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sue me i swear i didn’t realize these two are basically 2nd Gen MiraCana. oh gosh i did it subconsciously.

…look at them. just.. gals. being pals.

Hey guys, I just released a new ebook on Kindle/ Amazon. It’s titled The Prince and the Magician.

It’s an original, LGBTQ fairy tale:

“ ‘Love is simply politics.’

A fact his father takes to heart… and expects Prince Amadeus to do as well. Yet when Amadeus meets his betrothed, Princess Isela, he cannot help but wonder if that is all that love is about.

As the days go by and the wedding grows closer, Amadeus feels that perhaps his father is right. Just when he is ready to give up, he meets someone who changes everything he knows about love: Cal, the Magician.

Now, Prince Amadeus and Cal must fight so that they can be together. Will they win against those who will stop at nothing to make sure the marriage goes through?”

A few things I think people might like:
-Princess Isela is a lesbian and her story also plays a part.
-Cal is a from New Spain, aka one of the first mestizo Mexicans.
-Part of Amadeus’ struggle is dealing with his Catholic background and his gay identity during the Renaissance.

I’m a Mexican author trying to contribute to a nonexistent genre (LGBTQ fantasy). Support would be greatly appreciated not only for me, but to get more stories like this out there.

It’s available as an ebook on Kindle and I’ll have it up for paperback soon as well.

The Archer’s 1000 Picspam —> 83: (Female) Homosexual Rapunzel

Fairy Re-Tellings

In a little village, at the edge of the sea, lived a young couple. Shortly after their marriage the wife became heavy with child to their delight. However, as the pregnancy wore on and winter set in, the wife began to crave a particular food. She was unsure what it was but she said she’d know when she saw it and her husband promised to get it for her. One day as the wife took a short walk to cure herself of a slight restlessness in her body, she passed a home with its garden in full bloom! Neat rows of tomatoes, carrots, turnips, herbs…and the delicate, tender leaves of Rapunzel lettuce. The woman felt her mouth water and scurried up the walkway to knock on the door.

An older woman answered, eyes sharp yet unhappy. She glanced down to see the baby bump and sneered. “Let me guess; you want my crops.” “Just a little lettuce is all.” the woman replied shyly. “My child craves it.” “Well the babe will go without; it is my food alone. Now leave.” The woman left disheartened and was sobbing when her husband returned from the fishing nets. She told her story and the husband felt fear lance through him; that was the enchantress’ home. But he had sworn to his wife he would get her what she craved and he refused to see wife and unborn child so unhappy.

In the dead of night he slipped into the garden and picked the delicate Rapunzel leaves but unfortunately he was caught. The enchantress was both furious at the disobedience but also impressed a man would go so far for his wife; he truly cherished her. And so she let him go, smiling. When Spring broke through Winter’s icy grip the baby was born with soft golden hair and eyes the color of delicate lettuce leaves. She was named Rapunzel.

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