lesbian lovr

Kisses was just a word until I felt her lips against mine. Soft and sweet. Like a semi melted Hershey kiss. Thats what her lips tasted like. With a hint of vanilla. I could do without movies or pictures or music, I would give up all the books in the world, hell erase my mind of everything - just leave her kisses. Just leave me that. Let me kiss her and her only for the rest of my life. I’d no longer drink whiskey because I’d get tipsy off of her lips. Take away marijuana from me because those lips of hers make me feel like I’m floating above the clouds. We could not have sex ever and I couldn’t care less because kissing her is so intimate that I’m thankful she has even let me know what true softness really feels like. I really could kiss her for hours and hours and I wouldn’t ever get sick of those lips. I mean fuck!

What addictive substances has she got laced in those lips of hers? Because I just can’t get enough.

—  Oko Nunjah (Addictive Lips)

“I wanted you to fight for me. To say that you would rather be alone than with anyone else”

Don’t you get it? I would rather be alone than with anyone else. But sometimes it gets overwhelming - thinking of you all the time, missing you all the time, so I meet other girls and fuck them. But they don’t mean anything, they’re just distractions for the ache in my chest. I would rather be alone than with anyone else but the pain from seeing you with someone else is unbearable sometimes. Because I do love you. But sometimes I just need to forget you for a while because you’ve got someone and it absolutely breaks me apart completely. So don’t tell me to fight for you when you just want to watch me fight. Because I would fight til my last breath to be with you but you would still leave me alone.

—  Oko Ninjah