it’s okay to be a girl and be sexually attracted to other girls!! i know it can seem scary but you can not replicate the male gaze, you are not contributing to the over sexualization of women, you are beautiful and wonderful. loving girls is so good.

butch/femme comes from and was created by working class lesbians in the 30s/40s and the identifiers butch/femme are for lesbians only. it was coined by these woman because if one of them passed as a man they wouldn’t get beaten or murdered. femme and feminine are not interchangeable. even if you’re LGBT+ or a wlw you can’t use “femme” as a shortened version of feminine because that’s not what the word means.

bc im angry and tired of not seeing myself lately: if me and paz @leiaorganaisalesbian were to start a fat wlw tumblr network, would anyone would be interested?

requirements would be

💖 be fat
💖 be a wlw
💖 actively prioritize fat bodies and fat wlw bodies in particular
🙅🏼 not be a twerf

like and reply and reblog, we wanna gauge interest uou

i need straight feminists to understand that lesbian women’s attraction to women does not equal straight men’s attraction to women. lesbian women do not have ‘the male gaze’ and though lesbian women are capable of objectifying and mistreating other women (which does NOT just include straight women) that is a problem in OUR community and an issue we face and try to solve as sisters and it is not straight women’s place to shame and ridicule lesbians and compare us to men for having internalized misogyny like any woman is capable of having regardless of her orientation. just don’t; especially when you wouldn’t hold men to that same standard

stop comparing lesbians to men and treating us like we arent women


anniversary look!!! earrings by my bff tony @mongoosemeat <3

ive been common-law married for a year, living with my wife for about two years, and dating her for 7 years. she is absolutely my other half. i wouldn’t be the person i am without her, and i can’t wait to spend another year growing with her and loving her.

action @secretboardofshadowyfigures, i’m so glad i met you. i love you with all my heart.

literally every single lesbian moodboard or aesthetic or any kind of content i see only ever features thin conventionally attractive women and it is Pissing Me Off!!!

it took me a lot of searching to come to terms with being a femme lesbian and a fat woman and especially a fat femme lesbian and it would be really cool if i could see myself in lesbian aesthetics but no!!! guess not!!!