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Guardians of the Galaxy kinda review.

Good morning.

Watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 today!! I loved it!!

Well, the plot is very simple, it was predictable and I kinda cringed at the amount of clichés in it. But not that I really cared anyway, as I enjoyed the whole piece from the very start till the end. The jokes weren’t the funniest I’ve ever heard, but I laughed. Actually, this movie made me feel a wide range of feelings, starting from compassion to the tender emotions for Groot being cutie. Oh boi, Groot being cutie got me good, I hate it when they use tricks like that in the movies to play with my soft heart, but I couldn’t control my emotions.

And also how beautiful it was, I have no words to describe it. CGI took my breath not just one or two times, I loved the colors, I loved locations, I loved creatures, I loved everything I saw.

Suddenly, I found myself thinking of how big my crush is on the main female character, for the moment or even longer I gave zero fuck about Chris Pratt, all I wanted to see is this beautiful badass woman who doesn’t care about your shit. Man, this is the moment when you’re not sure if you want to be her or be under her, but I’ll rather choose the second option. (oh and the new female character that looks like an insect – oh, she’s cute, I want to wrap her in the blanket like burrito and tell her she’s more beautiful then all of the SGI used in this movie)

The soundtrack, as it was in the first part, was good, nothing surprised me here.

I usually do not like this kind of movies, movies that are so simple and easy to watch that everyone love them, but in this case I enjoyed it so much I didn’t even care. I mean, I feel like I should be mad at this bad plot, but I don’t want to. There’s nothing bad that I want to tell about it. It was worth waiting so long for the second part, not only because there’s Chis Pratt in it.

Looking forward for the third part as it’s pretty obvious that we’ll see it soon,

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So another year is over! 2014 has been a weird year…  a lot of great things happened, but also sad and unrequired ones… I got an half job, but it wasn’t what I was expecting, and I’m loosing the trust in this poor State… é_è but eh, experience at least.
Also Molly is gone. It’s been 10 months now, and I can’t still believe it. I don’t think I’ll ever get over this. I miss you ♥

Btw, talking about art, I think this year I learned how to ink properly… more or less. Also maybe my coloring now is better? That’s what I’m hoping :°D
Looking at my art folder, 2014 can be remembered as the Justicykes apocalypse. I’ve like 200+ file in that shippy folder, and I’m pretty sure a good 50% are unseen on the web (and I’m not going to post them *cough*). And December is already useless lesbians month, so yey, that’s amore.

Keeping it up, let’s see what 2015 has in store for us!