mimibani asked:

Hey, just a quick question, if you don't mind! I know we can RP Pokemon characters as long as we write an app, but would it be allowed to apply for one of the NPC trainer types like Ace Trainers?

Of course! As long as it is an existingNPC character in the games, it would be perfectly fine if you applied for one of them. Just keep in mind, because this NPC you choose is considered a canon character, you would be required to stick to their outline just like other Pokemon characters. 

For example, (I’m going to pick a NPC at random) you could play a character like Psychic Abigail who is found on Sinnoh Route 214. She owns a Gastly♀, Misdreavus♀, and Kadabra♂. Of course, her party can change over the course of your RP – there is always room for growth and change – but you must stick to your NPC’s outlines if you’d like to RP them. You will be able to choose their personality and other such things though!

We’re just trying to prevent original characters, is all. This is an MFRP community and not an OC one.

Sorry for the length of the response, but I hope that all makes sense!