day seventeen ; formal

beginning. accusationrestlesssnowflake. haze. flame. formal. companion.move. silver. prepared. knowledge. denial. wind. order. thanks.look. summer. transformationtremblesunsetmad. thousand. outside. winterdiamondletterspromise. simple. future.

While the Sadie Hawkins dance is nowhere near as fancy as prom, it’s still a pretty big deal. Sam pulls out his dad’s old tux (thankfully, it isn’t powder blue, like all those cheesy 80s movies), and Blaine rents one, freshly pressed. They agree to meet at the dance, and Blaine, ever punctual, arrives first. He smiles at his friends as they arrive with their dates, waving and grinning, sending them a thumbs up in approval. Then, the Evans minivan pulls up in front of the gym. His heart pounds and he can’t help but smile widely. He tried to make the whole thing very formal. He had written out a whole speech, editing and rewriting and scratching things out, until he ripped the paper up, starting from scratch. When Sam came home after school to find Blaine sitting on his front porch with a guitar across his lap, the blonde had just grinned.

“Dude, if you’re asking me to Sadie Hawkins, the answer is yes. Unless you came over to jam, in which case, the answer is also yes, and forget what I said about Sadie Hawkins.”

Blaine smiles at the thought now, the grin growing when Sam steps out of the van. His hair is dark, tousled like those days where he shows up to school late with sleep still heavy in his voice, and he pushes it out of his face to search for Blaine. Blaine waves to catch his attention, and Sam’s face lights up when he smiles. Blaine is starting to really like that smile.

“Hey,” Sam greets, suddenly nervous.

“Hi,” Blaine replies, grinning shyly.

Then Sam is doing one of his ridiculous impressions and Blaine is laughing, and in the midst of their chuckles their hands meet. Neither of them pull away, and as their fingers intertwine, there’s a shift of energy, a softening of smiles, and a crackle of electricity. Neither of them notice the group of boys glaring at them, nor do they know what’s coming. But for the moment, it doesn’t matter. They’re holding hands, the night is young, and so are they.

lesblams replied to your post: Indigo is NOT a color of the rainbow.


It’s NOT. There are 6 colors of the rainbow, at least in English. (In Russian, there are 7 because “blue” is split into “light blue” and “dark blue” since there isn’t a word for plain blue.)

The colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. It works out perfectly because they are either primary (red, yellow, blue) or secondary (orange, green, purple) colors. On top of that, they each have their complementary color (red-green, yellow-purple, orange-blue). Indigo is a tertiary color without a corresponding complementary color in the rainbow. IT DOESN’T BELONG.

day fourteen ; denial

beginning. accusationrestlesssnowflake. haze. flame. formal. companion.move. silver. prepared. knowledge. denial. wind. order. thanks. look. summer. transformationtremble. sunset. mad. thousand. outside. winterdiamondletterspromise. simple. future.

Santana was in love with a blonde. One who was tall (one who wasn’t too tall, just the right height for Santana to bury her face in the crook of her neck without stretching or reaching), with eyes like the sky, (but only at sunset, when it glowed), who could dance (a trained ballerina, of all the things, dainty just like she was), with a kind heart and a warm embrace (she would never forget how fiercely Quinn had hugged her, or how quickly she had come to her defense). Santana was in love with Brittany S. Pierce (Lucy Quinn Fabray), and despite everything (the fluttering in her stomach when she saw the girl, the stupid way she wanted to kiss her or hold her hand, how she wanted to prove thatsomebody did love her and she didn’t have to look very far), nothing would change her mind on that. She wasn’t in denial about anything (she was, and it was ridiculous), and she was perfectly content with how her life was (romantically lacking, of her own accord), thank you very much.

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Wait, I thought your parents were okay with the whole sleeping over thing? We should go to your house more, though… Also, I LOVE YOU!

they are, my mom is just…a mom. she says she doesn’t see me at all.

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#5 blaine i am disappoint

you’re being creepy again.

day twenty four ; wind

beginningaccusationrestlesssnowflakehaze. flame. formal. companion. move.silverprepared. knowledge. denial. wind. order. thankslooksummertransformationtremblesunsetmad.thousandoutsidewinterdiamondletterspromise. simple. future.

Sam likes to think he can thank the wind for everything. He knows it sounds ridiculous, and something out of the world’s cheesiest chick flick, but it’s completely and totally true. He had been walking to his history class freshman year, headphones in and hair dark brown, when a gust of wind blew a few sheets of paper to his feet. He had bent down to grab them when another pair of hands appeared in his sight, and he had looked up, right into the eyes of his soulmate. Blaine always teases him when he recounts this story, but Sam laughs and waves him off, insisting that he knew, from the moment he first laid eyes on Blaine, he was in love. And it was a terrifying thought, being in love with a guy when all his life he had thought he would fall in love with a girl, but the crazy thing about love is that you can never really control it.

Kind of like the wind.