lesbians need love too


Parallel Smiles ♥

I wish I hadn’t gone on goodreads to see what others had to say about this book. The comment section is full of bi women giving it 5 stars without having read it because yay, finally a book where a lesbian falls in love with a guy; bi women pretending biphobic lesbians are giving it 1 star “just because it has a bisexual character”; bi women pretending not to understand why a book about a het or bi girl falling in love with a girl is fine but a book about a lesbian falling in love with a guy is not; bi women calling lesbians bigots and, of course, Nazis.
The words “sexuality is fluid” appear half a million times, in case you were still unclear on whether this concept is inherently homophobic.

All of these reviewers gave the book 5 stars:
Category I: “The lesbian community is mean and biphobic. Lesbians attacked me (probably with machetes) for not being gay enough”

^ Overlapping with category II: “I needed this book as a teen. Fuck lesbian teens, though”

Category III: “This is just a book about bisexuality, I don’t understand why lesbians are mad. Probably because they’re conservative bigots who need to be told that love is love!!”

Category IV: “So it’s fine to write about a “straight” or bi girl who falls in love with a girl but not about a “lesbian” who falls in love with a guy?? Lesbians are hypocrites”

Category V: “Why won’t you let us fluidify lesbians in peace”

Category VI: “The idea that women who call themselves lesbians might end up with a guy just isn’t discussed / represented enough” (/ “I understand that the “lesbian finds the right guy” trope is problematic, but consider this, lesbians: women who fall in love with men need representation too. Also fuck you.”)

Category VII: “Lesbians are Nazis”, an old classic

But to end on a better note, thank you to the lesbians who tried to fight against this deluge of lesbophobia:

ok this is getting very gay, we’re talking about meeting up and going maybe to Florence or Venice and she said goodbye wishing me goodnight and saying see u tomorrow and im so very excited how tf am I supposed to sleep now???

To all the bi girls and women out there:

Listen to lesbians. 

We love to put ourselves under the wlw umbrella, call ourselves gay and revel in our love for women, but often, we ignore the rest of the people under that umbrella - the women who are actually gay by definition, and who can do nothing but love other women. 

They’re our sisters, and they share a lot with us, but they don’t share everything. We outnumber them, and often, our voices become far louder than theirs, drowning them out in a patriarchal society that already hates to listen to them most of all. 

Lesbians are oppressed for their sexualities more than we are, and their voices have been silenced for longer than any of us can remember. We have made a voice for ourselves, we have made a space for ourselves, and now its time to give them back their voices, and their spaces.

Listen to lesbians, with an open mind and open heart. They have a lot to say, and not a lot of people willing to listen.