Sometimes you need to do the things you don’t want to do the most. You need to let go of that 4 year relationship with the person who no longer makes you feel special. You need to let go of that job that boosts your anxiety and depression as soon as you walk through the front door. You need to cut any family or friends who don’t support you in your dreams and goals. You can do this on your own. Life isn’t about finding your soul mate or being surrounded by people to feel complete. Life is about falling in love with everything you’ve ever hated about yourself, becoming a person you can look up to, and to be happy. Screw what anyone else thinks, become your own soulmate, love yourself and respect yourself enough to get rid of any toxic factors in your life. You can do this, keep your head up.
—  S.L // Letters to Finding Yourself // #1
It’s 2016

Why are we still being problematic when it comes to certain topics such as:

1) Sexuality- LOVE WHO YOU LOVE. Why do you care if a same sex couple gets married? Does it affect your life in any way? Will marriage fall apart as we know it? Will your child turn gay (god forbid)? Nope. So why is this even an issue. Let people love whoever they love and if you don’t like it, don’t surround yourself with that community. But for Gods sake, don’t deprive anyone of the right to marry who they love.

2) Gender- WOMEN AND MEN ARE EQUALS, DEAL WITH IT. As someone who is surrounded by incredible women in my life, I will never understand the double standards we still support in this society. Of course men and women should have equal pay, I mean come on. Now obviously those in higher positions deserve to make more but if I have the same position as a woman and I’m making more, I wouldn’t understand. We deserve equality and lets stop with the degradation.

3) Femininity and Masculinity- DON’T TELL ME HOW I SHOULD ACT. Women kick ass, men kick ass. Women can show emotion, men can show emotion. It doesn’t make you any less or any more of who you are if you show traits labeled too “masculine” or “feminine”. Just be your happiest self and love life. End of story. Stop putting people down just because they don’t match the preconceived ideas of what a man or woman should be

4) Race- WE ARE ALL HUMAN. No matter your ethnicity, nationality, skin color, etc, we are all the same. We might speak different languages but at the core, we all just want to find happiness in life and feel accepted. Why can’t we find that? Stop placing blame on entire groups of people when there are just a few bad people in the bunch. I think we all just want to find peace, don’t we?

5) Opinon- FORM YOUR OWN OPINION. Don’t just believe what you are told. Do some research, find more information. Don’t be “spoon fed” information, whether its from a news organization, parents, or teachers. All information is biased in some way but you need to form your own bias based on the information you can gather. This next generation needs to understand this immensely. 

Like I said, why are these even issues in 2016? We have the internet at our fingers and are more connected than any group of people in history. Join together and make the world a better place now guys!  


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I know I tell you guys to watch things all time, but this one… holy.fuck.

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WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!