i say “i’m bisexual”
but all you see is me holding hands with my girlfriend
and you suddenly can’t hear me over “i didn’t know you were a lesbian"
I say, “i’m bisexual”
but my coming out goes unheard
over you telling me, “it’s just a phase, you’ll pick a side eventually"
I say, “i’m bisexual”
but you can’t hear me over 
“oh, honey, you’re just confused, you’re too young to know for sure”
I say, “i am bisexual”
but you hear
“i am greedy”
“i am indecisive”
“i am wishy-washy”
I am bisexual
and I am so fucking tired
of your stereotypes
and your assumptions
I am bisexual
and I am valid
—  Unknown

To all the tears shed in high school, the sense of loneliness, hopelessness, that you were different or wrong or unworthy, for the feelings of thinking you couldn’t be truthful, that you weren’t safe, that nobody understood you, that you didn’t understand yourself, for your friends having their first dates and kisses when they were 15, and for you going through high school without dating, for having to hide your true feelings, your true colors, to every girl who fell in love with her straight best friend…. just know you won’t be hidden in the shadows forever. It may seem like you’ll never kiss or date or come out, but you can and you will. You will find eternal happiness in a matter of years, and trekking through and waiting to meet the right girl will be worth everything you went through. You may feel trapped. But it won’t last. It can’t last. You will fall in love with somebody who loves you. You will love and accept yourself. You can and will be happy.

I'd be so sweet to my gf. I'd cook for her, massages, cuddles, and just chillin'. We'd watch movies & Netflix. I'd just want to smile and laugh with each other.

One catch, no girls like me…