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Tell me a sappy story?

(How about sappy in both senses, because I can never resist a pun?)

“Hello,” said the dryad, venturing forth from the cluster of trees dotted along the slope. Her skin was silver-brown, her tangled hair was a soft blue-green, and her long fingers were cupped as if holding something precious.

“Hello,” replied the oread, toes at the edge of her cliff. Her skin was the sun-warmed tan of rock, her hair was streaked through with red, and very rarely did she speak with nymphs of other kinds.

The dryad’s hands flowered open to reveal nestled between then a precious seed.

“I would like my son to grow where he may know the wine-dark sea,” she said, her wine-dark eyes black and bright. “Would you show me where his roots would find firm soil to grip, that wind could not rip him free?”

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My mom is both the best and worst ally in the world cause the other day she was dropping me off at college and I pointed out a girl I like getting out of her car and told my mom ‘act natural and drive slower so you can see’ but she fuckin Tokyo drifted into the parking RIGHT NEXT TO HER in an almost empty parking lot and we almost accidentally hit my girl crush with our car cause my ma has no chill