lesbian fairy

Pansexuals, enbies, agenders, genderqueers, demiboys, demigirls, asexuals, demisexuals (and all of you who are forgotten)

You are not fairies from Peter Pan

You won’t die or disappear because someone says you don’t exist

I believe in you, we are not making that stuff up or inventing words to be interesting or whatever those mean people want to make you think

You are strong, you exist and your identity (even if it changes through time) is valid

  • tumblr: AHH mermaid lesbians!!! fairy lesbians!!! lesbians are so beautiful lesbians in everything!
  • actual real life lesbian: hi
  • tumblr: what the fuck is that

So since you guys liked my pride mermaids so much I thought I’d give you some more gay mythical creatures, but this time in the form of CUTE GAY COUPLES!!! ✨🌈 (this was also a good excuse to try out some new stuff so there’s that too!)