lesbian dinosaur burlesque wedding



My wedding is about a month away and while we’re busy with many other things to finish for it, we’re also working hard on keeping the budget afloat! All that little stuff adds up, especially with two brides! Twice the dresses, the hair, the makeup. And while we’re in the black that’s the bare minimum - we’d like to have some money left over for the honeymoon and building our life together once all this chaos is done.  We’re also getting a puppy shortly after and this will help contribute to us spoiling him rotten. 

This being my first run at doing commissions I’m going to keep it simple:

The basic - 8$ BW 10$ COL

Postcard-size picture of your chosen character with the name in the background. Simple and cartoony and fun. Fanart, OC, doing a specific pose, whatever! I won’t do two characters in one postcard because of size constraint but I will do a second postcard for half price. Buy 1 get 1 half off. 

The simple - 3$ BW

Pet portrait! Dogs, cats, boids, lizards. Simple BW 900x900 lineart.

The awesome - 30$ COL

To fit the theme of our awesome Dinosaur Burlesque wedding, I offer any dinosaur in a burlesque outfit of your choice. If you have a specific colour scheme in mind let me know. How can you not want this. It’s like being a part of history. 

If you’re interested send me an ask and we can arrange things! Please spread the word and thanks in advance!

I’m sitting in my hotel room. My wedding is tomorrow. I’m waiting for some friends to get here so we can be excited together. Nearly two years of saving and planning and working like crazy are all coming down tomorrow where I get to marry one amazing girl. Where I get to see friends who live so far away who knows when I’ll see them again. When my awesome life get’s awesomer because this next step into adulthood doesn’t mean i have to grow up, but that I found someone who wants to stay young with me forever. For everyone who couldn’t be here I’ll still be thinking of you. One day we’ll all party together. I’m just so full of love right now.
Gosh, I’m so excited.

Shit I better memorize my vows.

It was a good weekend for wedding stuff.

I have spent all weekend making paper flowers. The tips of my fingers are all numb from gluegun burns. But now we have 7 left to do out of 75 flowers for the centerpieces, so huzzah!

We also got our wedding rings in and they fit perfectly, so those are aside. And now everyone has RVSP’d! Our checklist is getting smaller and smaller and it’s such a good feeling. DIYing a wedding is really tough and takes up a lot of time, but damn I feel proud of what we, and especially my fiancee, have acomplished. 

Thanks to everyone who ordered a commission and I’ll be spending my day today working on those. 39 days to go and everything looks promising.