lesbian date

Me online: ugh I’m SO GAY 🌈👭👩‍❤️‍👩💕Girls are just so fucking perfect 😭🙏🏻💕I LOVE GIRLS 😏😘😍❤️ Girls Girls Girls 👅👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👯💕

Me in person: blushes when a girl looks at me

cute date ideas to do with ur gf(or bf)

Castle date - you’d be suprised how many just old castles are still hanging around. Some charge admission for tours and some… well…. trespassing. Fun either way. I’m not suggesting you tresspass in a castle & make out there I’m just saying it’s a possibility.

Haunted house - find a haunted house near you and go there. Real or not real it’s up to you. Again, not telling you to tresspass in an abandoned building and make out I’m just saying,,,,

Car - set up pillows and fairy lights in your car and spend the night in there. Get some snacks. Gummy bears in a car bed lit with soft yellow lighting??? Yes please??? You can also make out in this one.

Skype - mainly for long distance relationships. Order the same takeout and dress up and have a Skype date. You can’t really end this with makeing out but you can understand what I’m implying but I can’t say it or I have to tag this nsfw isnskskskskssk.

Dog walk - I mean if you wanna make out in front of your dog(s) go ahead but I mean. Anyway I just think it’s cute to hold hands and walk your dog. This one isn’t very creative.

Play each other songs - maybe love songs that make you think of them?? Idk it’s up to you. Play your cards right and making out can happen.

Star gazing - lay out in the backyard late at night and hold hands and giggle and look at the stars. Make out in the starlight???? Sounds cute b.

Driving around the city at night - lots of lights. Beautiful. Don’t make out when driving. Please. Be safe.

Driving around and looking at Christmas lights - my family used to do this but now we don’t & it’s so cute and aaaaa. Please again don’t make out and drive you’ll die.

Order each other a random and oddly specific coffee & guess what’s in it without looking - it’s fun idk @ me. I mean if u wanna make out in Starbucks I’m not here to judge.

Finding out the worst possible movie playing near you and watching it - it’s probably gonna be so bad all you can do is laugh and make out in the movie theater.

Going to the park and giving the ducks grapes - don’t give them bread pls. Don’t make out with the ducks.

Doing each other’s hair/makeup - it’s super cute and I love it but if you make out ur gonna ruin all ur hard work.

Go to a thrift shop/store and picking out outfits for each other - I’ve done this sm and it’s so fun. Probably don’t do it at forever 21 cuz they always petty. I’m pretty sure it’s really illegal to make out in the dressing room but if you really want to,,,,,

Skincare date buy face masks and put them on each other - I mean come on man. U can make out I guess but be careful dude u might mess up ur face mask and skincare is not a joke.

All I want right now is you near me, us going to the kitchen at 3 am and eating yesterday’s lasagna, you making the tastiest coffee for me, turning Halsey on max volume, hugging me and covering me with your favorite blanket


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