Sometimes I am quiet around you.
Not because I’m sad,
I’m afraid.
I’m afraid that if I start to talk, I won’t be able to stop,
and I’m afraid that I’ll say all of the things I’m not supposed to say and reveal all of the things that I promised I wouldn’t.
Because I’m not supposed to feel this way,
and you are not supposed to know.
I sit in silence, giving you a closed-lip smile every so often to reassure you that I’m alright.
I know you worry.
I just can’t open my mouth or I may tell you how beautiful you look tonight.
I just can’t open my mouth, or I may tell you that you invade my every thought throughout the day.
I just can’t open my mouth, or I may tell you that I love you, love you more than you think I do.
So I smile, mouth closed.
And I go home, and I sob into the sheets of paper, because you are the subject of everything I write, despite how desperately I try to stop it - to stop all of this. Your name floods my mind and flows out with the ink, and it is out of my control.

I can’t stop it. 

Flozmin is literally fanfiction brought to life

So Flozmin is from the Argentinian telenovela “Las Estrellas”, it is made up of Florencia Estrella and Jazmín del Río. I’m not even kidding when I say that they are the softest, purest, healthiest lgbt couple I’ve ever seen. They are both super supportive of each other and everyone around them, they love each other so freaking much, I swear they are so sweet they gave me cavities. A few spoilers ahead.

No one dies ✔

Secretly in love with your friend ✔

Friends to lovers trope ✔

They are not only friends… but also boss/employee ✔

Accidental first kiss ✔

I want you to be happy even if it hurts every single cell in my body ✔

Heart eyes ✔

Hugs ✔

Sexual tension ✔

Nervous gay laughter ✔

Paint me like one of your french girls ✔

Being mistaken for a couple ✔

Almost kisses ✔

Not being able to hold it in anymore love confession? ✔

Massage ✔

I recognise I have feelings for you but I don’t know what to do cause I’ve never felt like this about a woman before ✔

Leaving your boyfriend at the altar cause you are in love with your friend even if you’re not ready to admit it yet ✔

I’ll take care of you when you’re ill or drunk ✔

Spooning ✔

I’ve been dying to kiss you for such a long time but I want to give you the time you need so I’ll wait ✔

Sing you a song as an acceptance of your apology? ✔

I’ll always support you cause you deserve the world and you are perfect to me? ✔

I secretly watched you sing ✔

Elevator kiss ✔

The “you’re looking at the stars but I’m looking at you cause you shine brighter than all of them put together” trope ✔

Cleaning each other’s smeared lipstick after making out ✔

Funny scenes ✔

I know you’re with someone else but I can’t go another minute without being with you love confession ✔

Locker room scene ✔

Angst, but good angst ✔

Strawberry ✔

Let me get behind you and teach you how to do this ✔

Getting the other one out of an uncomfortable situation ✔

Proudly watching the other one confront sexist men ✔

If you are for me and I’m for you there’s no way to lose each other ✔

Bringing the other one flowers ✔

I’ll give you a bath ✔

Beautiful first time scene ✔

Sing you a song to sleep ✔

Matching bracelets & necklaces ✔

Nose booping ✔

Hugs from behind ✔

Painting together ✔

Slow dancing ✔

Defeating the homophobes ✔

They communicate their problems and fears ✔

Moving in together ✔

Encourage the other one to follow her dreams ✔

Marriage proposal ✔

Talking about having a family ✔

Talks about very important issues (Tourette’s syndrome, homophobia, adoption, etc) ✔

LGBT representation for people with Tourette ✔

I’m afraid of falling asleep cause real life is for once better than dreaming ✔

Fluffy scenes ✔

No cheating ✔

Cute dates ✔

Casual kisses ✔

Cheek kisses that leave lipstick stains ✔

Playing with the other one’s hair ✔

They tell each other how much they love and appreciate the other person ✔

Marriage ✔

Shower sex ✔

Adopting ✔

Parallels. So. Many. Parallels ✔

Amazing kisses with great lighting ✔

Better treatment than the straight couples ✔

Screen time outside of their relationship ✔

Screen time (more than 18 hours of just their scenes and the show is not even over) ✔

23:55 minutes of just kisses up to episode 145 ✔