lesbian lena is a thing pass it on

like,,,i understand that even though cw queerbaits the shit outta them and they literally have more chemistry than anyone else on supergirl, kara and lena (realistically speaking) are probably not going to end up together bc stupid cw rules and all of that shit.


my man,,,,, lena luthor is a fucking lesbian. like kara can pass as a Het but lena???? there is no man that deserves that girl. she’s a lesbian. 

and even if you don’t put her with kara, do us all a favor and have lena x sam be a thing. they’re fucking cute!!!! (not supercorp cute and obv i’m still Bitter) but at least lena luthor won’t have to pretend she’s straight. 

tiarawcman replied to your photoset: y’all ready for this? the show is NOT feminist and…

// i feel like there should be a continuation of this by commenting on both rhea and cat being gone in s3 and kara getting mon-el back and i think lena maybe gets sam (ish?) but idk having not seen most of s3 yet. (but also now i’m intrigued with the textbook aspect of rhea/lena because this is not a thing i picked up on.)

i definitely don’t know enough about the latter part of the show to comment on the events of s3 so i shall pass the Rant Torch on to whoever chooses to take it up! in terms of rhea/lena, i was thinking specifically of what i’ve read in emma donoghue’s books passions between women: british lesbian culture 1668-1801 and inseparable: desire between women in literature. manipulative relationships of exploitation mixed with desire and affection between older, experienced women and younger women are A Thing  in representations of lesbians, including the way desire (for the younger woman, usually) is redirected onto an acceptable male object. sometimes the older woman will even be an active agent in redirecting the younger woman’s desire to a man, such as in thomas hardy’s desperate remedies, where the older female character miss aldclyffe meddles in her maid cytherea’s love life to the point of setting her up with her (miss aldclyffe’s) illegitimate son (a familiar story………………………), after spending the beginning of the book doing stuff like getting in bed with cytherea and demanding kisses.