase “sexuality is fluid” is that in its original context it meant “sexuality is not a binary of straight and gay, sexuality can exist on a fluid spectrum with some people falling on the strictly straight or gay end spectrum and others falling in between" but MOGAI tumblr takes it to mean “every single individual person’s sexuality is fluid and that’s why lesbians should fuck men.”

Lesbians: hey we’d love if lesbian-specific words like butch, femme, dyke, lesbo, lez, or even lesbian weren’t used by non-lesbians to refer to themselves because these are words created by lesbians to refer to ourselves/each other or slurs directed specifically at lesbians
The mogais: *banging their fists on the table* NO!!!! NO!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!! NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!

a thing i wish got talked about more wrt butch women is that like… being muscular/physically fit isn’t a requirement for being butch and women who are neither are still butch

definitely it’s important to examine how muscular women (especially woc and trans women) get degendered and dehumanized but also i feel like butch spaces can be really alienating for butches who aren’t buff, who don’t work out, who aren’t physically strong

and i feel like sometimes the language used can be unintentionally fatphobic/ableist, like, perpetuating the idea that thin muscular bodies are “perfect” or “ideal” can get really depressing if that’s an ideal you don’t want to or can’t meet

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anonymous asked:

what's so wrong with going to pride if you're not gay and just want to go with your family and friends? I went with my lesbian sister, her wife, and baby, and my dad and his boyfriend. i wanted to show my support and see what pride was like. and most gay people i know have no qualms with going with their straight friends. my sister was very happy we wanted to go with her. I don't see the problem???

there’s a difference between going with queer family members like you’re saying and going to pride, as a straight person, just to witness a spectacle.  in my original post i was more talking about how oftentimes, groups of straight people will come along to generally “support” without actually having queer friends/family, or just go to witness a spectacle.  The point was that pride is a safe place for LGBT people and hoards of cis straight people attending makes a lot of queer people feel invalidated, used as a prop, and unsafe.