lesbians need love too

It’s embarrassing you know? To want you. Not like the fact that I want you is embarrassing. But the amount that I want you. I’d always sworn to myself that I wouldn’t do this. I wouldn’t play it out like this if you came around. You’ve got me in the palm of your hand. And although that’s really not too frightening for me. The fact that it doesn’t frighten me is what’s got me all twisted up. It’s like an old 80’s song. “I want you to want me.” But it’s never that simple is it? I’m over here, like a 15 year old kid. Drawing you pictures and writing you letters. And the best damn lyrics I can come up with are, “I want you to want me. I need you to need me. I’d love you to love me. I’m begging you to beg me.” But that’s too simple.
—  I want you to want me

Posting just because I’m too lazy to finish this honestly. But this was only supposed to be a doodle so its pretty sloppy…..i’m trash for these two  (nora’s hair is lighter because i lost her hair swatch) Oh and when not out fighting Titans Nora will not rock her bang bump haha 

 Left full version, right cropped kiss

Let’s assume Hange was working too hard and nora got tired of it. 

No hate or flames because this is oc x canon

Ref was used and it was sooo damn hard to draw it.

OH and ignore that ugly scar…i’ve never done one before lol nora has a nasty one going to her shoulder blade


To all the bi girls and women out there:

Listen to lesbians. 

We love to put ourselves under the wlw umbrella, call ourselves gay and revel in our love for women, but often, we ignore the rest of the people under that umbrella - the women who are actually gay by definition, and who can do nothing but love other women. 

They’re our sisters, and they share a lot with us, but they don’t share everything. We outnumber them, and often, our voices become far louder than theirs, drowning them out in a patriarchal society that already hates to listen to them most of all. 

Lesbians are oppressed for their sexualities more than we are, and their voices have been silenced for longer than any of us can remember. We have made a voice for ourselves, we have made a space for ourselves, and now its time to give them back their voices, and their spaces.

Listen to lesbians, with an open mind and open heart. They have a lot to say, and not a lot of people willing to listen.