lesbian running to hug her gay friend

Loving You - T - Korrasami Fanfiction - For Bisexuality Day

Happy Bisexual Awareness/Bisexuality Day!

Selfish. Confused. Slut. Cheater. Untrustworthy. Deceitful. Greedy. 

Just a phase.

Asami sat in her worshop, sniffling. Her hair, normally dark brown and shiny as silk, was muddy, bits of paper coloring the bright blue, pink, and purple streaked tressed. She’d gone to Republic City’s first ever Pride Parade, a celebration of all sexualities. 

As a proud bisexual, Asami had been eager to show up. After all, she’d learned to love herself, no matter what people said about her. Yet when she’d heard the slurs, felt hands pushing her out of the way, and ultimately, the spit land on her cheek and the trash bear down on her from a passing float, she’d left, retreating to the comforting darkness of her workshop.

Bang! Bang! "Asami, are you in there?“ It was Korra’s voice. Korra hand’t had as hard of a time: no one seemed to care about their pansexual Avatar. For Asami, however, her bisexuality was suspect, a "phase” despite her affluence in the city. A “dalliance” someone had called it, downplaying her right to happiness.

Not a phase, she thought. It’s not a phase. It’s just meAsami crossed her arms, hugging herself tightly.

The door creaked open and in walked two figures: Korra, and Opal. “Oh Asami,” Opal whispered, running over to her. She took Asami’s hands and hugged her friend. “I’m so sorry.” She plucked up Asami’s hand.

“I reported them to Bei Fong. You didn’t deserve what they did. You had just as much a right to be there as everyone else. That was supposed to be a celebration for all sexualities identities that aren’t straight, not just gays and lesbians.”

“I…” Asami paused, and sniffled again. “I don’t understand why they hate bisexuals like that.”

“It’s because people are mean!” Opal exclaimed. “They want to label you, and that’s not fair or right to you.” Opal’s cheeks were bright red, and her eyes wide. "Only you get to decide who you are.“

Asami nodded, and Korra leaned forward, blue eyes calm. She took Asami’s hand. "You deserve the right to your own happiness,” Korra intoned. “You deserve the right to love you, no matter what colors of the rainbow you belong to. You’re not a cheater: you’re bisexual, and that’s perfectly perfect for you.” Korra smiled, and Asami felt warmth fill her up.

Opal nodded. “And your my friend, and deserve to be visible.”

Korra pulled back, tugging on Asami’s hand. “Now let’s go get cleaned up. After all, everyone deserves to see your colors.” Asami sniffled and smiled.

Everyone deserves to see my colors.