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why is "monosexual" a bad thing? i thought it was just an easy way to say a person only likes one gender? i didn't think it was anything bad. (sorry if this question is offensive, im trying to be a more informed member of the queer com)

I’m going to reply to this one, so that astromousike gets a notification, but I have two anons about this too: 

im curious - why is monosexual bad? i thought it was used by bi/pan/poly people to describe homo/hetero people and that it literally means sexualities that are only attracted to one gender? is this bad????


What is monosexual and what’s wrong with the word?

You are correct in that “monosexual” does literally mean “person who is only attracted to one gender.” The problem with the term and especially with “monosexualism” is that it implies that gay men and lesbians are privileged on the basis of their sexualities, when they are not. It homogenizes biphobia from gay men and lesbians with biphobia from heterosexuals and treats it all as downward aggression, when really biphobia from gay men and lesbians is lateral aggression, and, like most forms of lateral aggression, it goes both ways

“Monosexism” as a term does nothing that “biphobia” does not, and “gay and lesbian monosexuals” is an absolutely revolting term that 100% of the time could have been replaced with “gay men and lesbians” without any loss of meaning. Frankly, I’m skeptical that much good will ever come from discussions that homogenize lateral aggression and downward aggression, but for the rare occasions when some good might come from it, there is nothing wrong with calling people “homosexuals and heterosexuals,” or even “people who are not bisexual.” (The latter phrase, despite what some people will claim, does not remotely have the same implication as “people who are not trans,” for example. “People who are not trans,” is a less-than-ideal phrase because it’s only necessary because cis-ness is normalized to the point where most people don’t even know the word for it. Monosexuality is not normalized to that point. Heterosexuality is. The moment that you forget that, your queer politics turn to shit. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.) 

Additionally, by referring to people as “gay and lesbians monosexuals” rather than “gay men and lesbians,” you are prioritizing their monosexuality over their actual identities. You are going out of their way to group them in with heterosexuals in order to paint them as oppressors, when really you could have made the same point if you’d just said “gay men and lesbians” but that would have required acknowledging that they are just as oppressed as you are. It’s all part of this bullshit ~queerer than thou~ thing that polysexual tumblr has going on, where we keep seeing ridiculous claims like “homosexuality is heteronormative,” and other bullshit that’s really transparently homophobic and does nothing to actually liberate anyone, but it does help certain popular bloggers score points and followers for ~calling out the evil gay oppressors~.

Yes, lesbian and gay tumblr does its own version of this, where they talk about “straight passing privilege” as if that’s a constant thing that can be quantified or divided up among sexuality lines. (There are bisexuals who will never pass as cishet. There are lesbians who easily can in most social situations.) It’s also based on the idea that heteronormativity is a privileged which is ridiculous. That’s also wrong. 

Speaking of lesbians, though, we really need to acknowledge that androsexuality is compulsory for all women in a misogynist society, and while certainly women of all sexualities can be hurt by this, claims that it does not hit lesbians in a unique and brutal way are ridiculous. Lesbians are oppressed for their monosexuality. You cannot separate a lesbian woman’s monosexuality from her oppression. Claiming that she’s privileged for her monosexuality or that it is in any way fair to lump her monosexuality in with a straight man’s, or indeed even a straight woman’s or a gay man’s, is ridiculous. 

Basically, both sides of queer tumblr needs to get its shit together, and a big part of this is killing terms like “monosexism” and “straight-passing privilege” dead so that we can have an actual dialogue where we listen to each other as two groups who are equally oppressed in different ways and who both sometimes hurt each other in entirely avoidable ways. Only then can we actually heal together and go back to putting our energy toward destroying the heterosexist patriarchy. 

Proponents of the terms “monosexualism” and “monosexuals” don’t actually want a dialogue. They want a one-sided conversation where gay men and lesbians accept all of the blame and have to do all of the work toward fixing the rift between our communities. Proponents of the term “straight-passing privilege” one the same thing, just the other way around. Both of them are wrong. 

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it sucks we didn't have marriage equality in the early 2000s and in the 90s, that was the golden age for lesbians. We were at our strongest and most proudest and the fashion was great. Gee I miss it so much.

Aw I envy yall older lesbians for being there in the 1990s/2000s! I’m a child of the 90s myself, and I guess I only got the last few years of that.

I’m glad you got to see marriage equality happen, though! Maybe we can make the 2020s the lesbian age. Let’s revolt, gals. 

May our future be female

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what r some of ur fav music artists and songs??

i’m obsessed with riot grrrl and queercore bands! these are probably my favourite songs atm:

  • she’s crushing my mind - team dresch
  • the galaxy is gay - the butchies
  • modern girl - sleater-kinney
  • revolt - lesbians on ecstasy
  • alien she - bikini kill (which is where my url is from)

i also love the singer montaigne, and i’ve just started listening to amanda palmer and i really like her

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omsjgkl your cat is so beautiful and handsome. this did give me an idea tho: supergirl au where kara gets a cat and it somehow becomes just as famous as supergirl

LISTEN YOU GUYS!!! i just learned that it is LITERALLY COMICS CANON that supergirl has an animal sidekick named streaky the supercat. I’M NOT MAKING THIS SHIT UP THIS IS 100% TRUE FACT. like how superman has krypto the superdog, kara has an actual factual supercat (of the actual feline, non-grant variety)

so. first things first streaky the supercat becomes social media friends with gary fisher because obviously they are the two most pure and beloved celebrity pets in the world

kara (as supergirl) has a decent twitter presence in this au because come on it’s 2016, do you really expect me to believe that cat grant would let kara slack on the social media front? mhmm yeah right no way the queen of all media is letting her superhero not have some sort of online presence when that is definitely the best way to control The Message™ and have her speak directly to the people without further compromising her actual identity (like come on, it is SO EASY to maintain your anonymity behind a pseudonym on social media while still reaching your audience, that’s kind of the whole point!!!)

cat grant is def friends with jack dorsey (they have an exclusive Media Moguls Club i’m sure) and got him to lock down the @supergirl handle for kara. kara tried to get @supercat but someone had already made a shipper/parody account for supergirl and cat grant (thanks @ that one meta-ass supercat fic) and cat insists that she tried to get jack to get her that one too but he said he could do it for supergirl but sorry he can’t repo a handle from someone for her cat (i mean we’ve seen what happens when they try to do that, the lesbians would revolt) but actually cat just finds it hilarious and loves that parody twitter account more than anything else on the entire internet

ANYWAYS supergirl and carrie fisher become friends through tweeting and instagramming selfies with streaky and gary at each other all the time and they kinda just start tweeting about life and shit and it’s gr9 except cat is kinda pissed about it because carrie’s tweeting style is rubbing off on kara and multiple-pulitzer-prize-winner cat grant will not stand for her superhero (and her journalistic protege no less!!) presenting herself as anything less than articulate and eloquent… or at least someone with a rudimentary grasp on basic grammar (i mean honestly, kara)

I’m trying to decide if cat and carrie should have a Rivalry but tbh i think they should actually be really good friends, they go WAY BACK because obviously. you know why. i mean beyond the harrison / actor allusion thing it actually makes a lot of sense in-universe—carrie is descended from hollywood royalty and cat is descended from literary royalty (ish i think?) and they’re both p fucked up because of it… their parents and their fucked up families and the way they were raised and the expectations placed on them had a profound impact on both their lives and it would make sense that they would Get each other implicitly in a way that not a lot of other people would be able to understand.

anyways! okay! it is great! they are friends! star wars exists in this universe! harrison ford keeps asking cat out and she keeps making kara reject him for her! carrie finds it hilarious! also she keeps telling kara to not go through the catco staff like wildfire!! much to cat’s chagrin because carrie knows there’s only one member of the catco staff that kara is going through like wildfire ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ……… it’s all amazing! meta actor allusion fourth wall breaking shenanigans are literally my FAVORITE THING EVER!!

oh no this was supposed to be about streaky the supercat and it turned into cat and kara are friends with carrie fisher au… UM okay more about streaky. streaky is twitter/instagram/tumblr famous and becomes the Unofficial Mascot / Ship Captain of the supercat ship (as of yet still not officially publicly confirmed and just fanon based on all the Longing Glances and palpable UST, but u know they’re actually banging) (psa for the kiddos: pls don’t ship real people, just let them live).

also a lot of brands are trying to offer streaky endorsement deals. he gets his own cereal (HA take THAT tony the tiger!!!). also he sleeps in carter’s bed and both of them refuse when cat tries to get streaky to sleep in his own damn cat bed (she bought a really fuckn expensive luxury cat bed for him but nooooo, no cat bed compares to the pillowy softness of spindly 13-year-old boy legs).

that’s pretty much all i’ve got on the streaky front for now, more at 11