lesbian senators

snowbaes  asked:

why do you personally support bernie?

That’s a pretty loaded question honestly. 

So, like three years ago I applied for a legislative internship with my state senator (Jim Risch of Idaho). Basically the Tea Party’s bread and butter. Almost 100% against my personal views, but as an Idaho native I get first dibs on that internship and it would look pretty great on my resume. I had an interview, things were looking pretty good, but the more I read about him the more I couldn’t stand him.

My mom is a lesbian, my senator opposed marriage equality and basically any other legislation that would alleviate the pressures on the LGBT community going back to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the Defense of Marriage Act. My mom manages low income housing and I’ve grown up poor my entire life, my senator supported tax breaks for the rich while also cutting social programs which people all around me benefit from every day, whether they’ve been shamed out of admitting it or not. I’m a college student with a 4.0 GPA, from the lowest income bracket (meaning maximum Pell Grant and as much academic aid as I could get) and I’ll still be $20,000 in debt when I graduate this May, my senator voted to cut pell grants and funding for schools, another direct blow. I could go on and on, how poor my state is doing economically, or in education, or any of the other problems people all around the country deal with. My senator, in my estimation was making all those problems worse. 

So I went to Google, this was a few years before the election, early 2014, and I decided to find a senator with views that matched mine. A senator that I thought would help people like me, or at least help the people around me, whether they realized it or not. (Once again I’m from one of the most Republican states around). I narrowed it down to Ron Wyden of Oregon and Bernie Sanders, I looked them both up on Facebook, liked Bernie’s page, and almost immediately it became clear that he was going to run for president. Just how much he was posting compared to other senators, he either really cared, or had some big plans (I like to think both). Life got in the way and I wasn’t able to apply for an internship, but I made this blog instead, and this has been just as rewarding. That’s basically why I support him in a nut shell though, I support Bernie Sanders because fuck Jim Risch.