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lesbiansandthelivingdead  asked:

You've probably answered this before at some point but what do you hope happened with Azula after the events of ATLA?

I’m actually writing a fic about it right now, but it’s only three chapters in.  Basically, what the summary says:

Iroh isn’t sure taking a mentally-fragile Azula under his wing is the right decision. In fact, he’s pretty sure it’s a terrible decision, but he does it out of love for Zuko. As he and Ty Lee help Azula pick up the pieces and start a new life, Iroh learns that he has a lot more in common with his niece than he initially realized. Once the assassination attempts and public meltdowns stop, the two of them are able to focus on the things that really matter in life: tea, pai sho, war stories, beautiful women, and missing mothers.  (Tyzula)

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/459144

I’ve written a few other fics about it, but basically I want her to discover what SHE wants to do and what she’s good at.  I want her to reconcile with Ty Lee, form a mentoring relationship with Iroh, and be a surprisingly good sister and auntie.  I want her to become Zuko’s top general and strategist, and I want her and Ty Lee to take in a stray cat and teach Zuko’s daughter how to fight.