lesbians moving in

She was a pit stop, a road block, a life lesson. One I wasn’t meant to build a home in. She was a town you visit and think about, but not the town you raise your children in. She’s the town that will suffocate you if you don’t leave. The one others look at and go “why do they stay?“
I reluctantly pushed the gas pedal forward, crying when I saw it in the rear view mirror. I desperately tried to circle around and find that town again - but it was blown off the map. That town no longer exists and I’m so thankful that when I searched for it, only remembering the good times I had there - forgetting the rocky foundation, the sinkhole in the middle - it stayed hidden from me. That town taught me lessons, it showed me what I can feel. It also showed me hate, anger, depression, and my worth. That town was a pit stop - not a home.

I’ll continue to push the gas pedal forward.

I looked through our conversations when we used to be on cloud nine and in love, these were the times you told me how lucky you are to have a girl like me, how thankful you are because you never received such love I was giving to you and whatever happens, you will never let me go. The words you said mean everything to me and it stabs my heart, realizing that these words mean nothing anymore. I can’t help myself but to cry my heart out till the sun has set. The pain is too heavy to bear, the love I believed to be true and different was gone. We used to be over the moon, but the present tells the opposite. This is stupid of me to say but, I won’t deny the fact that I miss you so much. I love you, I still do. But somehow, I’ve come with the thought that I can’t do anything anymore, I need to let you go because it’s the right thing to do. I’ve decided to finally move on and this would be the last time I would cry over you because there was nothing left to hold on to and I can’t hold on to something that doesn’t want to be held.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry because I was the reason why you let things end. I’m sorry for the terrible mistake I made, I never blamed you for deciding to end this because you were hurt and I understand. I only have myself to blame. But, I was hoping you would’ve understood, that I did it for us. I always feared the day would come, the day you will finally won’t take back the words you’ve said. I’m sorry for the other things that have hurt you, for the things that made you cry, jealous and mad. 

Thank you. I’m thankful that I met you because you have given me a temporary bliss. I laughed and smiled because of you. Somehow, you made me feel loved and beautiful in a short period of time. Thank you for the good days: the days we felt unstoppable like we’re flying high, when holding your hand felt like home, leaning on your shoulders made me feel secure and hearing your voice sound like the angels are singing. It was worth it, being loved and loving you. Thank you for making me realize how capable I am to love someone. You proved forever within a number of days. You were the greatest and worst thing ever happen to me. 

Goodbye. This will be the last time that I will write you a message, I’ll accept the fact that some things are meant to end, even though I used to believe that you won’t let that happen. I did everything I could to make you stay, but I guess your life no longer includes me because, you’re happy now and I can see that clearly. You already found a love that’s all the things ours couldn’t be. I hope you find overwhelming joy by her side, I hope she won’t hurt you and make you cry. I hope for the best for the both of you. It hurts but I’ve accepted the painful truth that I am just a distant memory now. I don’t regret loving you, but what I regret is that I let myself believe that this would last.

I won’t forget you and the memories, I will always keep you alive in my heart. I’ll just get used to not having you in my life anymore. Deep within my heart knows getting over you won’t be simple. I need to stop loving you so I can start loving myself again. You were a painful blessing, but you were also a great lesson. I guess you’re just another chapter of my life needed to end. I still and will pray for your safety and happiness even though I’m in pain right now, I still believe you deserve the best. I hope you find everything in her that you couldn’t find in me. You will always be my greatest love.

—  S.L // unsent last message
Lesbian roller skating

So last weekend I went roller skating with my friends. The place we went had a wooden rink and carpet area with tables and a snack bar.
After an hour of skating around we decided to get some food.


So we came to the counter of the snack bar, and there was two cashiers, both I’m pretty sure went to our school. All my friends ordered got food and left me, like the amazing dickheads they are.

One of the cashiers was very attractive, she had long blond curls, and my gayness was like omfg cute girl help me. So she leaned over the counter to ask how she could help me and smiled sweetly at me. I walked closer, and me being the complete fail I am, I trip ON THE STUPID CARPET and reached my hands out to stable myself and my hands landed over hers. And she started giggling, and I was completely embarrassed.

I place my order, and hand her the money at the same time. And she says sure thing cutie with a wink, while handling me my bag of chips. By now I was like attractive girl just said I was cute wtf is going on!!

So then I embarrassingly penguin walk to my friends, who didn’t notice any of this or the fact that I’m attractive to females and I eat my chips

Moral of the story is, sometimes carpets are good to skate on and sometimes your friends leaving you results in flirting with cute girls.

I’m not one to believe in fate or destiny
but when we kissed
I swear I felt the stars fall, planets collide, continents rip themselves from the root, and earth flip upside down
Just to tell us we weren’t meant to be.
—  Odett G.
overwatch heroes as lgbt memes
  • Soldier 76: move i'm gay
  • Reaper: the gay agenda
  • McCree: macklemore didn’t die for this
  • Genji: [minor inconvenience] is homophobic
  • Pharah: classifying random things as butch or femme
  • Sombra: bisexuals are invisible
  • Hanzo: don’t gays have a power bottom thing
  • Widowmaker: we popping the BIGGEST bottles when makorra happens tomorrow
  • Junkrat: what’s better than this, just guys being dudes
  • Mei: the moon is a lesbian
  • Bastion: isn’t it kind of fucked up that we apply gender to [inanimate object]. wake up. they’re just [inanimate object].
  • Torbjorn: i bought a rainbow backpack to support you guys
  • Roadhog: [x] belongs to gay people, straight people can’t have it
  • D.VA: the rumour come out: does [x] is gay?
  • Zarya: down with cis
  • Winston: i can’t get up! i'm gay!
  • Reinhardt: [insert fairytale here] but gay
  • Mercy: not to be a lesbian but oh my fucking god. oh my god. jesus fucking christ. fucking shit jesus fuck oh my fucking jesus christ. god in heaven. holy fucki ng shit
  • Lucio: elton john, a known gay
  • Ana: handmaiden/feudal lord discourse
  • Zenyatta: HAROLD…
  • Symmetra: trans women can't cook quesadillas

all my faves are lesbians meme: [1/?]➸ sophie hatter & howl pendragon from howl’s moving castle

“When timid, plain Sophie unwittingly finds herself under a spell that transforms her into an old lady, she seeks help in the form of the Wizard Howl, her fire demon, and her moving castle (the Wizard Howl only eats the hearts of pretty girls, after all). Through their adventures and endeavors, Sophie grows to find a home with Howl, Michael, and Calcifer, and discovers the magic within herself. ”

My literal goal in life is to have a studio apartment with plants and cute lights and the love of my life to wake up on Sunday’s and make pancakes with me and watch romantic comedies and a little dog curled up in a basket at the foot of our bed, both doing jobs we love and having drinks with our friends in cool bars on Friday nights and photos of our holidays together in frames in the hallway and wearing christmas jumpers in the winter and having food fights and duvet wars and lazy stay in bed all day days….is that too much to ask
And I remember when we first met
You took my breath away
Not in a romantic I’ve been waiting for you my whole life kind of way
But as a reminder that i’d never be able to breathe without you again.
—  Odett G.
You drained me.
you drained every bit of happiness, silliness, and laughter I had in me.
Do you realize how exhausting it is to listen to someone complain everyday.
To watch someone drown in self pity, in pure annoyance, in so much anger, every.single.fucking.day.
Do you know what that does to a person?
Of course you don’t, because you were so intoxicated by your own chaos that you didn’t see the damage you were doing to the ones that are constantly involved in it.
But you want to know whats crazy, whats out of this world, whats completely fucking bonkers? I never once, not even for a second considered walking away from your chaos. 
I never felt like you were just too much to handle, despite my own personal mess.
I never once became indifferent towards you because you overwhelmed me. 
I stayed instead, and so desperately tried to be that light that brought you out of this darkness you had inside of you.
What I didn’t notice was that that darkness was so strong that it began to consume me as well.
Yet, I made the choice to stay and share that pain with you, the thought of you being alone through this made me want to rip out every single piece of happiness I had inside of me and give it to you.
so I did.
and when the time came for you to be the light in my life, you walked away.
thats it.
you walked away, theres no romantic or poetic way to put it or explain it.
So I sat there and searched and searched for that light and peace I once had inside of me and all I found was your darkness within me.
But despite the fact that I now wake up in a frantic scavenger hunt looking for who I used to be before you, I forgive you.
I wholeheartedly forgive you.
Because you showed me how much love I have to give.
How kind and understanding My soul really is. 
How patient I could really be.
And you showed me the humanity I once thought was lost in me.
For that I thank you.
Perhaps thats why you were in my life, to show me that I still have so much to give.
I am now realizing that if I gave my all to you, the wrong person..
My God how lucky is the right one going to be.
—  Odett G