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you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so excited i just watched an irish sapphic film!!! it’s called “a date for mad mary” and it’s got a happy ending!! also very strong accents so if you are not irish you may need subtitles. Seriously though what better day to watch an Irish movie than the 17th of march. Here’s to a Very Gay St Patrick’s Day!!


Gay Men React to Lesbian Slang

from ElloSteph’s YouTube

Facebook has thousands of pages where men explicity discuss raping women or sharing child pornography, yet they decide to ban my friend’s profile for using the word “sapatão” (“big shoes” brazilian slang for lesbian) on her own personal posts about HERSELF.

Facebook is misogynistic and doesn’t give two fucks about women. Their “guidelines” don’t see anything wrong with male supremacy but ban and block any sight of lesbian expression.

FUSION: “In lesbian love relationships, an intense intimacy between the two partners that causes them to be over-involved in each other. The result is that the differences between the two seem to be lessened, and each partner’s ability to maintain and independent identity is weakened. Often blamed for lesbian bed death, or loss of sexual desire. Also called merging.”

Autostraddle.com “21 More Lesbian Slang Terms You’ve Probably Never Heard Before”


GAY MEN REACT TO LESBIAN SLANG with Kingsley, Soundlyawake, Ryan Minaj, and Doug Jensen