lesbian fencing

So what is the official discourse on relationships for bisexual people? I would consider two women dating to be in a lesbian or homosexual relationship regardless of their own sexualities bc the relationship itself is homosexual. Is this the common thought or is this considered appropriating language?

tbt when my straight girl friend, straight guy friend and me were talking about if we made lists of all the people who we could potentially hook up with at school (people whose sexualities line up with ours and who are single) and the straight guy’s list was impossibly long, the straight girl’s was very doable for someone determined and mine was like non existent 

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27 for wilby aaaaaaaaand 25 for dolly ❤❤💞💞💞

Number 27: A description of the person I like.

Wilby: “Oh God. I can’t even properly describe the person I like with words. They deserve a whole fucking symphony written about them. The best I can do is write a song. Which I might,,”

Number 25: My idea of the perfect date.

Dolly: “I’m a simple girl. A movie, some dinner. All followed by a night of my date doing everything I say as they worship me under my six inch stilettos.”

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just a friendly reminder that maggie sawyer is a big ol' lesbian who's in love with another big ol' lesbian they're gonna get a lesbian two story house with lesbian green grass and a lesbian picket fence and 2.5 lesbian dogs

a two story house? in this economy? they better be making buku lesbian bucks to sustain a lifestyle like that

Noah fence but if you’re not a lesbian please still use the word Lesbian like… Don’t call girls who are explicitly Lesbians something other than lesbian (even fictional characters) just…Call them lesbians. I can’t tell you how many young lesbians i know who hate calling themselves lesbians because the word is treated like a porn category and non-lesbians will go out of their way to avoid it